Video Footage Proves BP Grossly Misstated Number of Gallons of Oil Seen Pluming Up From Undersea Spill

21 May

5.20.2010 By CK Hunter

It has been called a “scalding indictment” of BP’s mismanagement of their own efforts to clean up the catastrophic oil spill which is now clearly the undisputed worst environmental disaster in American history.

BP executives actually had the nerve to make statements recently which are so monumentally stupid they actually call into question the fundamental intelligence of these men, one of those statements being that “it really did not matter how much oil was leaking up from the sea floor or how much oil was being recovered each day…”

WTF? Public comments like this made by the top tier executives of a company like BP make one truly wonder if the world is just quietly going stark raving mad. It’s enough to infuraite the very soul of a person observing the melee of the cleanup effort, which is rife with confusion, finger pointing, overt obfuscation of the facts, and almost psychotic aloofness to the catatrophic consequneces of this spill by BP executives, the consequences of which may continue to unfurl on the environment for decades to come.

Don’t believe it?  Here’s the video:


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