Dulce New Mexico: Enormous New Building Construction Visible Via Google Earth

28 Dec

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See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL-oiRMM9_A&feature=fvst

Dulce New Mexico has long been rumored to hide an extensive 7 story deep secret underground joint military / alien research facility. I first heard this story in 1987, and in the early 1990s several former FED Dulce Lab employees escaped their controlled lives, and “went rogue,” coming forward to tell their stories, risking their lives in so doing. According to truth researcher Anthony Sanchez, 26 years ago there were at least 1500 federal contractors who worked at Dulce in these underground labs, doing construction for Bechtel, Rand Corporation and others, according  to a recent radio interview with Sanchez on Ufonaut radio am 860 December 21st 2010.

MK Ultra mind control and CIA mind conditioning processes were allegedly used on these 1500 contract employees and military personnel to keep them from breaking their programming, thus telling what they knew about the secret underground labs. All well and good, but there is a real scarcity of credible source material for these alleged contract workers. Where are they today? What are they doing now? Why haven’t more people like “Colonel X” referred to in Sanchez’s interview come forward.

Truth researcher Anthony Sanchez has now written a new book about Dulce New Mexico. Do these secret underground genetic experiment laboratories really exist at Dulce? What physical evidence and proof do we really have after 25 years of speculation? Phil Schneider died over this ugly topic. His widow has never spoken.

Are we to believe that good men and women have died over a facility that does not really exist? Truth researcher Carla Turner, who discussed Dulce in many of her lectures, also died under mysterious circumstances some years back. Where is the proof for the existence of the secret Dulce underground bases in 2010?

An amazing interview was conducted by Anthony Sanchez with a former military colonel, who must remain anonymous to protect himself and his family, so he will simply be referred to as “Colonel X” during this post. There is a high volume of cattle mutilations that have historically taken place within 1,000 miles of Dulce. Sanchez maintains these mutilations are literally for alien grey sustenance, or, as a literal food source, not a very pleasant thought.

Tonight I looked up Dulce on Google Earth and noted enormous new surface construction which is clearly visible at over 20,000 feet:

[ Above ] Look to the lower left side of this photo of Dulce taken from over 20,000 feet  altitude. Do you see the pale orange building complex? Below is the close up of this enormous facility. What is this facility? Dulce is a small Native American village. How could this town afford to build something on this scale, and why would such a small town need a building of this size?

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Undersea Underground Alien Bases

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6 Responses to “Dulce New Mexico: Enormous New Building Construction Visible Via Google Earth”

  1. Billy S. 01/12/2011 at 10:10 pm #

    I don’t have anything on “underground tunnels”. BUT, I do have a lot of new material & photo’s of ufos! I found’em on the ‘?’. With just a click of your scroll wheel (for a new window.) & “you’re in like flynn”!!
    (No secret pass words/hand signs/tunnels needed!)

    Wanna SEE, “what happens to people who beLIEve in all the Dis-Info out there”? (It settles in ones aura/mental body.) When visiting, go to the 8th selection. There’s about 13 of these images, “of dark orbs in triangles”. An old Apache legend from Dulce, they DON’T want to tell you? Until now…. (What happens to the Illumed Ones, when they die!)

    • CK Hunter 01/13/2011 at 12:19 am #

      I wrote about the secret military / illuminati underground tunnel system 2 years before anyone knew they were real. Go to http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com and search D.U.M.B.S. I’ve had that video up on the site for a year and half now, it’s been on my first wiki since early 2008.




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