Page 4: MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relationship With Hollywood & The Darkening of Everyday TV

13 Feb

Video #21:  I-Phone Ad Used to Introduce the Illuminati Occult Symbol “the Eye of Horus” (This is an excellent example “insidious gradualism” at work. The eye of horus symbol which was flashed on the i-phone had NOTHING to do with the product, but EVERYTHING to do with secret hidden illuminati beliefs and rituals. I will never buy an Apple product again.)


Hollywood illuminati symbolism

Visual introduction to subliminal symbolism;

Exposing the symbols of the Masonic Sun Cult in some famous Hollywood movies such: A Clockwork Orange The Matrix Toy story Dr strangelove The Shining Raiders of the last Ark Blade Runner The Fifth Element Fight Club The Warriors Ghostbusters Taxi Driver The Da Vinci code The Truman show 007 James Bond Rocky Scarface Harry Potter – extended playlist.

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