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All Things DARPA: The Newest Stuff

18 Jan

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We all know that we will never REALLY know what it is that #DARPA has secretly achieved in recent decades under various names, alphabet letters and guises, but what they DO allow us to see is just plain amazing. Here are a few choice gems from today’s #science and #militarytechnology search. Check this blog’s new DARPA Page for the latest updates every week or so.

DARPA Earlier Achievements:

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Audible Signs, Sounds & Wonders: What Is the Source of Mysterious Booms & Sounds Heard Globally?

18 Jan

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Updated on 3.11.2012:

In a radio interview on The Power Hour recorded just a few weeks ago, it was revealed by guest AC Griffith that the hundreds of strange booms and other odd sounds being heard and recorded in towns and cities all over America is the result of clashes in scalar weaponry between US and Russian forces, in other words, a covert high-tech “cold war” is now taking place between the US black ops organizations and Russian covert scalar energy weapons. I’m still investigating the claims made in the radio interview. In the meantime here is the link where you can listen to the dialogue:

Earlier  I wrote ….

I found this news link on Twitter on 01.18.2012, watched the video, and was amazed by the similarity between mysterious “booming trumpet” sounds which are being heard in Europe and the classical trumpet blasts of Israel. I knew readers would enjoy seeing this too.

I’m not stating any conclusion either way, but the similarity is eerie and perhaps, prophetic too. Under related videos below, the reader can see that people are recording strange whirring, booming and bizarre humming sounds all over the world. This phenomenon escalated beginning in the summer of 2011. I’m still collecting videos of the sounds. Many of the sounds seem mechanical or man-made in nature. My best guess is that underground base activity and new clandestine underground drilling may be the culprit. But in this first video, the sounds coming from  the Ukraine are remarkably similar the classical blasts of the traditional Israeli trumpets.

By the way, I found dozens and dozens of YT videos where people had recorded these sounds. There’s also a map showing the locations where people are hearing these sounds the most frequently – and the USA is one of those locations.

I am only posting a few. Follow related videos on YT to watch more. This is a HUGE global phenomenon – and I have not seen a MSM newscast on it anywhere [yet].

Tags: mysterious booms, mysterious booming sounds Ukraine, Israeli trumpet sounds, the biblical trumpet, end times phenomenon, last days signs & wonders, Israel, the trumpets of Revelations, Book of Revelations, biblical times, apocalyptic sounds

Related Videos:

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Caught On Tape: Most Stunning UFO Footage of 2011

16 Jan

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To the best of my knowledge these video clips are all genuine eye witness UFO sightings and encounters. At least that’s what the naked eye would indicate at first glance. These are just a few of the tens of thousands of UFO sightings which took place all over the world in 2011.

I would be posting UFO video footage to this and my other news blogs ’24 hours a day’ if I were to attempt to compile and present everything which was recorded in 2011. If I have missed something extraordinary, please add it in under comments.

Several of these videos show what looks to me to be sophisticated projected holograms, [fake HAARP aerial projections, not real UFOs] which may be of the HAARP Project Blue Beam variety. To be frank, one really does not know if it’s a real object in the sky or a hologram, at this point in ufology.

This presents UFO researchers with a whole new plethora of problems and issues with trying to understand what exactly they are seeing in the skies. And in 2011, the skies were very very full of bizarre flying, falling and aerial objects which defied all attempts at intelligent explanation.

The Orlando Florida UFO capture is stunning as the object was traveling so fast it was difficult to see with the naked eye. Video analysis of the footage revealed the stunning supersonic fly-by. Had this object struck the landing jetliner both objects would have been instantly obliterated, resulting in mass casualties for the packed jetliner. These objects present a real and present danger to airline pilots and our military as well.

Bizarre aerial “signs and wonders” continue to appear globally, confusing and misleading many millions. Are these objects actual UFOs, or does someone somewhere want us to believe that they are UFOs?  Is the ultimate world hoax now being planned and executed? This blog continues to ask questions and seek answers.

If you have video footage [ real ufo footage, not cgi make-believe animations ] of a UFO sighting, please post your video footage under comments. The best videos will be combined into a new post next month.

Eye Witness Military Man Describes UFO Sighting and Crash from 1955:

Incredible 2010 UFO Footage Recorded on Infra-red Outdoor Wildlife Camera:

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Project Pegasus Secret CIA Mars Colony: The Strange Tale of Andrew D. Basiago

19 Nov
This is the most up-to-date DARPA logo.

The DARPA logotype

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Tags: DARPA, NASA, CIA, Project Pegasus, Andrew Basiago, time travel, secret military time travel technology, US industrial-military complex, CIA secret Mars colony

Andrew D. Basiago will no doubt go down in history as one of the most despised or lauded men in on the planet. His tale is a story so far-fetched, that if it’s true all of human history will need to be re-written, especially the American military history of the past 50 years.

In short, Basaiago alleges that as an eight year old child he was inducted into the “high technology cult” of DARPA‘s top secret “time-space” program, which was running concurrently with the public PR arm of the space program which we all know as NASA. He claims that during the late 1960s and early 1970s that he traveled in time and space, eventually taking on assignments which sent him, albeit briefly, to the secret CIA Martian colony, where he stood on a platform and looked out over the Martian terrain.

Andrew has stated repeatedly in radio interviews since 2008 that DARPA has been running a top secret time travel program since the late 1950s which includes travel forward, backward in time and crossing over into parallel alternative time lines as well. He has stated that part of this time travel program includes the development of a top secret CIA “colony” on Mars, in which 97,000 Americans have been involved, and wherein tragicly, 90,000 of them have died.

Before you click off the page in astonished disgust, listen to what Andrew has to say. If he is lying, he obviously is delusional, and needs psychiatric help right away. If this can be proven then radio hosts need  to stop giving this man air time to deploy his delusions openly. BUT … If he’s right then the American people have been on the receiving end of the greatest military coverup in modern history, rivaling that of what the Nazis were secretly doing during World War Two, and which their people were completely unaware of until right after the war, when the German concentration camps were opened to public examination and the truth came out.

Pause to consider that World War Two was waged for six years without the majority of the German or world population knowing what their Third Reich was actually doing in secret. Some of what the Third Reich was doing in secret, in fact, may never be fully known. But what historians know now is enough to silence those who would scoff at advanced technology and high level secret military operations that take place practically right under the noses of constituent populations, without those populations ever suspecting that anything out of the ordinary is taking place.

Is Andrew Basiago an American patriot and a high level whistleblower, or is he suffering from a rare mental illness which demands he share his complex and detailed delusions with the masses? I have discovered photographic evidence which would appear to corroborate some of what Andrew had to say about the secret CIA Mars colony. But I am not ready to post that material yet. Time will need to pass and more evidence will need to be gathered. If this story is true, then it must be told with supporting documentation that is above all reproach.

Other appearances by Andrew D. Basiago on Coast to Coast AM and other radio shows:

A Peek at Some Stunning Chinese Military Aircraft: What Else Do The Chinese Have?

19 Nov

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Western populations rarely get a chance to examine the military technology of the secretive Chinese. Once in a while a Chinese YT reporter will post a glimpse of their current aviation achievements. Here’s what I located recently. These videos are from 2008 to the present.


City Lights Could Reveal Alien Civilizations To Astronomers, Astronauts

12 Nov

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City Lights Could Reveal Alien Cities

Updated: Thursday, 10 Nov 2011, 11:18 AM EST

(EndPlay Staff Reports) – Scientists believe they have a new way to tell if life exists in outer space. Their method? See if the aliens have left the lights on.

Researchers Avi Loeb from The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Edwin Turner of Princeton University have suggested just that. They proposed looking for aliens’ city lights could be a clue as to whether there’s life out there.

“Looking for alien cities would be a long shot, but wouldn’t require extra resources,” Loeb said in a statement . “And if we succeed, it would change our perception of our place in the universe.”

The theory does depend on assuming that aliens would have Earth-like technologies and that they would want to see in the dark, requiring them to have artificial illumination when it’s dark outside.

If it worked, science blog io9 stated, telescopes would pick up tiny fluctuations in light emitted from alien solar systems. There would be more light from the dark side than what’s seen from its day side.

The astrophysicists’ paper, submitted to Astrobiology , states that existing optical telescopes and surveys could detect artificially-illuminated objects equaling the brightness of a major terrestrial city in the outskirts of our solar system.

The center’s announcement suggested, for instance, that our best telescopes should be able to see light generated by a Tokyo-sized metropolis in the area occupied by Pluto, Eris and smaller icy bodies. If nothing else, it would be good practice for when astronomers have stronger telescopes in the future and can extend the search to other solar systems. , in cooperation with Astrobiology Magazine, explained how Loeb and Turner came up with their theory. Loeb got the idea while at a conference in Abu Dhabi and hearing a tour guide to Dubai suggest the emirate was so bright at night that it could be seen by space. reported that Massachusetts Institute of Technology astrophysicist Max Tegmark, who was not involved in the project, said it could be a new way to search for extraterrestrial life.

“It’s not like I think there’s a baseball stadium on Pluto, but we need to drop all preconceptions about what alien civilizations do and search in every way we can,” he said.

NASA and DARPA Plan ‘Hundred-Year Starship’ To Bring Humans to Other Worlds And Leave Them There Forever

Nasa Prepares For Mars Mission Launch


“Iron Sky” Explores Lingering Legend That Nazis Colonized the Moon After World War Two

7 Nov

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The Nazis allegedly perfected a first generation circular flying machine during World War Two. Nazi lunar colonies?

Early this year in January of 2011, after reading the online lore for over a decade,  I finally decided to explore the lingering “urban legend” on the internet that renegade Nazi SS and high ranking military officials fled Germany and established an underground colony in Antarctica in the late 1930s and early 1940s as the war was winding down. I wrote a series of essays on this topic which are linked below:

The Mother of All WWII Era Legends: Nazi UFO Flying Saucer Technology Acquired From An Off-World Advanced Civilization

Mother of All Urban Legends, Parts 1 – 4:

Crashed UFO Disc Found At Bottom of Baltic Sea

This story has been around on the internet since the very earliest days of the world wide web in 1994. Unsavory Neo-Nazi characters like Supriem D. Rockefeller have embellished the lingering legend with his tall tales of being a high ranking member of the Temple of Set cult [ several US military men have been either a member of this sect or have been members of the Church of Satan, not a comforting thought ] and frequently traveling to the moon from an underground Nazi base in Antarctica on a UFO that he described as the “sport model.” Oddly, Bob Lazar also described a “sport model” UFO in his testimony as a former contract worker for Area 51 in the late 1980s.

The lines between urban myth and fact have long since blurred into mush regarding the topic of UFOs and secret military technology, thanks to a literal army of disinformation men hired by the CIA, newly formed in 1947, to make sure the truth on this issue was fully obfuscated from public view. Author Jim Marrs has outlined the lengths to which the CIA went to coverup the truth about highly advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations who have been monitoring our world for ages in his popular book “Alien Agenda.”

Haunnebu Two shown with military observers standing by which reveal it’s scale and size.

But the truth, like an aggravating splinter, has a way of working itself to the surface over the decades. Just as the CIA deployed small armies of disinformation men to spew lies, half-truths, ridicule and misleading non-stories on UFOs into  the public media in the 1950s, 60s [even into the 1970s], as the last decade of the 20th century arrived, even larger armies of determined truth researchers converged into an aggregate force online, which began “outing” the submerged 50 year old UFO cover-up, one blog post at a time. By this time more than 50 trillion American tax dollars had been surreptitiously siphoned off the top of the federal budget annually, mysteriously funding a plethora of ongoing illegal and criminal “Black Ops.”

These funds were stolen out of the annual USA budget and they account for a large portion of “where the money went” through the years, resulting in staggering federal deficits that now threaten the financial health of the nation for the next 100 years. These funds were misused by unauthorized and highly malevolent joint military projects  [ i.e. Dulce, Area 51 ] between off-world aliens and our own US military, used to achieve new and undreamed of American military technologies that are so heinous [ i.e. HAARP] that they could turn our own nation into a worldwide fascist superstate soon, if not confronted by American taxpayers and brought to justice.

Due to the efforts of determined truth researchers all over the world, the public outcry for “Disclosure” began to ring in the ears of federal officials by the late 1990s, many of whom had experienced UFO sightings themselves.

In the spring of 2001 Dr. Stephen Greer invited a panel of witnesses to give their testimony to the American public regarding the reality of UFOS, secret military technologies acquired from off-world aliens, and the horrific reality of UFO abductions. The public outcry for “Disclosure” became an ongoing roar that summer. Just when it seemed that public pressure on the federal government was finally going to yield some truthful results, 9-11 arrived.

The attention of an outraged and grieving nation was now immediately diverted from the call for “UFO Disclosure” to the question of how to deal with the Twin Towers attacks and who to go after. Voila. Problem solved. The secret ruling elites had killed two birds with one stone, and effectively silenced the roar of American and European voices for UFO disclosure, while advancing t heir war agenda in one sweeping gesture. As horrendous as such a thesis seems, I watched it all unfold and I stand by my claims. The thorn in the side of the American psyche regarding the truth about UFOs continues to burn and swell. We are confronted with strange news stories every month which point to an ongoing generational cover-up so colossal it staggers the mind.

I present below new videos which present a story which is not new by any means, but which now has been given new life in the 21st century by dazzling animation and sweeping renderings of Nazi / SS inhabited lunar vistas that would turn the head of the late Stanley Kubrick. If even any tiny portion of this fictionalized tale is in fact true, then the American people have been on the receiving end of the biggest lie and military cover-up in world history.

It’s easy to laugh off the movie below as  nothing more than “pop culture” or outrageous but entertaining science fiction.

Truth researchers know that one of the many ways the NWO “tests” the receptivity of populations to certain facts is to the present those facts as fiction.

This has been shown time and again. Remember, it’s always the “unimaginable” that takes one by surprise, when parts of it are shown to be factual over time. Our own military leaders who are sitting on such state secrets, if they are true, are legally and morally liable to the nation. They need to come forward and disclose what they know about secret US military collusion with off-world advanced civilizations. They have been using our tax receipts to do this for more than 50 years. It’s past time for “Disclosure.”

“Iron Sky” Movie, The Videos:

Watch the full movie “Iron Sky” in HD here.

Iron Sky fan site in Russian – includes photo galleries and movie stills

See also

Read my related 2009 report which includes extensive information about Supriem David Rockefeller in: “Where Is James Bond When You Need Him?”

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