Laying Down Chemtrails At Night! What In the World Is Our Government Trying to Hide?

16 Feb

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God bless this man [ see the last video ] in Indiana who is AWAKE at the wheel. He actually stepped outside on a full moon and saw jets laying down criss-crosses of fresh chemtrails under the cloak of darkness. This infers several possible reasons for such stupendous and audacious “stealth”:

1) They know public awareness and questions about chemtrails are reaching a high tide of demanding to get answers,

2) Knowing this, they are trying to lay the chemtrails in a new stealth manner, under cloak of darkness,

3) Their secret wars with the aliens who are up to “something” [only God knows what] are getting more serious now with skirmishes at night that need cover to be hidden from prying public eyes.

4) They can no longer hide “whatever” in the sky they don’t want us to see or know about any longer, so they are now desperately trying to thicken the chemtrail blanket by laying down extra lattices at night.

Google this phrase then watch the videos:

John Lenard Walson F.A.S.T.

Good luck, keep your eyes open and a video cam handy, and God bless and keep the people and the United States of America.

Photonic Portal

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4 Responses to “Laying Down Chemtrails At Night! What In the World Is Our Government Trying to Hide?”

  1. Byron 02/17/2011 at 10:50 pm #

    M O is a full load of bricks short of 1/4 load! When the Lord was passing out brains, she said huh!
    forgive me, it’s not very Christian of me

  2. mia 03/10/2011 at 4:27 pm #

    They’re doing this where I live in the United Kingdom…I’ve noticed the same way they block out the Sun they’re blocking out the Moon as well?
    I’m getting so sick of it, I should be looking forward to summer but I know as soon as the sun comes out they’re going to do a huge spray over it 😦

    • CK Hunter 03/10/2011 at 8:24 pm #

      So good to hear from you in the UK. We are realizing here in the states [ I have known for some time] that the chemtrail spraying is a global phenomenon, therefore there must be some global directive going on in regard to it. There is no doubt in my mind there are things taking place in the skies that “they” don’t want the people of the world to know about. You would enjoy reading one of my other research blogs on the various nefarious doings of the global ruling elites. It’s at

      Thanks for your visit, and I hope you have subscribed.

      Photonic Portal author


  1. Citizen Journalist Video: Supersonic Jets Laying Down Chemtrails Appear to Actually Be Transparent At Times: Eye Witness Video | Alternative News Report - 04/25/2011

    […] Laying Down Chemtrails At Night! What In the World Is Our Government Trying to Hide? ( […]

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