What Is the Photon Belt Passage?

Pleiades Star Cluster

The Pleiades

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Humankind is experiencing an unparalleled diversity of new and inexplicable spiritual, scientific, and aerial phenomenon. Spectacular “Signs and Wonders” fill the skies, many of them completely false and fabricated. These events fill the news, and attempt to overwhelm our minds as an endless stream of inexplicable events hammers the human soul. This all began to pick up speed in the early 1990s, and now in the the new century has accelerated with apparent intent. It most definitely feels like it’s all going somewhere, but where? The discernment of spirits and the true discernment and understanding of events is now needed like never before.

Unexplained aerial objects fill our skies, as the earth is now yielding up strange new archaeological discoveries that will force the rewriting of human history. People who have never cracked open a bible or any kind of holy book are now having extraordinary spiritual experiences.

Internet portals are bulging with citizen inspired news videos, truth reporting, grassroots networking and international camaraderie as people from all walks of life reach out to one another in love and goodwill to try and understand colossal world events which bear down upon us everyday. It will be the global love and true spiritual unity among all people from every walk of life which will defeat the hideous forces of evil nested into our governments which are determined to enslave the human race.

We don’t need a fascist, economically ruled, one world religion to understand that we are all brothers and sisters on this world. But we will need each other to defeat that Godless world regime which is trying to form in plain sight. And we will, because the Universe is on our side.

This blog, which is the companion site to Alternative News Report, will chronicle just a few of these stunning, mind bending end time “Kali Yuga” events, and will post citizen journalist videos from the astounded human beings who are attempting to understand this remarkable species level passage that all of humanity is now  involved in.  One would have to be literally dead not to see that something extraordinary and unprecedented in human history is now taking place on planet earth.

Esoteric writer JJ Hurtak called this planetary species-wide spiritual initiation phenomenon the “photon belt passage”. This blog is thusly named.

Esoteric literature, such as J.J. Hurtak’s mystical classic “The Keys of Enoch” describes what he calls an “electromagnetic null zone,” which is both a high vibrating frequency band and also a physical locale in the galactic arm that our entire solar system will pass through in the next 50 years, which will affect all life on earth. The photon belt could be likened to a type of high vibrating spiritual “Clorox” if you will, that cleanses all that which is not vibrating as it should be, and is said to have the sheer force of electromagnetic intensity to dismantle and disintegrate all energy fields it comes into contact with, which are corrupted and impure.

That having been said, since nearly every institution and organization on earth is now both corrupted AND spiritually impure, it would preclude that most every human institution and organization on earth is due to be vibrationally dismantled and re-assembled during these next 40 years, culminating in  the actual real Second Coming of Christ, [ not the fake one planned by NWO / UN and Maitreya, the world-wide impostor, the Son of Perdition ].

Cosmic astronomy will converge with biblical prophecy and science will converge with religion and anthropology. After the dismantling of old institutions and earthly belief systems which are both flawed, false and incapable of holding the highest Light, the New Heaven and the New Earth will be revealed and lowered into position in the newly cleansed and purified 4th and 5th dimensional planes. The 3rd dimensional plane will no longer exist for those who have graduated into realities emerging from the higher frequency bands of the 4th and 5th dimensional planes.

All well and good, but can one maintain soul equilibrium during the global cleansing process?

Those who have polluted  their own personal energy fields, their personal realities, or “personalities” with negative thoughts of hatred, vitriol, spite, malice, ill will, and so forth will gradually die off during all that has been described above. How they die off is up to the Heavens, and most likely will be dictated by their own karma. Many other high saints will be martyred during the coming reign of the great and final imposter of Christ. Refer to your KJV Bible.

Those who have filled their personal realities with love, selflessness, service to others, goodness, truth, beauty and love will rise up to meet their true Universe King and Creator in Ecstasy when He returns to settle affairs once and for all on Earth. He was known in His mortal life bestowal on earth as Jesus of Nazareth.

It’s really not all that complicated, after all. If you want to continue to have an existence in God‘s creation after the big cosmic clean-up is finished, you had better learn to love and serve others, rather than live for yourself only. Otherwise, sooner or later, you just wont’ be here any more.

The Universe is a brilliant self-cleaning machine which has been purposely evolved by God through the ages.  It never was a question of “either / or” when it comes to the concepts of evolution vs. creationism. It is simple: both are true and they fit together like a hand in a glove. This universe, purposely evolved in a grand slow motion ongoing act of Divine Creation, is authored, finished and eternally governed by God, which is Infinite Never-ending Love.

We are now in the opening moments of the Photon Belt passage. Learn to love properly, or you will be deleted by your own self-generated hatred sooner or later. That’s what the Photon Belt passage is all about. It’s God’s way of putting planet earth through the ultimate self operating cosmic car wash. Better roll up the windows and enjoy the ride.

CK Hunter,

Photonic Portal 2037: April  2011

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5 Responses to “What Is the Photon Belt Passage?”

  1. Okie 02/22/2012 at 10:44 pm #

    Don;t be deceived only believe into ONE SENT.




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