Colouring pencils

I have always had a love for all things visual.

For relaxation, I often like to go on little  internet junkets, seeking beauty, oddities, digital memorabilia, visual artifacts and  other inexplicable web finds.

My own visual art career started when I was a young teen, attending art college on five different art scholarships, then detoured sharply more than once in my personal artistic and spiritual journey. A few years back came the final “jumping off place”, where I finally stopped building commercial websites for clients, and started trying to remember how to get back to a deeper and more tranquil existence.

I began blogging in 2005 to relax, to keep up with breaking news, and to explore new avenues of self expression.

I had prior worked in some capacity in the visual arts profession for nearly 30 years.  In between I did everything from art direct an ad agency at the tender age of 21, to freelancing up and down the east coast, owned my own graphic design company,developed  e-commerce online stores, ran my own e-commerce stores, and designed and /or illustrated nearly everything imaginable product or service  in print media. I moved out out west in my late 20s. I fell in love with the wide open spaces of the western states and never returned to the east coast.

I occasionally recorded some of my traveling impressions in soft pastels, which pleased me greatly. I was never really comfortable as a commercial artist, and dreamed of painting huge meaningful surrealist landscapes in very bright visceral smelly oils, nestled somewhere in the deep  southwest. Little by little, I am getting there, although years have passed. This blog is all about all the visual (and some sonic) things that I truly love.  I hope you enjoy it too. If you want to reach me live and in person,

I’m at spiritscribe-at-yahoo.com

Here’s a little slide show I made:


Chase Kyla Hunter

See my other truth revealing alternative news blogs at:







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