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SMOKING GUN: Citizen Journalists Locate Irrefutable Evidence of HAARP Blue Beam’s Use of Chemtrails for Projecting Holograms

30 Mar
HAARP antenna array

HAARP Arrays

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I’ve been writing for four years now about UN and US DOD HAARP Project Blue Beam. The UN documents describing Project Blue Beam and how the NWO and UN plan to use the actual projection of “indoctrinating holograms” onto the atmosphere itself to create convincing but fraudulent “second coming” imagery are located on my original Wiki and have been hidden there in plain sight for four years. This is the NWO‘s most ludicrous, heinous and preposterous plan yet for trying to install a one world government on the unsuspecting people of the world, by employing the ultimate in faked imagery to try to achieve their goals.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d40afX7vwfo

Every American and every person on earth who can understand this post needs to realize that they can’t possibly pull this off if the people of the world know what they are doing with these projected images. The documents shown in the video below ARE REAL. They literally prove, once again, that what writers and researchers like me have been mocked for trying to explain  and reveal to people for years, is not just conspiracy theory, but solid Black Ops hard science and fact. They intend to try to do this and it all ties in with the advent of “Maitreya” and the so called “Day of Declaration” which has long been planned by the UN, which sponsors “Maitreya” and Share International, his online presence.

Now adding to the evidence which I have detailed exhaustively for years avout all this, YT citizen journalists have uncovered government documents which explain in exhaustive detail how barium and strontium micro-particles in the atmosphere can be used to receive and hold projected holographic images. This video below clinches it for me. It’s smoking gun evidence that puts the capstone on the people’s revealing of the dirty little secrets their government is and has been up to since the early 1980s when HAARP technology was first developed.

Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d40afX7vwfo&feature=player_embedded

There are being planned and tested many secret uses for HAARP technology that circumvent due process of congress, and the entire HAARP program needs to be investigated and brought under public and legal scrutiny immediately, before the runaway mad scientists operating this technology plan any more heinous uses for it.

Here is the video and below it are links to the many articles and essays I have written about HAARP technology and the ungodly plans our government has made for some very WRONG uses of it.

CK Hunter


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Thailand Spiral More Ominous than Norway Spiral: Maitreya False Signs & Wonders again?

10 Jan

Spiral UFO Over Thailand, December 2009

There appears to have been some sort of international “campaign” on december 9th 2009 to try to scare the hell out of the world with multiple HAARP Blue Beam displays in several countries, not just Norway.

This incredible and eerie “thailand spiral” is similar to the one that appeared in Norway. False world new age guru “Maitreya” has aligned his Share International movement with the Norway Spiral.

Is the hidden world elite planning a mass HAARP Blue Beam fake second coming in 2010? Were these projections akin to screen tests or international PSY-OPS being used to test the world public’s response?

My soul senses that something horrible is afoot in 2010.

See http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com

By Chase Hunter

Norway Spiral Coincides With Obama Peace Prize Reception: Is There A Connection?

10 Dec

The Norway Spiral coincides with Obama peace prize reception and Maitreya’s World Ad Campaign –

Is There A Connection Between The Selling of Maitreya to the World and Obama’s Presidency?

Update 02.10.10 By Chase Hunter
The emerging consensus among truth researchers and scientists who follow HAARP testing is that the

Norway spiral was a HAARP test. There is a Norway HAARP facility directly beneath the area where the Norway spiral

appeared. The Russians have denied that it ws a failed missile test. Richard Hoagland’s website at

http://enterprisemission.com does an excellent investigate piece on the Norway Spiral that runs some 8-10


Also David Wilcock has confirmed the Norway Spiral was a planned HAARP Blue Beam activity.

Here are some links and videos:

<a href=”http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2010bluebeamhoax/”>http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2010bluebeamhoax/</a&gt;













<a href=”http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/3794/”&gt;

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