Sexiest Female Magazine Covers of the Last Decade

21 Jan
DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 2:  Danielle Boatwright...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

As print magazines struggle and newspapers die, it seems fitting to memorialize some of the world’s favorites in the new web media that is bringing about their slow death. Ah, print media, the smell of fresh ink, old time four color process press proofs, arguing with press men who look like they drove tanks as paid mercenaries before they started running presses. Enjoy this first wave of selections. I fully realize how long it will take me to compile the definitive collection, but this is at least a modest beginning. I also realize what a gay thing this is to do, but that’s ok. I’m gay, completely comfortable with who I am,  and I have excellent taste in women. Why not put it to good use visually? Besides, since the whole country seems to be in socio-psychological “retrograde motion” pertaining to gay rights, homophobia, fear of “catching” homosexuality, as it was a contagious disease, this will be my little way of telling them all to go to hell in a really sweet and irresistible way.  – Chase

Maxim, April 2009 — Malin Akerman

Maxim, January 2009 — Hillary Duff

Maxim, September 2009 — Milla Jovovich

Esquire, June 2009 — Megan Fox

Esquire, November 2009 — Kate Beckinsale

Gotham, June 2009 — Jessica Biel

FHM U.K., June 2009 — Diora Baird

GQ, January 2010 — Rihanna

GQ, January 2009 — Jennifer Aniston

GQ Germany, March 2009 — Heidi Klum

FHM Spain, March 2009 — Paz Vega

GQ U.K., January 2009 — Jessica Biel

GQ, November 2009 — January Jones

Playboy, November 2009 — Alina Puscau

Vanity Fair, January 2009 — Tina Fey

Ralph, February 2009 — Joanna and Marta Krupa

Vanity Fair, May 2009 — Gisele Bündchen

Vanity Fair, September 2009 — Farrah Fawcett

VF, November 2009 — Penelope Cruz

Christina Aguilera

Megan Fox & her photos for GQ Magazine

Before her hit “Touch My Body“, Mariah Carey

Britney Spears

Eva Longoria

Christina Aguilera

Eva Longoria

Cameron Diaz


Elle McPherson

The Beckhams: World’s Sexiest Couple

Courtney Love (once upon a time)

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