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Anonymous Has Created A New Video Communique

15 Mar

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Japan: Severe Gasoline Shortages in Earthquake Aftermath

14 Mar

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Severe gasoline shortages now inhibit movement and evacuations in the aftermath of the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake which hit Japan late last thursday. For those living in coastal region of the north American west coast, it’s recommended you keep your gas tanks full, in the event another quake creates more tsunamis which would require more travel and evacuations.

Marriage From Hell Forming Between Facebook, Coca Cola & RFID Technology

29 Dec
Logo of the anti-RFID campaign by German priva...

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Copyright 2010-3010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

I have never trusted the Facebook Concept. I couldn’t tell you why. Call it woman’s intuition, or possibly the Cherokee shaman’s precognition which goes with me wherever I travel. I had suspected that at some point the horrible truth might finally come out about Facebook, but I honestly did not know it would come out this soon. I actually joined the site under another pen name about 8 weeks ago, and played with it for about 2-3 weeks.

The very first thing I noticed was how easy it was to dig deep into the online ID of another total stranger and study every friend and relative they had, every post they had ever written, every keystroke they had ever entered, and that there is practically ZERO privacy on Facebook unless you make an effort to click into the privacy settings, and laboriously reset every single one of over 100 items. And even then the settings you choose will often mysteriously default back to the way they were before you changed them. Someone else is always driving the vehicle on FB and it’s NOT the user. The unaware user of Facebook is just naively going along for the ride.

Even after I went in, and took 30 minutes to set all my privacy protocols just the way I wanted them, I found the eerie experience re-occurring of  returning to my privacy settings later to find out  they had all been mysteriously “re-set” to the wide open “no hold barred tell all, show all” default.

This experience, which I had at least three times, told me that there is something deeply wrong with what users experience on Facebook, and that Facebook itself, is really nothing more than a thinly veiled front for a massive“private citizen data mining and online surveillance operation” by our assorted US spy agencies: the CIANSA, NCS and others. I am as sure of this as I am that I am sitting here in this chair. It’s not speculation for me anymore.

I also quickly discovered that Christians and Christianity are not the “favored” identities to the computerized Facebook protocols. One evening I had another spooky and inexplicable experience. I wanted to place certain keywords in my profile so that other Christians could find me a little bit easier. [ My entire reason and motive for joining Facebook had been to not only investigate just how secretly rotten this portal is, but to examine how it worked and report on it, which I am doing now. ]

So I was trying to enter the keyword phrases like:” Jesus follower“, “Jesus of Nazareth”, “Lord Jesus Christ” “Christian Conservative” “Tea Party Patriot” and so forth into my profile. Every time I entered these phrases they vanished. They just disappeared. I entered and re-entered these keyword phrases 6 times over before I realized that the pre-coded protocols of Facebook WAS NOT going to allow me to place those phrases into my profile, yet there was a persistent ongoing effort to get me to put into the profile instead:

My location

My vocation

My date of birth

My high school and college, etc.

Which brings me to my next point. If Facebook is actually really a social networking site, then why was I “put into FaceBook jail” so to speak, and disallowed from returning to the site for 4 days after I networked with about 40 or 50 new and old Christian friends over the course of 2-3 days? The site actually blocked my access for 4 days and sent me a message each time I tried to log in that I had “tried to friend too many people that the site didn’t think I really knew,” therefore I would be disallowed from using Facebook for four days. How the hell would Facebook know who I might know or who I don’t?  The whole experience would have been infuriating if it wasn’t so outright strange and darkly comical. I have been using the internet since 1993. That year predates the invention of the word “internet.” NEVER have I had such a preposterous web experience as I did while experimentally using Facebook for those 3 weeks.

During that time I was also trying to re-establish contact with a network of about 30 musicians from the northern New Mexico region that I have known for more than 20 years. But the computer protocols at Facebook just arbitrarily decided that I could not possibly know all these people, and knocked me off the site. I was actually put in Facebook “time out” for trying to use the site exactly the way it was supposedly designed: to locate long lost friends, family, peers, buddies, etc.

After having my “Facebook moment” for 2 or 3 weeks, my former suspicions have become steadfast convictions. I actually don’t believe for one minute that Facebook is really about social networking. I believe that it’s a brilliant “cover story, a facade, a game of online smoke and mirrors” for an emerging global internet super-surveillance BEAST. I also know exactly how RFID technology will be used to supplement, and eventually to become mandatory for continued use of that online BEAST presence. Please watch the following videos:

See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BkIfFv11iQ

Marriage from Hell Now Forming Between Coca Cola, Facebook and The American Teenage Idiot

For the thinking human being who is attentive to actuality and values their privacy, both personal and intellectual, the implications of this second video are nothing short of horrendous:

Coca-Cola & Facebook sponsor a teenage pool party where RFID wristbands are handed out to all attendees, which update their Facebook profiles for them each time they are scanned – a particularly heinous example of a very public “PSY OP” where masses of young adults are socially engineered to believe that wearing an RFID wristband is a cool, benevolent harmless thing: Wrong!These young people have no idea what is being foisted on them under the disguise of convenience. Once these chips become mandatory, which is what the ruling elites have in mind, it won’t be so much fun anymore. Fail to comply with whatever they want yuo to do, and they turn off your chip, your access to cash and everything else is disconnected. That’s the goal.

I’ll put it bluntly: If the GOAL of the Illuminati motivated and directed New World Order is to addict every child, teen and young adult to Facebook, in order to subtly tacitly begin introducing RFID technology to these population sectors, connecting their Facebook profile to an RFID chip [on a card, on an ID tag, etc, eventually inserted into the flesh of the hand ]  then Facebook is the PERFECT tool with which to achieve this GOAL. Facebook, as far as I am concerned, is part and parcel  to the goals of the NWO to microchip every human being on earth, and I do not want to have anything to do with it. At some point in the next few days I will post the link to this essay on my Facebook profile [Oceanica Blue]. When I do, we’ll see how the behemoth reacts. And that will be my next post on this topic, I suppose.

See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqwDqN7LNsc

In the meantime, truth telling videos which try to warn the unwashed Facebook masses about what is really afoot, are quietly disappearing from the web. Here’s what I got when I tried to watch a video called:  “The Truth About Facebook and Your Privacy” ….

I have already written about the mystery of the disappearing Youtube videos which discuss and reveal the hidden plans for RFID Chipping human beings. Not all have been removed, but very many of them have. So I spend my nights trolling the video news portals looking for items I can embed and download that the NWO hasn’t removed yet. Internet censorship is creeping in. If there were nothing to hide, there would be nothing to censor, would there? If there were no hidden plans to foist this terrible “mandatory human RFID chipping” upon people, there would be no need to censor the articles, essays, and videos about it. Correct?

Beware the seemingly benign goals and purposes of Facebook, for it is NOT how it appears. Become a true thinking man or woman. Think before you begin posting the intimate details of your life, your face, [FB uses facial recognition software to scan and store all face images posted ] and every other identifying packet of info about who you are. The day may come when you very greatly desire NOT to have an RFID chip placed in your hand against your will. If you have, prior to that time, loaded up every parcel of privacy about yourself onto Facebook in the years preceding, you will be a sitting duck. They will know how to find you. Think before you post!

Chase Kyla Hunter

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Hot WWW Trending Topics 2010, 2011

23 Dec
Ben Bernanke leaving the 2008 Bilderberg Confe...

Ben Bernanke leaving 2008 Bilderberg Meeting by chauffeured Limo

Copyright 2010-3010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

What do writers write about and why? My own evolving spiritual trail as a native born American, political conservative, and Christian has led me to feel compelled to investigate and follow certain subjects. Over 20 years of writing and research has finally produced my own personal “trending topics” list, which I culled last night from about 336 topics down to about 180. This year I added several new fledgling blogs to the suite of online portals that I haunt, notably:




To browse these topics, and read posts in any category, visit Alternative News Forum, my main blogging portal. haven’t me me yet? I’m Chase Kyla Hunter,  Christian mystic, Cherokee Shaman and Conservative Tea Party Patriot. You can find me on Twitter under @Altnewsforum. Follow! I promise I will make you think, laugh, pray, and I will follow you right back. 🙂

Here’s my personal evolving “Trending Topics” list which has taken about 12-20 years to evolve. I figure this ought to keep me busy for awhile.

·         2011 2012 Future Predictions

·         2012 pole shift earth changes floods

·         2012 presidential elections

·         2012 Web Bot Predictions

·         Al Qaeda Radical Islam

·         America Christian Nation

·         American Blogosphere

·         American Civil Rights

·         American Economy

·         American Human Rights

·         American Politics

·         american society

·         americans buying silver

·         annunaki aliens illuminati ancient history

·         Antichrist Book of Revelations

·         Barack Obama Presidency in Crisis

·         Bible Prophecy

·         Biblical Archealogy

·         Biblical Astronomy

·         Big Brother in America

·         Bilderberg Group

·         black dragon society

·         Black Ops Secret Technology

·         blacklisted news

·         Blogging as Grassroots Activism

·         bohemian grove

·         Born Again in Jesus Christ

·         BP British Petroleum

·         buying silver

·         Buying Silver Bullion

·         buying silver coins

·         CFR Council on Foreign Relations

·         Chase Kyla Hunter Essays

·         Christians RFID End Times Predictions

·         CK Hunter essays

·         Crime & Punishment

·         Cult Watch

·         Currency Safe Havens

·         D.U.M.B.S. underground tunnels cities

·         Dark Science Coverups

·         Disclosure

·         domestic terrorism

·         Earth Changes

·         emergency preparedness

·         End Times Phenomenon

·         EU Euro European Union

·         European Union

·         Face of Jesus

·         Facebook and the Death of Privacy

·         Facebook Twitter Social Behavior Engineering

·         false signs wonders last days

·         Federal Deficit

·         freemasonry

·         Full Body Scanners

·         gay lesbian homosexual civil rights

·         Glenn Beck

·         global unity consciousness

·         Gold Silver Metals Investments

·         gold silver prices

·         Grassroots Citizen Journalism

·         Grassroots Reporting

·         Great Britain UK Politics

·         Great Falling Away Christianity

·         gulf coast BP oil spill spring 2010

·         haarp project blue beam

·         HAARP Technology

·         History Channel Lucifer TV

·         hollywood

·         human dna genetics

·         human RFID chipping

·         illegal imprisonment in america

·         Illegal Obama Stealth Legislation

·         illuminati

·         Illuminati Advertising Commercials

·         Illuminati Event Norway Spiral HAARP

·         Illuminati Families NYC USA

·         Illuminati Families UK

·         Illuminati TV

·         Imam Mahdi Dark Messiah

·         Internet Commentary Issues

·         internet freedom of speech

·         investing in silver

·         Iphone Spy Phone

·         Iran Iraq Israel Syria Mideast

·         Iran Israel Mideast Flashpoint

·         Jesus of Nazareth Second Coming

·         Julian Assange

·         Maitreya

·         Maitreya False Messiah

·         maitreya haarp blue beam world messiah ad campaign

·         maitreya obama world cult watch

·         Maitreya Spiritual Fraud

·         mandatory RFID chipping under obamacare

·         Manmade Environmental Disasters

·         Many False Christs Warnings

·         Media

o    Internet Satire

·         mental illness in america

·         metals commodities silver gold

·         Micheal Savage The Savage Nation

·         Military Gone Wild

·         Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD

·         Nashville Tea Party Convention

·         national healthcare identification cards RFID plans

·         Natural Disasters Artifical Disasters

·         Nephilim Ancient Giants

·         New World Order Agenda Exposed

o    Social Commentary

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·         new world order media hegemony

·         New World Order Ruling Elites

·         Nibiru visible 2011 2012

·         NO National ID Card

·         North American Union

·         North Korea

·         NPD

·         Obama Media & TV Appearances

·         Obama Mental Health Issues

·         Obama News Stories

·         Obama secret past

·         Obama White House Adrift

·         Obamacare

·         Obamanation

o    Obama Birth Fraud

·         Palin Family in TV and Media

·         Patriots

·         Planet X Nibiru

·         pole shift preparedness

·         pole shift research

·         Pope Vatican Rome Italy

·         popular web essays posts topics

·         Portland Oregon

·         Prehistoric Archeology

·         Prince Charles

·         Prince William

·         Privacy

·         Project Blue Beam HAARP

·         radical islam

·         Radical Islam Gone Beserk

·         Raj Patel

·         RFID

·         RFID 666

·         RFID Beast Technology

·         RFID end times prophecy

·         RFID Evil Exposed

·         RFID Mark of the BEAST

·         RFID Technology

·         RFID Written in Obamacare

·         Richard N. Haass

·         Riots Civil Unrest UK Europe

·         Ron Paul

·         Rothchild Family

·         Royal Family UK

·         San Diego California Crime Cases

·         Sarah Palin 2012

·         Sarah Palin in the Media

·         Secret Ruling Elites NYC

·         secret spiritual history of the earth revealed

·         Son of Perdition

·         Spiritual Meaning of 333

·         Spirituality

·         surveillance

·         Swine Flu

o    Swine Flu Hoax

·         tea party express

·         Tea Party Movement

·         Tea Party Networks

·         Tea Party Patriots

·         tea party vote them out tour 2010

·         Teachings of Jesus

·         Top 10 Signs of Fascism

·         Truth Movement

·         TSA Homeland Security

·         unemployment

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·         US Economy

·         What Did Jesus Look Like?

·         Wikileaks

·         Wikileaks Docs

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6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter [link & re-post]

28 Nov

11.27.2010 link and re-post by CK Hunter

See http://mashable.com/2010/11/27/twitter-job-tips/

Twitter has become a great resource for just about anything, including jobs. From industry chats to Twitter accounts dedicated to posting vacancies, there are a ton of resources for landing a gig.

We’ve already chronicled how to get a job through Facebook (Facebook) and YouTube (YouTube), and now we’re taking a look at the job hunting process on Twitter.

We spoke with nine Tweeters who have landed jobs through Twitter (Twitter) to get their top tips for success on the platform. Below you’ll find a guide to their job hunt strategies on the microblogging service.

If you’ve also been successful in finding a position via Twitter, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

1. Tweet Like an Industry Expert

Words to tweet by: You are what you tweet. Keep in mind that everything you tweet lends to — or takes away from — your online persona. Whether or not you’re searching for a job, make sure your Twitter stream represents you as a professional individual that has important and unique thoughts to contribute. Your goal should be to become an industry expert — or at least tweet like one.

Share links that are relevant to your followers, adding commentary to the latest industry news. This shows that you’re keeping up with industry trends and gives potential employers a look into what you read and care about, which will help them to envision how you may fit into their company’s work environment.

If your commentary on Twitter is interesting enough, you may have employers knocking on your door. Christa Keizer, a recent intern at Cone, a strategy and communications firm, used Twitter during her job search to “[post] relevant, industry-related tweets on a daily basis to establish credibility.” After commenting on one of Cone’s blogs, Marcus Andrews, the New Media Associate at Cone, tweeted to Keizer, thanking her for her comment and asking her about her summer work plans. A few tweets and an interview later, Keizer was hired.

Kate Ottavio, an account executive at PR agency Quinn & Co., had a similar experience. Prior to working at Quinn, she ran her own PR firm. One day, Allyns Melendez, HR Director at Quinn, started following Ottavio on Twitter — she waited for Ottavio to follow back, and then asked her if she’d like to move to New York, where Quinn is headquartered. Little did she know, Melendez was looking for a new hire for the real estate division of the firm. Melendez had first searched for “PR” and “real estate” on LinkedIn (LinkedIn), where Ottavio’s profile popped up.

Although Ottavio wasn’t looking for a job at the time, her Twitter strategy had always been to “represent myself as a knowledgeable and reputable PR professional. I tweet about 10-20 times a day about anything from personal experiences to Mashable (Mashable) articles to PR blog posts.” Loving the opportunity that Quinn presented her, she promptly accepted.

2. Use Twitter Hashtags

There are lots of ways to use Twitter hashtags to get a job. Here are a few types of hashtags to get you started:

  • Job Listings: You can find general job advice and lots of listings through hashtags like #jobs, #recruiting, #jobadvice, #jobposting, #jobhunt and #jobsearch. To narrow it down, though, seek out more specific hashtags, such as or #prjobs or #salesjobs.
  • Industry Conferences: Most conferences these days have their own hashtags — when a relevant industry conference is approaching, get active with attendees using the hashtag. Whether you’re attending the conference or not, you can contribute to the conversation. Many conferences also have live streams, so it’s as if you’re attending anyway! Live tweet panels and speeches that you’re interested in and connect with other tweeters along the way. By using Twitter for networking within your industry, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired down the road.
  • Job-Related and Industry Chats: Getting involved with industry chats is a way to show your industry in a particular field and represent yourself as a knowledgeable person. Check out this Twitter chat schedule to get a head start. Also, if your search isn’t going so well, get involved in job-related chats, such as #jobhuntchat, #careerchat, #internchat and #hirefriday for friendly advice.
  • Liz (Pope) Schmidt, now the media and research manager at Sevans Strategy, attested to the power of industry Twitter chats: “I began participating in #Journchat, created and hosted by Sarah Evans [owner of Sevans Strategy, a public relations and new media consultancy]. Although I had known Sarah from a past virtual work experience, I was able to reconnect with her through Twitter. I mentioned her in several tweets and participated in her online discussions. Soon after, based on a direct message conversation with Sarah on Twitter, I came on board at Sevans Strategy.”

    Besides scouring job search hashtags, job seekers can also follow Twitter accounts dedicated to posting job openings, use Twitter search to find postings or keep an eye out on the Twitter streams of companies they might want to work for.

    3. Connect with Recruiters and Current Employees

    Don’t be afraid to research the companies that you want to work for to find out who currently works there and who is involved with recruiting. After all, while you’re searching for a job, recruiters are scouring the web at the same time looking for pertinent information about job candidates. Interacting with current employees and active recruiters is an easy way to learn more about a company and its job opportunities.

    Take Connie Zheng’s word — she’s already been hired for two jobs through Twitter. “I got my PR internship at Text 100 using Twitter, as well as my entry-level position at Burson-Marsteller using Twitter,” she explained. She advises job seekers, “Use Twitter as a research tool to identify who the appropriate HR person or recruiter is at the desired company.”

    Shankar Ganesh, a student at the Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy in India, recently landed a marketing consulting internship at business apps provider Zoho Corporation by connecting with a technologist employed by the company. “I wanted to spend my summer as an intern at Zoho (zoho), so I approached employees using Twitter,” he recounted. “I showed them what I had done previously and my website for credibility. My interest was forwarded to Zoho’s HR team, and we got in touch.” Soon after, he was offered the internship.

    Even if a company isn’t hiring, it’s a good idea to stay in contact with recruiters and employees. When a position opens up, it’s likely that you’ll be one of the first to be contacted, said Alison Morris, an account coordinator at The CHT Group, a strategic communications firm based in Boston. Morris told us how she landed her current position on Twitter:

    “In April 2010, Ben Hendricks, Senior VP at The CHT Group, and I began corresponding about corporate communications and social media’s role in the corporate environment. Much to my dismay, CHT was not yet hiring. In June, after a few months distance, Ben sent me an email to let me know the agency was hiring and that he wanted me to apply. Still looking for a job, I sent over my resume, and about a week later, I was employed.”

    Keep an eye out for socially savvy companies like CHT — it also recently hired Marissa Green as an account coordinator through Twitter and is now looking for a spring intern, with Twitter being one of its main recruiting outlets.

    4. Build a Relevant Network

    A lot of successful Twitter job stories actually end with the punchline, “I wasn’t even looking for a job.” In many cases, these lucky new hires just found interesting opportunities serendipitously, which makes sense given that it’s Twitter we’re talking about.

    Twitter is all about networking, so build a network that makes sense for you. You’ll find that a lot of the opportunities that are presented to you are simply organic. Here’s an anecdote along those lines from Marketing & Communications Manager for digital agency ChaiONE, Meghan Stephens:

    “Through Twitter, I am connected to other marketing professionals, digital creatives, community stewards, and new media experts — simply because those are the types of people that I enjoy interacting with and learning from… When it came time to look for a job in the technology sector, all I did was turn to those who I already gained inspiration from. When glancing through my stream, I saw a job link posted by my now-boss that sounded immediately like what I was looking for. I read through the description, realized I already knew the company through another connection made on Twitter, and sent in my resume.”

    5. Start a “Hire Me” Campaign

    After seeing a job posting for HeadBlade, a men’s grooming company that makes products specifically for guys that shave their heads, Eric Romer immediately set up a website, Twitter page, Facebook Page and YouTube account all in the name of nabbing the job.

    ‘The posting for ‘Interactive and Social Media Marketing Manager’ was tweeted from the HeadBlade Twitter account, which I had been following for several months,” explained Romer. “I have been a die-hard ‘HeadBlader’ using their products religiously since 2005, so this was literally a dream job.”

    “While there were several channels used, Twitter was by far the most effective getting on HeadBlade’s radar,” said Romer. “I received a call from a company rep within 48 hours of my initial blog posting, and flew from Indianapolis to L.A. within 10 days for an interview.”

    While a full-out campaign of this nature may not be the best strategy for every job opportunity that comes along, this type of passion is what really stands out in the job recruiting process. If you encounter your dream job, go all out.

    6. Take It Offline

    Three simple words: “Let’s get coffee.”Once you’ve gained a certain level of dialogue with a potential employer, an in-person meeting can really boost the relationship.

    DJ Waldow, director of community at Blue Sky Factory, said that he landed his job at the company through connecting with Blue Sky Factory’s CEO Greg Cangialosi on Twitter. After initially “stalking” Cangialosi on Twitter, Waldow began engaging with him. Eventually, all of the tweets lead to an in-person meeting, which Waldow feels really sealed the deal. He wrote of the experience:

    “The transition from online to in real life is critical… All of the loose connections you’ve made with that person are suddenly solidified when you put the name/avatar/tweets together with a face. Nothing can replace this. Nothing.”

    Your Tips

    With the increasing popularity of Twitter, more and more job seekers and recruiters are turning to the social network to find leads. We suspect that a sizable number of Mashable readers have used Twitter in some way to find a job. If so, let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

    Social Media Job Listings

    Every week we put out a list of social media and web job opportunities. While we post a huge range of job listings, we’ve selected some of the top social media opportunities from the past two weeks to get you started. Happy hunting!

    More Job Search Resources from Mashable:

    5 Tips for Aspiring Social Media Marketers
    HOW TO: Use Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search
    HOW TO: Land a Career in Digital Public Relations
    10 Tips for Aspiring Digital Marketers
    What Companies Want in a Social Media Intern

Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Doesn’t Like Facebook, Neither Does Gmail, Neither Do I

24 Nov

Copyright 2010-3010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, Re-posts permitted leaving content and links intact.

Next month will mark the 20th anniversary of the day that the very first web page appeared on fledgling global computer networks, soon to be christened the “world wide web.” Our planet has been completely transformed by the invention of computer scientist and CERN technician Tim Berners-Lee in 1990.

The world wide web went live, on my physical desktop in Geneva, Switzerland, in December 1990. It consisted of one Web site and one browser, which happened to be on the same computer. The simple setup demonstrated a profound concept: that any person could share information with anyone else, anywhere. In this spirit, the Web spread quickly from the grassroots up. Today, at its 20th anniversary, the Web is thoroughly integrated into our daily lives. We take it for granted, expecting it to “be there” at any instant, like electricity. – Tim Berners-Lee

[ See “long Live the Web” by Berners-Lee ]

Today, however the global democratic and egalitarian nature of the world wide web is threatened by social networking behemoths like Facebook, which in effect, walls off the collected member data which is entered into the site, prohibiting this data from being made accessible by other portals online. Try to imagine if 90% of every city and town in America became some sort of “members only” gated community practically overnight. People who were not “members” suddenly would be unable to drive the roads which were now “owned” by these 5 or 6 gated communities, thus forcing people who needed to drive to get somewhere to join these communities, and divulge their private information, whether they wanted to or not.

That, in the digital sense of the word, is exactly what Facebook is now forcing onto the rest of the internet. If I want to see what Facebook user has linked to my blog from their page on Facebook, I am forced to join Facebook, which I refuse to do for about a hundred good sensible reasons. Here’s what Tim Berners-Lee has to say about the troubling issue that sites like Facebook present to the freedom of the internet:

The Web as we know it, however, is being threatened in different ways. Some of its most successful inhabitants have begun to chip away at its principles. Large social-networking sites are walling off information posted by their users from the rest of the Web. Wireless Internet providers are being tempted to slow traffic to sites with which they have not made deals. Governments—totalitarian and democratic alike—are monitoring people’s online habits, endangering important human rights.

If we, the Web’s users, allow these and other trends to proceed unchecked, the Web could be broken into fragmented islands. We could lose the freedom to connect with whichever Web sites we want. The ill effects could extend to smartphones and pads, which are also portals to the extensive information that the Web provides. Tim Berners-Lee

It is of the utmost importance that intelligent and farseeing discussions begin to examine now, what the ultimate outcome and consequences may be in another 20 years for the overall health, freedom, democracy and well being of the internet, as mega-sites like Facebook continue to grow and dominate the web landscape. I can actually foresee a strange new “first internet” twenty years from now which is nothing more than a gigantic digital continent, which is walled off from the rest of the web, called , and I am being facetious here, oh, let’s say: “Facebook Fantasy Island.” This digital monarchy now sits squarely in the middle of world cyberspace with 4 billion users, relegating the rest of the internet to an inferior and secondary tier of status, bandwidth, and information access. Those digital outsiders who have valued their privacy, refusing to join the behemoth, now use a second tier smaller “internet” that is excluded from the gargantuan ongoing “big brother supervised digital block party” which will have finally become Facebook by the year 2030.

Readers may think I am exaggerating wildly, but I do so to make a point. When there is ultimately, 20 years from now, one privately owned internet mega-portal that has culled the vital data and personal statistics, lifestyle habits, interests, hobbies, book and music lists, movies, family stats, and every other imaginable snippet of personal information that could ever be datamined from 2/3rds of the world’s online population, with their own naive consent, and is holding that data in private digital vaults, dispensing it at will to governments, corporations, and whomever else is willing to pay the asking price for it, then don’t we have the equivalent of global digital socialism?

Those familiar with George Orwell‘s “1984” most likely never imagined that Big Brother might not originate so much with the federal government as it would those firms which learned how to dominate the landscape of the world’s computer networks during the first twenty years of the world wide web. But that is exactly the landscape which I see shaping up in front of me. I am not exactly sure what the solution is at this time.

As long as there are millions of young people who want to date and mate, there will be Facebook. But just exactly how large and overpowering in scope should we allow Facebook to become? When I was still quite young, the federal government broke up the national telephone monopoly known formerly as “Southern Bell Company.” The FED has done the same thing with gas companies and other huge growing monopolies that eventually threatened fair and equitable business practice. Will it eventually come to the same thing with Facebook?

I ask these questions, and pose these scenarios because these questions need to be asked, and the possible eventual scenarios need to be examined. Just exactly how big do we want to allow mega-portals like Facebook to get before the global minds and thinkers of the digital world intervene to keep one internet firm from eventually “owning” the personal data of the majority of worldwide internet users?

The time to study the possible problems, scenarios and outcomes for the internet is now, not twenty years from now, when it may be too little, too late.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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5 Solid Reasons to Run Like Hell From Facebook’s New Email Messaging System

21 Nov

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I written before about the creepy CIA and NCS [National Clandestine Service] connections to Mark Zuckerberg‘s neo-Orwellian Facebook empire. But just in case you have not been made aware, have a look at these historical items before you read on:

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Why You Should Run Like Hell from Facebook Messaging:

1. You cannot delete Facebook messages. Stop and ponder the horrific consequences just for one moment. Drunken opinionated thought orgies, changing your politics, irate rants about your spouse, boss, about religion, atheism, about ANYTHING are archived forever in the Orwellian bowels of Facebook and may be used in some future that we have not yet imagined to socially typecast, identify, prosecute, or otherwise harm or legally call you out, when 3, 5, or 10 years have passed and yiou havce long since left those obsolete opinions behind. This one fact should stop every intelligent Facebook user dead in their tracks, and make them genuinely take pause. It’s just exactly like being pulled over by the police when you were sure you were doing nothing wrong. Suddenly anything you do or say might just be used against you later in a court of law. You won’t know until you regretably say it, and you cannot call it back, not ever. Anyone who has ever mouthed off at a tired irritated police officer, and then later got the shit kiced out of them for it, should understand what I am saying here. If there was ever a moment to read between the lines, this is that moment. Call me alarmist, call me a wing nut, I DON’T CARE. I am warning young Americans and everyone else who uses Facebook, this fact alone makes it crystal clear to me that Facebook is not much more than a cleverly disguised social surveillance tool, and an emerging format for international politically correct thought police to call out people they want to target using their own words of years gone by to indict them with.

2. Locating individual emails or messages will be complicated and tedious in that: all of your communications with any one person will be bundled into one GIANT thread of e-mail, text, and chat communication. This also just happens to be very convenient for the FED should that moment ever arise that the FED wanted to examine and investigate every conversation you ever had with one of your more politically radical tea party buddies, whose tactics you might not agree with, but nonetheless, there it is for all of USA Big Brother’s eyes to see… 5 years of unbroken threads of dialogue between you and “firehose Sam” who you emailed off and on for a few years, then moved on. You won’t be able to go in and selectively delete those uncomfortable conversations you had with “Firehose Sam” about why he should not instigate whatever. Everything, the texts, emails, and chat items, that you exchanged with “Firehose Sam” will be bundled into one huge hairball that you cannot go in and selectively edit and delete later. This is yet another breach of personal privacy and can be damning to innocent Facebook users in years to come in ways that we cannot or do not wish to imagine at this time.

3. Whenever you send someone one email, text or chat message, they are automatically granted access to your entire Facebook account. The best analogy for this might be you answer the doorbell at home, the newspaper boy hands you your daily newspaper, and to thank him, you force him to take a guided tour of every room in your home and then hand him the house keys. No one in their right mind would ever do this, right? But Facebook users do it every day when they email someone who is not on Facebook, invite them to look at some posted photos, then the recipient must actually join Facebook (thus procuring access to your own Facebook page)in order  to view the photos. It’s Orwellian, it’s creepy, it’s way too mandatory, it’s unintelligent and unnecessary. Ever heard of email attachments? Just email over the photos from your regular email program as embedded attachments, and the recipient can, with one click, enjoy looking at the photos inside their own email in-box, and leave Facebook out of it. It’s more intelligent and it protects everyone’s privacy, and their fundamental right NOT to be forced to join the ongoing crazy Facebook party.

4. In order to make your Facebook account completely private, you will need to click-through 50 buttons and either select or deselect more than 170 other options as of 11/20/2010. This can change at any time, and assuming Facebook will continue to further complicate its own “privacy policy” frequently, you can assume that in the future, it will become so intentionally complex and time-consuming to alter your privacy settings, you can pretty much be assured that most people who are busy, will give up and use the Facebook defaults, allowing all kinds of third-party websites and companies to continuously datamine their account content. Facebook will continue to outsmart it’s smartest users in the future, when privacy laws in the USA will have been altered as the USA itself becomes politically altered and merged even more deeply into the North American Union. See the video clip below:

5. Watch these videos below:

If you think your Facebook account is secure, you are woefully uninformed about how sophisticated the hackers are in data-mining Facebook for their own purposes. Let’s use simple third grade logic. If hackers can do all of the above, then just assume that the CIA, FBI, NCS, NSA and so forth can and will do 100% more than that in order to investigate you, at any time, for any reason, without a warrant or a court order, without your knowledge or consent,just by using Facebook.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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