HAARP Rings Found Inside Hurricane Irene

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Numerous astute weather watchers and citizen journalists have identified very large HAARP rings inside of or adjacent to Hurricane Irene. I took this still shot from a video in the list below. It seems to originate from a radar facility in Raleigh NC and is large enough to cover the entire eastern region of North Carolina. What are these bizarre colossal HAARP radar flashes and what are they intended to do? Weather watchers want to know.

The fact that the American people no longer trust their government has long been established by citizen journalists in the past few years, specifically since the Obama era began. But pending natural disasters bring out those moments of questioning even more so.  I located some videos this morning that I wanted to share. My posting of these is neither a negation, nor an agreement with the musings therein. But I always take note of individuals who do not run with the herd, and who insist on thinking for themselves about what they observe taking place in our country.

What many of these astute weather watchers are observing this weekend are VERY apparent HAARP RINGS and HAARP BEAMS being aimed into hurricane Irene. There can be only two answers:

Either our Illuminati-gone-wild federal government is trying to break up and dissipate the hurricane to avoid multiple natural disasters, or just the opposite – they are actually trying to exacerbate and amplify the storm. You decide.

Many are now wondering whether a mandatory evacuation was really necessary in this weather event, but we cannot answer that until the weekend is over. If lives have been saved, then yes, a mandatory evacuation was the proper thing to do.

At the last possible minute, Obama returned from vacation and has put on a very big show of “taking command” with hurricane Irene now at landfall. 2012 Photo Ops. Everything he does now is geared toward “looking presidential” enough to win again in 2012. That vacation was really ill timed and there are entirely too many vacations going on while the business of the nation falters and flails about.

Here are the videos:

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Links explaining all the science behind “HAARP” and weather modification:
pictures of differnt HAARP rings and how they appear on RADAR:

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One Response to “HAARP Rings Found Inside Hurricane Irene”

  1. Stephen King 10/04/2011 at 4:21 am #

    Weather manipulation and the creation of other natural disasters has long been thought to be one of the ways the ruling elite use to acheive their aims, along whith the creation of wars, famines, economic meltdown, terrorrism, drugs and most of the crap that happens today

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