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Luxury Underground Bunker Business Is Booming Post Japan Disaster

24 Mar

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US Surgeon General: Americans Should Be Prepared for Radiation in USA

16 Mar

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Study the Projected Path of Pacific Jet Stream Plume: Interactive Media Projections

Radiation Levels in Japan Extremely High, Crisis Worsens

U.S. Shows Growing Alarm Over Japan Nuclear Crisis

Japan Nuclear Crisis: Where Things Stand 3.17.2011

Anxiety Over Airborne Radiation Drives A Spike in Sales of Potassium Iodide Tablets

Precautions Should Limit Health Problems From Nuclear Plant’s Radiation (March 16, 2011)

Operation Solid Curtain: FEMA Orders Another One Billion in Dehydrated Food

1 Mar
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA

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Heads up folks, FEMA knows something and they are preparing for it. I’m advising subscribers to stock up on extra food, staples, dry goods, gasoline and review your emergency preparedness plans. This most recent mega food purchase by FEMA comes on the heels of a huge food purchase they did in January of this year. Be prepared, and if you are not then GET prepared.


Operation Solid Curtain Video from 2010:

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US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Comparative Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone NLE 2011: What Does the Navy Know?

28 Jan
Earthquakes recorded in the New Madrid seismic...

Graphic showing the number of minor earthquakes occurring in the New Madrid fault zone in recent years

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In early January, right after the first of the year, during the “dead birds and dead fish events” I began to get a very strong intuitive and clairvoyant feeling that something was up with the New Madrid earthquake fault. Apparently it wasn’t just me. Dozens of other truth researchers were getting the same intuitive “hit” regarding odd activity around and in the New Madrid earthquake fault. In the midst of all this, the truth began to emerge about the murder of American patriot John P. Wheeler. I now wonder what else Mr. Wheeler was trying to tell the American people when he was found murdered, dumped in a landfill. There seems to be a bigger story emerging.

This might also explain the rather frenetic activity at the underground Iron Mountain storage facility in east Pennsylvania to bury the nation’s vital records and historical documents underground.

Wheeler was apparently trying to blow the whistle on something when he was killed. Will the next New Madrid earthquake be an induced national catastrophe, a massive false flag event? NLE 2011 preparations proceed at a brisk pace.

The extended affect region of the New Madrid Fault zone is enormous, covering nearly 1/3rd of the continental USA landmass. These graphics show possible affects in surrounding regions if a 6.8 to 7.5 level earthquake should strike the region.

A Google search of “NLE 2011” reveals a plethora of official FEMA reports about their preparations and analysis of the likliehood of an imminent quake in the New Madrid fault.

I just located this latest citizen journalist video, [ see below ] I have decided to post it. The video is about 29 minutes in length. Watch the whole thing then share it. You can make up your own mind on this. The map is remarkably similar to at least 10 other “Earth changes flood maps” I have seen online for the USA in the past ten years.

FEMA is conducting an NLE, National Level Exercise 2011, a series of drills and events and their published data strongly suggests they are anticipating an earthquake, or possibly a series of quakes, in the central USA New Madrid Earthquake zone. If you live in the identified region for the New Madrid earthquake zone, you should take emergency preparedness precautions, have several escape routes planned and supplies, food and water ready in the event of a natural or man made HAARP event disaster.

Watch A Slideshow of Images and Graphs From the Above Video

Earlier in January 2011 I wrote:

ALERT: New Madrid Earthquake Fault Is Stirring: Largest Earthquake Fault in USA is NOT the San Andreas

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Earth change maps
http://earthchangesmedia.com/maps/Map showing flood impacted areas after asteroid ocean strike in the USA.
http://www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammadim/wpaasteroidprophecies.htmlHopi Sea Level Rise Map (Oddly enough or rather coincidentally the 200 feet level,

dark blue, rise shown for my current location matches the level I saw in one of my

earth change dreams. The 500 feet rise is roughly what I figure to be the 10,000 year flood level.)

Map showing the USA after supposed 2009 pole shift

Sign of the Times Forum thread showing pole shift maps

100 meter sea level rise map after polar ice melt
http://www.exitmundi.nl/images/sealevelamericaMap.jpg (Eastern USA)
http://www.exitmundi.nl/images/sealeveleuropeMap.jpg (Europe)
http://vrstudio.buffalo.edu/~depape/warming/World100-8190.jpg (World)

What if all the ice melts Myths and realities (shows maps of sea level rises if polar ice melts)

[ These collected “post earth changes” maps below show

various visions and premonitions of how the earth

changes related flooding globally will affect land masses.

I am making no claims as to the accuracy

or veracity of these “post earth changes” maps, I am simply

presenting them for readers to examine.

I find the subject fascinating. ]


Yellowstone Super Volcano Caldera is Swelling: Overdue to Blow?

28 Jan
"At Yellowstone and some other volcanoes,...
Anatomy of the Yellowstone Caldera

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By Popular Demand: World Famous D.U.M.B.S. Video Footage

22 Jan

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

I have posted this video at least a half dozen times, and it’s giving me the creeps how it keeps disappearing. [WTF ]When I first saw this video {posted below ] in the spring of 2008, I knew that the hand of God was involved in the making of it, and somehow leaking it to the masses.

This is $50 trillion US tax dollars, siphoned and spent via Black Ops, to create vast underground facilities to protect generational Illuminati families and their cronies whenever or whatever comes via the skies, aka Nibiru, or via nuclear wars, or mass pandemics on the surface… whatever. For whatever reasons, these facilities have been built for the elites. Have a look, and then take a look at another blog post about what  Moscow is doing: Moscow is building entire underground cities.

See: http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/moscow-bunkers/

See: http://photonicportal.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/98/

See: http://photonicportal.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/amateur-video/

Then have a look at Iron Mountain the vast underground government records facility in eastern PA, where they are now running two shifts 24/7 to stash all the most important FED records and national archival docs in America deep underground. Do the math folks. Governments everywhere are preparing for something HUGE while they tell us nothing is afoot. Do you recall the government official from Norway 2 years ago and his letter to the world? Do you remember? What do you believe?

For the umpteenth time, here is the very famous D.U.M.B.S Deep Underground Military Bases Video: Share it with others!

See also:  http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/category/american-society/emergency-preparedness/page/21/

American “Preppers” Are Wisely Taking Stock, & Stocking Up

16 Feb

The Texas longhorn serves as the university ma...

02.16.2010 By Chase Hunter

“Preppers” Are on the Right Track

For months I have been discreetly peeking at Youtube videos being posted by the more extroverted folks in citizen journalism & truth movement who want to boast a little bit about their survival pantries and what’s now in them. These videos are being made of course, as part of the ongoing “Wake the Fxxk Up America!” theme that issues forth from the truth movement with ever more volume and urgency. I do include myself in the truth movement of course, but rather than shout at my online neighbors, I prefer to keep writing, researching, exposing, revealing, and just let the staggering overwhelm of the truth itself do the waking up.

The Online “TMI” Problem: Too Much Information!

I’m just asking other truthers to keep in mind that there is a fine line between making an educational video on preparedness, and accidentally inviting your new and unknown neighbors to mug you and pillage what you have stored in the dead of night by revealing too much information I am including in this post some good “how-to” and educational videos from the online community on stocking up and being prepared. Here are the first few:

Survival Preparedness Video Playlist

Now, I also need to say something on HOW NOT TO educate people about food storage. Notice the young woman in the video you are about to see below. I know she means well. What’s the first problem? Her face is all over it. She can now be “ID-ed” to have her entire pantry confiscated under martial law, depending on how severe it gets. Next, listen to her narrative:  she has been boasting about her food storage to all the wrong people, who are in the “we don’t care and we never will… you people are idiots” category. That’s all those millions of ultra left wing liberals young and old, who do not a clue, do not want a clue, who welcome a new world order, who want to be taken care of and watched by Big Brother, who want new age globalism, who think birthers, truthers, preppers, end timers, and all the other names they call us, are lunatics, irrelevant crazy fanatics. Listen to me: These people who feel this way, are the very same people, who – once it all goes down, they are caught with their pants down, they are totally unprepared, they have no food, no money, no anything, no clue, and they are now starving, will think nothing about raiding this woman’s home, taking everything she has that she had advertised, laughing all the way. She is innocently way too trusting in how she is broadcasting what she is doing. Finally, rather than stocking up on good solid staples, and dry goods, her food storage appears to be 90% big brand name canned goods made by the very NWO owned and controlled companies who are putting American farmers out of business and American families on the streets. She is inadvertently advertising those nutrient dead “brand name” products by giving this “tour” of her pantry. This kid, God bless her, still doesn’t get it. Those NWO corporations who produce “nutritionally dead packaged food” by the mega ton, are thrilled that this woman is stocking up on new world order merchandise.

Epic fail pantry party accidentally endorses the NWO:  Here’s the video:

This new American “mass urge” toward getting ready and being prepared [for anything] is another manifestation of the “global unity consciousness” that I have talked about so much these last few years is now happening everywhere, and personal survival preparations are just one more aspect of that genuine grassroots spiritual phenomenon.

The internet is just the outer arm of the inner spiritually awakened planetary “collective consciousness” that KNOWS now is the time to start putting away a  little extra of everything, just in case, the unknown event [that no one saw coming] arrives at your door. Fill in the blank for the event – it could be anything.

To be frank, anyone who is NOT waking up spiritually after learning that about 6 multi-national corporations now own every major media outlet in America must be so close to abject spiritual death anyway, that they would serve no purpose as awakened, except to possibly irritate the other relevantly AWAKENED souls in the national community with their nonstop incredulity and questioning. We need REAL spiritual warriors here, not a retrograde “high school debate team” scene. These multitudinous events that inspired the truth movement, the citizen journalism movement, the birther movement [the “impeach Barack Obama” movement is part of that], have happened, are happening, and will continue to happen if we do not say STOP NOW by using the appropriate actions to stop it. “It”  – being the mass homogenization of America into one huge multinational fascist corporation owned by illuminati madmen who run naked in the Bohemian Grove every summer and plot every new ways to insinuate the worship of Lucifer into the mainstream media advertising imagery.

Only a final massive product and service boycott of these controlling NWO corporations will end it. They cannot continue to exist if no one is buying, using or consuming what they sell. It is just that simple.

So, for me, the whole “Wake the Fxxk up America!” thing was something I was screaming about 10-15 years ago. I am now far into the nuance of publishing the TIDAL WAVE OF FACTS that will do the awakening for me.

At any rate, some of the Youtube screamers who shout about “waking up” all the time are the same ones who also like to show off their stockpiles of survival everything. I laud and praise them for stocking up – that’s wise. What’s not wise is showing it off on Youtube – which is monumentally stupid.

Think, folks. Would you invite your neighbors in to tour your well stocked pantry in your own neighborhood? Oh, hell no. So don’t do it online! Be clever, be discreet, be wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove. Be smart, keep stocking up, but shut the hell up about it.

[About the article below – keep in mind when you read this, that it comes out of the UK press, where Americans are both feared and admired for our collective moxy and courage to stand up to the NWO elites which troll D.C. looking for new ways to convert the nation to fascism on the ‘low down’. In Great Britain they have long lost their nerve, their guns, their privacy and their fundamental sense of national pride and civility. If we don’t keep pushing for an end to the “NWO trend” here in the states we face the same grisly outcome. We can look at the Orwellian state of affairs in Great Britain and say with certain prayerfullness: “There but for the grace of God go we the people.”]

Chase Hunter


Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world

Recession and the constant threat of terrorist attacks have given new life to the ingrained survivalist instinct

Tess Pennington, 33, is a mother of three children, and lives in the sprawling outskirts of Houston, Texas. But she is not taking the happy safety of her suburban existence lightly.

Like a growing army of fellow Americans, Pennington is learning how to grow her own food, has stored emergency rations in her home and is taking courses on treating sickness with medicinal herbs.

“I feel safe and more secure. I have taken personal responsibility for the safety of myself and of my family,” Pennington said. “We have decided to be prepared. There all kinds of disasters that can happen, natural and man-made.”

Pennington is a “prepper”, a growing social movement that has been dubbed Survivalism Lite. Preppers believe that it is better to be safe than sorry and that preparing for disaster – be it a hurricane or the end of civilisation – makes sense.

Unlike the 1990s survivalists, preppers come from all backgrounds and live all over America. They are just as likely to be found in a suburb or downtown loft as a remote ranch in the mountains. Prepping networks, which have sprung up all over the country in the past few years, provide advice on how to prepare food reserves, how to grow crops in your garden, how to hunt and how to defend yourself. There are prepping books, online shops, radio shows, countless blogs, prepping courses and prepping conferences.

John Milandred runs a website called Pioneer Living, which is one of the main forums for discussing prepping. It provides a range of advice for those who just want to store extra food in case of a power cut, to those who want to embrace the “off the grid” lifestyle of America’s western pioneers. “We get inquiries from people from all walks of life. We had a principal from a school asking us to talk to their children. We have doctors and firemen and lawyers,” he said.

Milandred lives in Oklahoma and, should society collapse around him, he is well placed to flourish. Indeed, he might not notice that much. His house has a hand-dug well that gives him fresh water. He grows his own food. He has built an oven that needs neither gas nor electricity. He can hunt for meat. “If something happened, it really would not affect us,” he said.

There are several reasons for the rise of prepping. The first is that, in the post-9/11 world, mass terror attacks have become a fear for many Americans. At a time when US diplomacy is focused on preventing Iran getting nuclear weapons and terror experts continue to warn of “dirty bombs” on American soil, it is no surprise that many Americans feel threatened. Added to that paranoia has come the recession. Suddenly, millions of Americans have been losing their jobs and their homes, reinforcing a feeling that society is not as stable as it once seemed.

Hollywood has caught on. A succession of films, such as 2012, The Road, The Book of Eli and Legion, have tapped into an American Zeitgeist that is worried about the end of civilisation.

“Prepping masks a wide range of stances and ideologies. But the more people are prepared, the more they are likely to have an apocalyptic way of thinking,” said Professor Barry Brummett, of the University of Texas-Austin.

Even government officials have accepted that the financial crisis posed a threat to social order. In recent testimony before Congress, treasury secretary Tim Geithner admitted that top-level talks had been held on whether the US could enforce law and order (translation: “Will we need martial law?”) in the wake of a collapse of the financial system.

Certainly, Tom Martin agrees. He runs the American Preppers Network, which helps provide a wide range of resources. Martin, a truck driver who lives in Idaho, believes that more and more people will become preppers. “Millions of people now have the mindset that they want to be prepared for something, but don’t know what to call it,” he said.

That rings true with Pennington. In the 1990s, survivalism was the province of anti-government militiamen or loners in the woods. But preppers are more concerned with stocking up on food and water and relearning skills so that they can fend for themselves.

To that end, Pennington has set up a website called Ready Nutrition, which teaches basic food skills to prepare for a time when pre-packaged goods at a supermarket might not be available: “Prepping is not taboo, like survivalism. There is no negative connotation to it. We are not rednecks. In many ways, our ancestors were preppers. So were the Native Americans. It is just going back to being able to look after yourself.”

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