The Federal Debt Gusher VS. The Gulf Oil Spill Gusher: Which Manmade Disaster is Worse?

17 Jun

6.16.2010 Updated by Chase Kyla Hunter

Where is Ross Perot when you need him?

There is only 10.9 trillion dollars total  in circulation in the entire money supply of the United States of America. The federal debt is now approaching 23.5 trillion. These numbers do not add up.

Now that the Obama White House’s Obamacare has been passed, the national debt will soar to 23.5 trillion dollars at least, in the next 34 to 8 years. It took the first 154 years of the existence of America as a nation to spend that same amount of money. Only an impeachment and a massive replacement of all D.C. incumbents will avert a national financial calamity from which there is no recovery. As the oil roars up out of the ocean floor in the gulf, the Federal Reserve gushes debt at just about the same volume, an ironic point not lost on me as I observe the unravelling of the country. Both of these manmade disasters are of biblical proportions, and portend biblical levels of future tragedy for our nation. We must impeach Barack Obama before it is too late.

Barack Obama has spent more money in 2 years than has been spent in the last 154 years.

Barack Obama has never owned, run or operated a business one single day in his entire life. We have never had a more clueless spendthrift as a commander in Chief.

Obamacare legislation also has a hidden clause written into it mandating a “national healthcare identification number”  for every American. This is the last nail they want to drive into your coffin which will lead to mandatory human RFID chipping. RFID chips cause cancer, tumors, boils and they can be lost in the body and never retrieved. They are death chips. RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

If Barack Obama is not stopped, he will destroy what is left of this nation. Impeach Barack Obama, while we still can. This is what we must do to save this country. Share this with everyone you know. Contact your representatives and let them know how you feel. Speak out. We have little time left.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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2 Responses to “The Federal Debt Gusher VS. The Gulf Oil Spill Gusher: Which Manmade Disaster is Worse?”

  1. Billy S. 01/12/2011 at 5:02 pm #

    Well, “so much, for a country that lasted a little over
    200 years”! Wanna see, “what happens to people who beLIEve in all the dis-info out there? They become, what’s known as, ‘unclean spirits'”!!

    Open up a new window/click on my name, & scroll down to the 8th selection, for images of the ‘dark orbs’. The illumed ones, want you to THINK, “they’re all just dust/debris”! UNTIL, you are one, your self. And then “it’s far to late, to change your mind”!

    • CK Hunter 01/12/2011 at 7:46 pm #

      No argument from me about dark orbs. Put a url in the comment field of my newest blog over at: and I will research, and write a feature post about it. I’ve been studying dark orbs blinking on and off very close to the sun for 2 years now. Astronomers everywhere are utterly baffled by these “earth sized” planetoid orbs that are hovering less than a half million miles from the sun, practically on the surface, but are untouched by the heat. The universe is far more strange and inexplicable than anyone ever has imagined. I feel we are about to get our minds blown here in the next few years on planet earth. Do you know about the deep space videos of John Leonard Walson? Google F.A.S.T and his name.

      Thanks for your visit.


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