The Truth Comes Out: Euro Debt Crisis Exploited to Call for One World Government

7 May

5.6.2010 By CK Hunter

Well that did not take long. From 11:46 am and Rush Limbaugh’s screaming Wall Street alarm to the nation, and later today at 3:17 pm pacific time, the real and actual reason behind the Dow plummet has emerged – in less than 4 hours. I am well aware of the fact that no one is going to agree with me, and that does not bother me one bit. What I see happening, from the spiritual plane, is a massive hidden controlled demolition of national currencies and national economies, to pave the way for the “solution” – a one world government. You know the drill by now:

Create the problem.

Take Control.

Instigate chaos.

Create the solution.

Offer it when all other controlled means fail.

Voila: The New World Odor.

The crisis was created from behind the scenes and is presently being exploited to create more calls for a one world government. Should any true blue red blooded American be surprized?

Oh hell no. We’re used to this by now. They apparently believe if they threaten to pull the plug on a shaky weak kneed Wall Street that they can “scare us” into begging them for a one world government.

We all know just exactly where the Europeans who are calling for world government can go, which is straight to hell. Here’s the smoking gun news link:

Chase Kyla Hunter


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