Egyptian Men Celebrate Their Freedom By Raping a CBS News Correspondent: Lara Logan Update

17 Feb

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Copyright 2.17.2011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

Last friday while the world watched and pondered what consequences may come, on the day that Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down, one American woman who had been sent by CBS to do the job of reporting on events in Cairo was made the brunt of someone’s unhinged primal rage and nearly lost her life.

Lara Logan was in Tahrir Square with a team of CBS news reporters, and became separated from her peers  during the melee. She was photographed seconds before the assault began. The photograph below captures the fear and dread on this beautiful woman’s face as her soul suddenly recognizes the dire danger that she is in.

There is no freedom for the human spirit when an innocent American reporter has to be beaten nearly to death, and savaged repeatedly, for no other reason than the sheer barbarism of surrounding men who either could not or would not exercise simple personal self control. Since when does exaltation necessarily descend into depravity on a moment’s notice? And what does such a moment indicate about the true status a species of sentient beings?

There should be an international outcry about what happened to Lara Logan. She is one of more than 140 international correspondents who have been either injured or killed while trying to report on events in the 2011 Egyptian uprising.

Just as in the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy, once again we see certain depraved big media moments, and the “sinking to abject new lows which were formerly inconceivable”as a reporter for the LA Weekly tried to make reference to Lara’s looks as having something to do with why she was raped. It’s a stomach turning fact to realize that in 2011, in the 21st century, when we carry little handheld supercomputers and roll machines across the surface of Mars, that many so called reporters hold such backward and uneducated notions about rape, violence against women and the routine brutality of the male species around the world.

Lara: if I had to more read posts like the one I just noted in LA Weekly on a regular basis, I would blow my brains out too. Note to self: Never ever log on to the LA Weekly ever again, and make note of one more useless, snarky, urban west coast publication that does not live in American actuality.

Making matters worse still, media pundit Jim Hoft stooped just as low, and actually blamed Lara for what happened to her.

While Lara’s female peers in journalism cry out in compassion about the sheer heartbreak of what she endured while simply trying to report a story, Jim Hoft will go down in history as the most uncouth, medieval and insensitive American male in modern times for his barbaric commentary. He needs to be black-balled from journalism for it, permanently.

Rape has nothing whatsoever to do with politics, political correctness, or liberal vs. conservative issues. It is a crime of outrageous rage, aggression, hatred and violence against the woman who is subjected to it, and anyone who believes anything else is not living in cosmic actuality. Egyptian men who celebrated their freedom by raping an innocent reporter speaks volumes about just how far back in the stone age most men really live, and how little they actually care about the half of the species that brings life into the world, nurtures it and sustains the family.

Gender based misogyny and the hatred of women still exists and we see it everywhere. It exists in every culture, advanced [so called ] and primitive. It exists in Islamic culture to a horrific extreme, and it exists in America as well.

This species level intrinsic misogyny occurs  in precise proportion to the amount of regressed anti-spiritual, violent, primitive, unlearned psychology of any culture, in the east or west, that routinely turns a blind eye to it.

In Egypt the males celebrated by raping an innocent woman and beating her. That’s stone age behavior. In America, many male reporters and journalists reacted to the rape by blaming the woman, castigating her beauty, and disrespecting her repeatedly in their commentary. That, too, is stone age behavior. There is no difference. The American men re-raped Lara Logan with every insensitive and vulgar verbal attack, multiplying the crime ten-fold in so doing. At some point in their souls’ existence, at some moment somewhere, they will now have to experience just exactly what it feels like to be the victim of a violent crime, and then to be blamed for it. That’s the law of karma, and it is meted out precisely by Universal Law.

The primitive spiritually dysfunctional vacuous male exists in vast numbers on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. If every woman on the planet disappeared completely for 3 days from the face of the earth, the world would go to all-out war, to the death, within hours, and there would not be a man alive at the end of week one.

When the males of the human species begin to truly venerate women, to finally acknowledge and respect their unique spiritual and intuitive skills, which are hard wired at birth by the Holy Spirit for the protection of the entire human species, then possibly, the species might have hope for a future and survival into the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries. Until that time, every time a woman is raped, the hope for the survival of the human species falls into territory which is a little bit more precarious, a little bit more doubtful.

We, as a species, have no hope of ever attaining such grand designs that we might sail forth to colonize Mars or beyond, when we have not learned the kindergarten lessons of how to treat the females of the human species here at home.

As for the males everywhere who blame the woman, they belong back in the early American colonial era, where their thinking still exists. Perhaps college courses at the freshman level which teach and educate as to the long term destructive results of rape on the psyche, the soul, and the mind / body / spirit aggregate need to become mandatory for male journalists before they should be allowed to write about rape. Apparently many men are just as stupid on this subject as they were in junior high school and have progressed little since that time.

Lara was saved from death by a group of women aided by Egyptian police officers. God bless that group of people.  At least we can thank those brave people who pulled her free before she was killed pulled to pieces and dragged through the streets. That would have come next.

Suddenly I find myself exceedingly uninterested in ever reporting on what happens next in Egypt, politically speaking, ever again. I find I really no longer care.

But just the same I also find myself suddenly keenly interested instead in following all news that reports updating on the proper justice being served on the men who raped and beat Lara Logan, nearly killing her. If this crime goes unpunished, then we all know how doomed women are to achieve any justice in the world for the many daily atrocities that are perpetrated against them.

I believe in karma, and I believe karma is calling the men who perpetrated this heinous and cruel act against Lara Logan. They all know who they are.

May Jim Hoft, and all the men who agree with him be born a woman, and may they be raped by men just like the ones who raped Lara, for their own own wicked “piling on,”adding additional insult to the injury and assault on Lara Logan’s person, soul, her future and her dignity.

She will be recovering from her injuries, on some level, for the rest of her life.

I hope Jim Hoft’s career ends over his comments. As I understand it, Nir Rosen’s career has now taken a turn for the worse over his vicious comments about the assault as well.

I will watch in weeks and months ahead to see if a real outcry against the Lara Logan rape andthe continued raping of Lara Logan made by such vitriolic male commentary is ended by legal or other public means.

If not, we have a real 21st century barometer, a low water mark, indicating the depth of depravity which emerges from men during the global Kali Yuga “end times” period..

Rape is Rape is Rape. It’s Time to Stop Blaming the Victim.

Chase Kyla Hunter


If you don’t know very much about the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now forming a political party in post-Mubarak Egypt, you must read this report:

5 Responses to “Egyptian Men Celebrate Their Freedom By Raping a CBS News Correspondent: Lara Logan Update”

  1. Byron 02/17/2011 at 4:24 am #

    What folk’s do not realize (you people do) is the differences between Islam and most other religions is the part that Islam is to play during the closing of this age. Here in America (& Europe) we have these special interest groups (bleeding hearts) such as NOW, Gay Pride etc, Islam deals w/these people the same ways that they do w/non believers! I see this playing a big part in the end times, Hollywood, the media and all these groups will not find anyone who would really care as the Christians do. The Lord very well knew this and ‘these’ people will be forced to sleep in the bed that ‘they’ have made for most!
    Remember that many of these lawyers working for the ACLU’s, People for the American Way etc are Jewish, who did Satan hate first, thats right, it won’t be pretty, they too will not have mercy from no one!
    It’s horrible of what happened to this news women but folk’s, this is just the beginning, the ‘global elites’ are having there own battle’s, you see there is a younger generation that think that the Henry K’s, Geo. S’s, Rothc#1ds of the world need to get out of the way so ‘they’ can have the ‘park’ and of coarse we know that there’s coming a man full of Satan himself that will have his way until Jesus Christ Slams His Foot On Mount Moriah He will then throw them ‘all’ in the oven for eternity, except for Satan, he will be freed for a little while after the millinial reign to recruit some rebellious men (people) but Then Jesus will make quick work at the ‘Great White Throne Judgement and all rebellion will be sent to eternal Hell (where a designed worm will progressively torment them) and we that have been redeemed will be in His loving presence for ever and ever!

    Sorry for the long reply,
    God bless you all,
    Jesus is coming for
    His Bride soon

    • CK Hunter 02/17/2011 at 4:48 am #

      Well Byron as a gay woman I don’t know quite what to make of your reply, and as a Christian I understand what your biblical references are. I’m putting the comment through. Gay pride, by the way, is an oxymoron. I’ve been gay since birth, and I’m certainly not “proud” of how 90% of my gay peers behave, and want nothing to do with it. America has yet to finally figure out how to deal with her national “gay gene” that keeps popping up increasingly more and more with each new generation of people. I’d like to see other gay people do things other than act out, run naked in parades, get in people’s faces and act like animals. I’d also like to see grown straight men stop acting like barbaric animals as well.


  2. Norm 02/18/2011 at 10:05 am #

    Muslims are NOT the religion of peace. In fact they are not a religion at all, It is a cult. It was formed in terror, and it lives in terror today. This rape is a very small example of the huge number of terrorist acts that take place on a daily basis. This plague on the rest of the world, is the worst thing that we face.

    • CK Hunter 02/18/2011 at 12:18 pm #

      I agree with you, which is why I felt a need to write this piece and offset the milktoast politically correct white house pro-muslim propaganda with the truth. When we are silent we are giving our consent for evil to flourish and I could not live with myself if I did that. When a woman is raped it takes her the rest of her life to get over it, if she ever does. Pray for Lara, and pray for our country, which is more and more a sitting duck for creeping sharia law. Sharia law is an abomination to the principles of civic life in America.

      Thanks for your visit.



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