EMP & Electronic Armageddon: Top Blog Portal Catches Up to CK Hunter Post Topics One Year Later

18 Jun

6.16.2010 By CK Hunter

Since I began blogging in the spring of 2008 again, after taking a 2 year hiatus, I have noticed with humor that most of the topics I blog about usually are not covered by the other “big boys” online until about a year later. Why this is, I am not sure. Maybe the “internet big boys” of site traffic, such as Huffington Post and the online edition of the New York Times are just that out of it, maybe they hesitate to tackle certain taboo topics until the groundswell of interest is large enough, but for whatever reasons, what I write about [in 2008, 2009 etc ] most often becomes topical for the rest of the web about one year later. This phenomenon has been consistent since I left off building sites for clients and began writing about my own private truth research in 2002.

Among the many “taboo” topics I was blogging about last summer was the imminent threat of EMP or electromagnetic pulse wave bombs to America and our high tech wired culture. Huffington Post has now taken up the topic fully one year later, but hey… better late than never, to awaken the sleeping giant of American consciousness to the many dire threats facing our nation, especially since our neophyte Commander in Chief seems to be spending his time mostly either staring in the mirror pondering what his new grey hair might do to his striking good looks, [his main governing asset, along with making peculiarly off topic speeches] or sitting asleep in a chair while the world roars by, oil gushing out of the gulf at 1 + million barrels a day, and the US economy now teeters on stalling out completely.

Buck up everybody: it’s up to us and only us to save ourselves should the world come to an end on Obama’s watch. After all, we are the ones we have been waiting for, right?

Just one of the ways that America’s safety is imperiled these days concerns EMP detonation, which would more or less instantly obliterate every elelctronic device on the continent if a detonation took place. The threat is very real and there should be an urgent national dialogue about it, sooner rather than later.

Here’s the link to the Huff Post piece, which includes a video describing what would be in store right after an EMP bomb explodes over America.

The Imminent Danger of EMP Bombs for America

Here’s my article on EMP and supporting video clips from last summer 2009


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