Pole Shift Survival Guide Available Online

30 Jun
July 2010
“I am part of a group of people who have put together a collection of all available pole-shift surival documents available, with the collection constantly growing. Its size is currently 4 DVD’s containing thousands of articles from thousands of contributors free to contribute. From self sufficient food/energy to political issues such as community setup, security, structure, eduction etc.
All proceeds are going to the setup of our own community. If you would like to support our own efforts in return for our collection of essential information (its actually our community library for everyone to education themselves) please do!

Please search ebay for ‘pole shift survival guide’ or visit


Good luck and thank you!”


Note from Chase: Anyone who purchases this guide, I would be really grateful if you would write a brief review of the 4 DVDs and post it to this post’s comment field. The pole shift survival guide is not affiliated with this site or any other pole shift site that I run. I posted the above as a public service to the world community.

To visit and join the site I run on 2012 Pole Shift research go to 2012 Pole Shift.

ANF Blog author CK Hunter


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