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Citizen Journalist Social Commentary: Video of the Month, March 2011

9 Mar

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

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Psychologist’s Study on Youth Narcissism Confirms Clairvoyant Premonitions

7 Mar

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

See also: http://www.bclocalnews.com/opinion/117358538.html

Cited: “In Greek mythology Narcissus was a handsome, proud man who disdained those who loved him. He fell in love with his own beautiful reflection in a pool, and because he couldn’t stop looking at it, he starved to death. Narcissists have a great deal of resistance to change, basically because they cannot see a need for changing perfection. Narcissism is the epitome of insight-free self-centeredness. In the modern world the “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” represents the extreme end of the continuum of narcissism.”

Several years back when I first started this blog, I penned an essay titled “My Spirit Led Journey” wherein I described many visions and premonitions I had while living in Taos New Mexico in the early 1990s. It was a very active period in my life spiritually; lucid clairvoyance was opening more deeply at the same time. During an extraordinary season of heightened spiritual and clairvoyant awareness which took place between 1990 and 1993 in the desert southwest, I was “shown” a series of visions about what the immediate and long-term future would bring in the next 20 to 50 years in America, and the world.

I’ve not felt it was appropriate to write about everything I was shown, but I have written about parts of it in the essay linked above. One of the re-occurring revelations which took place in those visions was Spirit revealing what the young people would be like in the near future. I could not have imagined myself what this was, and when I was shown again and again, I really did not want to accept what I was seeing.

I wrote about the increasingly infantile emotionally regressed psychology of the youth of the near future, where narcissistic petulance would replace any real psychological and emotional adulthood.  Nineteen years have now passed since I was spiritually “shown” these things, and five more years have passed since I wrote about them. The learned psychologists of our times are now catching up. The recent article below notes with certain concern and alarm the increasingly narcissistic nature of today’s young people, and the trend does not seem to have a “reverse gear.”

Within another twenty years, by the time I am well into my mid seventies, the young people who are in their twenties now, will be in their forties and in positions of responsibility in society, assuming we have a society left in the states at all.

I shudder to think what kind of leadership they will bring to this nation.  The question now is “how to reverse this trend”? What, if anything, can be done, short of dreaming of a massive overhaul of mass media outlets, and bringing an end to the Hollywood and Big media cults of celebrity and personality worship which these kids emulate?

By glorifying the bi-polar behavior, misogyny and personal violence of men like Charlie Sheen, rewarding him with repeated media interviews each time he acts out, we are telling America’s young people that the way to get your face on a TV screen is to behave like a mentally ill anti-social idiot, and to make sure you do it with TV cameras rolling.

Once again I see the Kali Yuga mentality and manifestation at work in all this. I cited again the manifestations of the Kali Yuga below. The article by the psychologist follows it.

Chase Kyla Hunter 3.7.2011



A discourse by Markandeya in the Mahabharataidentifies some of the attributes of Kali Yuga:
Rulers will become unreasonable: they will levy taxes unfairly.
Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects: they will become a danger to the world.
People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and barley form the staple food source.
Avarice and wrath will be common. Humans will openly display animosity towards each other.
Ignorance of dharma will occur.
People will have thoughts of murder with no justification and will see nothing wrong in that.
Lust will be viewed as socially acceptable and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life.
Sin will increase exponentially, whilst virtue will fade and cease to flourish.
People will take vows and break them soon after.
People will become addicted to intoxicating drinks and drugs.
Men will find their jobs stressful and will go to retreats to escape their work.
Gurus will no longer be respected and their students will attempt to injure them. Their teachings will be insulted, and followers of Kama will wrest control of the mind from all human beings. Brahmins will not be learned or honoured, Kshatriyas will not be brave,Vaishyas will not be just in their dealings and Shudras will not be honest and humble in their duties and to the other castes.

Article below cited; see: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/lifematters/new-generation-infected-by-narcissism-says-psychologist-20110302-1bewf.html

New generation infected by narcissism, says psychologist

By Kate Hagan

March 3, 2011

Parents: how to spot a narcissist teen

Have you raised a narcissist? And what can you do about it?

AN ”EPIDEMIC of narcissism” has swept across the student population in the past 30 years, a US expert will tell a conference on personality disorders in Melbourne today.

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, said a study she conducted of 16,000 university students across the US showed 30 per cent were narcissistic in psychological tests, compared with 15 per cent in 1982. ”They are all 18 and 19-year-olds, so this is clearly a generational shift,” she said.

Professor Twenge said the finding built on another study based on interviews with 35,000 people of varying ages, who were asked if they had ever had symptoms of narcissism.

Narcissists had an inflated sense of self, lacked empathy, were vain and materialistic and had an overblown sense of entitlement. Illustration by Harry Afentoglou.
Narcissists had an inflated sense of self, lacked empathy, were vain and materialistic and had an overblown sense of entitlement. Illustration by Harry Afentoglou.

”Usually the oldest people have the highest rates, because they have lived for more years, but this data showed the opposite,” she said. Only 3 per cent of those over 65 had had symptoms, but for people in their 20s it was 10 per cent.

”These were shocking numbers because you can only diagnose this starting at age 18, so there weren’t that many years for people in their 20s to develop this, yet their rate was three times as high as people over 65.”

In a keynote address to the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders Congress, Professor Twenge will say that permissive parenting, celebrity culture and the internet are among the causes of the emerging narcissism epidemic.

She said telling children they were special to build self-esteem could foster narcissism.

Narcissists had an inflated sense of self, lacked empathy, were vain and materialistic and had an overblown sense of entitlement. Some resulting social trends were a greater interest in fame and wealth, more plastic surgery, and an increase in attention-seeking crimes – for example, ”beating someone up and putting it on YouTube”.

Professor Twenge was concerned about a culture ”that seems to not just accept narcissism but finds it laudatory … It worries me, when I talk to college students, that they are not surprised at all that their generation is more narcissistic.

”They say, ‘We have to be this way because the world is more competitive.’ But the problem is that narcissism doesn’t help you compete. It blows up in your face eventually.”

She said narcissistic students tended to have poorer results and were more likely to drop out, probably because they thought they didn’t have to study because they were already smart. ”It’s delusional thinking.”

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2011 Begins With an Eruption of Stunning World Events

11 Feb

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

Dead Birds, Sinkholes, Gas Explosions, Egyptian Revolt, Jared Loughner,

Comet Elenin: 2011 Begins With an Eruption of Stunning World Events

2010 ended with a rather ugly little Christmas present for the American people, delivered by the History Channel. I was still assessing the implications of this TV bomb that had been dropped, as the year turned.

2011 began with the bang of thousands of dead birds falling from the sky, dead fish washed up on river banks by the ton, dead seals, dead crabs, jellyfish, dead doves in Italy and millions of Americans scratching their heads over it.

Sinkholes had begun appearing all over the world in 2010, much of this news being skipped over by our lamestream Big Media outlets who broadcast at the behest of White House directives, or so it would seem. Just as suddenly citizen journalists began reporting in January 2011 much odd and unusual activity in the New Madrid earthquake fault zone, which covers a sprawling 10 state region in the central USA.  Truth researchers speculated as to whether HAARP testing in the region played any role. A dead government official, obviously murdered, had turned up in an east coast landfill weeks earlier, and suddenly there was an unlikely plethora of new dots to be connected.

A new comet had been discovered on the winter solstice December 21st 2010, by a Russian amateur astronomer named Leonid Elenin. The comet was named after him, and astronomers began tracking the comet’s trajectory seeking to learn how closely it might be passing by the earth. Those reports, as they filtered in, became worse and worse. The problematic “pole shift” phrase began popping up on blogs again, much as we all hated to use the over-worked term. The magnetic poles have now re-adjusted so frequently since 1994 that the Tampa Airport had to repaint the numbers aligning the runways to true north so that pilots can properly locate the magnetic pole and land their planes.

While we were all pondering the truthfulness [ or not ] of the apparent emerging visibility of rogue brown dwarf Nibiru, a possible companion star to our sun [a binary sun system is the usual norm in the universe ] which never made it to full “sundom”, along with the masses of dead animals everywhere, a schizophrenic man in Tucson Arizona, Jared Loughner, who clearly had needed psychiatric help for years, gunned down Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others at a Safeway Grocery store speaking event, killing 6, leaving Giffords barely alive and fighting for her life.

As horrendous as the shooting itself was, the appalling media melee that followed had me pondering life in Costa Rica as a possible “out” and escape hatch from the madness of America.

I started another blog in late January 2011 just to record the stellar [ no pun intended ] number of amateur astronomer’s new accounts of strange aerial objects, manifestation, UFOS, “orbs” and new comets: Photonic Portal 2037.

With the grieving and outraged American public still reeling from this latest tragedy, as if on cue, the Egyptian people rose up with a resounding roar and took to the streets by the millions, relentlessly demanding day by day that Hosni Mubarak, their Pharaoh-like Overlord and ruler for over 30 years, propped up by numerous US administrations, resign and step down immediately.Violence between the people and Mubarak’s military machine riveted the world, and Egypt’s Revolt of 2011 began to dominate the news for the next two weeks.

A highly visible and public stand-off between the people of Egypt and Mubarak ensued for the next 18 days, only finally ending today when Mubarak resigned this morning, under direct applied pressure from the US and UK behind the scenes.

Do we live in “Biblical Times”? You better believe we do. The posts listed below I have collected from the first part of 2011 and represent the connected dots which constitute MUST READING for new site guests trying to grapple with these events, just as truth researchers and writers do.

I’m usually up until 2 am each evening trying to stay abreast of what’s taking place, and back at it again early the next day. If you find this blog helpful, I’d love to have you make a small donation to make sure it can continue to be here.

Thanks, and I am glad you found my little outpost of truth reporting in a sea of silly meaningless media distractions like Lady Gaga, “Glee” [ most useless TV show award ] and Lindsay Lohan [most useless human being award]. May the truth continue to rise up and roar on planet earth, and may my true King of Kings return soon. We need Him desperately on this world.

Chase Kyla Hunter on 2.11.11

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Welcome to Alternative News Forum

5 Jan

Read my popular 2009 essay titled: “Eyes Wide Open is a State of Mind” here.

“The task of the spiritually awakened citizen journalist is to reflect back to the nation at large what is observed and learned, pointing to the direction where new spiritual trails must be cut in order to out-maneuver a secret world government bent on imprisoning it’s citizenry into ever more fascist socialist regimes. America’s government is now inextricably entangled in this secretive Illuminati system, and her fiscal viability and sovereignty is endangered as never before. I, for one, have no intention of being RFID chipped against my will, monitored, surveilled, lied to, told who I can or cannot legally marry, or what kind of currency I will carry in America.  How about you?”

– Chase Kyla Hunter

Welcome to Alternative News Forum, [ originally known as “Alligator Farm” ].

“A Living Human Weather Vane…”

Who I am: I’m Chase Kyla Hunter [ my long established online pen name for my privacy ] and this blog is my main posting portal. I also author about 8 other blogs on related topics. I originally named this blog “Alligator Farm” as a pun on the satirical book “Animal Farm.” Many people in the early moments of this blog thought I was posting it because I wanted to write about raising alligators. God help us. LOL. God takes care of fools, crazy people, and the abysmally uneducated American “Ipod generation” of the 21st century.

Where I have been: Several years ago I finally retired from a strenuous 30 year career in graphics, web design, advertising and marketing, and now I am actively pursuing the spiritual trail as a tea party patriot and citizen journalist with all gusto. I enjoy my privacy and intend to keep it that way. Although born in the south, I have not lived in the south for 27 years. I don’t tell the world where I live because It’s none of the world’s  business.

Where and Who I am now: I am a Spirit Led Cherokee Shaman, an artist, musician, photographer and a Christian clairvoyant. I am involved in a lifelong investigation of every scriptural or otherwise “spiritual” document I can get my hands on, both ancient and modern. I also read, study and know the Bible. I prefer the KJV to the New International Version, which has been heavily redacted, re-phrased, edited and is not entirely true to Jesus’s original teachings. I will not and do not argue over any scriptural interpretations, as the Bible itself plainly teaches that as being a sin. Moving on ….

What I don’t write about: I don’t write about being born biologically a lesbian, as it is  completely irrelevant to what’s urgently wrong with this country and with human society at large. In fact, the effort in recent years that political and religious fundamentalists have made to point out “gay and lesbian issues” as being the root of what they perceive to be wrong with America is so far off base it could be compared to examining the orbit of Neptune, then trying to measure it in order to correctly make toast. I rest my case. I have no intention to offend, I’m just saying to the homophobic sectors of American spiritual and secular society:  “Get a grip”.  Spend just a few minutes on this blog and you will quickly discover that there are much bigger fish to fry than what consenting adults do in their bedrooms, based on their own genetic and biological proclivities. Focus on child sexual abuse for starters, which is rampant, approaching epidemic proportions in our nation, and you will be making a tiny dent in the direction of where the real problems lie.

What I DO write about: I write about what is happening to my beloved America, the land of my birth, the land that my Cherokee and colonial southern ancestors forged from raw wilderness into towns, villages, roads, gardens, the rudiments of early American civilization. I am as American, born and bred, as it gets. I write to raise awareness about the urgent need of the American people to wrest their government back into state and local control, and to expose, reveal, prosecute and overturn the hidden global ruling elite’s Illuminati generational crime cabal, which now threatens our national sovereignty and everything else we hold dear, down to our civil liberties, our privacy, our freedom of speech and our rule of law. I began writing and researching on the Illuminati and New World order in 1990. I was one of the first women in the United States to begin building websites, for myself, and for clients, back in 1994. I was writing about the topics that Alex Jones screams about on his show while he was still a teenager, 8 years before he had ever heard the phrase “new world order.”  I’m not new to this topic, and 90% of my predictions from my 1990s research have already come to pass. I am a prophet, a seer, a writer, a witness to unfolding spiritual history, and a living human wind vane. The direction I take in my writing on this blog and others, points in the direction that the entire world should now be looking.

I wrote about the following topics [ see below ] fully 18 months to 5 years before they were “picked up” by other truth researchers, writers, bloggers, pundits, TV talking heads, trend forecasters, web-bots, and Hollywood script writers. These are just a few of the topics I have written about and covered months or even years in advance of the rest of the web, Hollywood cartel and Big media, who were NOT covering these urgent breaking news items:

In 2008 I first used the phrase “Connect the Dots” on my first citizen journalism wiki, and was widely ridiculed at the time by other web developers for revealing the suppressed global 2012 pole shift science and astronomy cover-up. Other truth researchers began looking into what I was writing about and within 4 months hundreds of truth researchers were publishing copycat sites online, and using the phrase “connect the dots” to indicate hidden truths and facts that seem unrelated, but in fact are connected.

I also wrote about 2012, suppressed astronomy, the global news blackout of re-occuring pole shift geology, history and science, the end of the Mayan Calendar, the global conspiracy to suppress the truth of re-occurring pole shifts every 3600 from the world population, the suppressed astronomy of Nibiru Planet X which began in 1983 when it was located by the Iris Satellite, the VATICAN’s Arizona astronomical observatory being trained in the direction of Nibiru’s location in space for years on end  [ The Vatican has known about Nibiru for centuries and is watching for it’s return. The people of the world have never been told this fact. ]

I wrote early on about the imminent danger presented by RFID chipping of human populations. RFID is slated to become mandatory under an emerging UN global governance mandate, fully endorsed and supported by the CFR if “we the people” worldwide do not speak out and put a stop to the madness of treating living human beings like science projects and laboratory rats.

I began urgently warning three years before most other Christian truth researchers caught on to the emerging plans for a mandatory UN one world religion. I identified Maitreya as the possible final Son of Perdition, a global false world Messiah, and have been studying global “Food Czar” Raj Patel as his possible incarnate vessel. I have identified numerous manifestations in the Mideast on videotape as imminent signs of the Imam Mahdi’s return. In these videos a brilliantly lit from within being in white robes suddenly appears in Muslim crowds at night, and commences teaching the stunned groups of men how to strike with their swords to behead with a single blow, while chanting “Serve Satan.” The men all fall into some sort of trance state and comply with the being’s instructions completely.

These videos are chilling beyond description and I refuse to draw attention to them as I do not wish to advertise the Adversary of humankind.  I have called attention to the website of Benjamin Creme, Share International, as a propaganda outlet for world spiritual fraud, and as a platform for the socialist and fascist plans of Maitreya to force the world to “share resources” under a UN mandated world re-organization which will commence as a “new age peace movement” and end as a living hell on earth.

I began calling attention in early 2008 to the secret passage of the North American Union legislation in March 2005 by George W. Bush, who met with officials from Canada and Mexico, making US borders and US sovereignty obsolete and forming a borderless legal entity called the North American Union. The interstate NAFTA trade super highway construction in middle America has dovetailed with this event. While mainstream media outlets and presidential candidate Barack Obama were denying these facts, I was posting copies of the actual legislation itself on my original truth Wiki.

I have identified the Urantia Book as the “little book” described in the Christian Book of Revelations. This vast text has a role to play in the actual real Second Coming, and there is an urgent need for the world population to read and understand the true facts of the Lucifer Rebellion as explained in the Urantia Book. This important spiritual text, which thus far has remained out of the Vatican’s control, may be usurped and used in a dark and evil manner by the final Son of Perdition in an effort to corrupt this great spiritual revelation to the world. I have made every effort to warn people that this might occur.

I have written extensively regarding the fact that the true spiritual history of planet earth has been concealed and kept from her people for subversive and terribly nefarious reasons. The Urantia Book tells the true story of the ancient rebellious Nephilim, Annunaki, aka the Anakim who were spoken of in the Christian KJV Holy Bible. The Urantia Book fully corroborates the KJV Holy Bible and vice versa.

I have written extensively about NASA Project Blue Beam, noting the story of the researcher who died trying to tell the world public the truth about how this heinous technology would be used to harm humankind. This man tried to explain in a series of lectures that HAARP Technology, using advanced holograms projected against the atmosphere itself, supersaturated with tiny barium and aluminum micro-crystals released from chemtrails, would be used to implement a “fake second coming” under a UN option, introducing a one world religion to the masses along with the projected “Second Coming” images.

In early 2010 I published the truth about the Norway Spiral being a HAARP Blue Beam event, a heavenly “false sign and wonder” generated by Illuminati controlled HAARP technology, Share International’s effort to align itself with this event, using the event to promote Maitreya’s agenda. one year later with the release of the Wikileaks cables my report was corroborated as true. Cables were released via Wikileaks which confirmed that the Norway Spiral was in fact, a HAARP induced event.

I publish and update a blog dedicated to the dire spiritual danger presented to the world population by Maitreya and his ascendancy as a false UN sponsored world teacher.

I continue to monitor and investigate the “Raj Patel” connection to Maitreya,  noting Benjamin Creme’s very public insinuation in the media that Patel is, in fact, the embodiment of Maitreya. [Google Benjamin Creme’s January 14th 2010 lecture at the London House. ] I have advised there may be an eventual “Raj Patel” world cult forming, and that all Christians take up this watch as well.

I follow and investigate all sorts of past and present US military black ops and PSY Ops. I write about the US military using chemtrails to sedate and poison human populations, to make the land produce less food, and to obfuscate UFO and US military joint exercises, to cloak the emerging visibility of Nibiru in 2011, 2012 and beyond. I will put this bluntly: the US military and other military agencies do NOT want the world population to see what is taking place in our skies. That in and of itself should be a huge clue for those who are trying to understand why the skies over America are now checker-boarded daily with noxious chemtrail plumes, which expand into a massive blanket by early afternoon, prohibiting people from seeing the skies, and prohibiting brilliant amateur astronomers like John Lenard Walson from taking more deep space video of mysterious high technology craft which are enormous beyond human belief and have been hovering over our planet for years now. Google: F.A.S.T. John Lenard Walson.

I write about Echelon Satellite global population surveillance system via cell phone, smart phones, and personal hand-held electronics

I write about the convergence of the 7 great citizen truth movements of the 21st century

I write about the covert CIA genesis financing of Facebook, the real reason and motive behind Facebook, the truth about social engineering, RFID technology and plans for continuous population surveillance via RFID human embed by 2013-2015, using the internet to assist in same

I wrote about Barack Obama’s redacted long form birth certificate one and a half years before the genesis of the “Birther Movement”. In fact I actually started the Birther movement in the early spring of 2008 by calling attention to the fact that Israeli journalists were reporting they had been allowed to briefly view Obama’s long form birth certificate and that it had redacted sections in it and the borders did not match properly. By the summer of 2009 enough people here in America had read my reports and begun doing their own research that the movement took off.

I identified Barack Obama on February 18th 2008 as a dangerous  false political messiah and a possible precursor to the final Son of Perdition, who would fool Americans and use his “understanding of dark sentences” to ascend to the White House. After I posted my report, within weeks other Christians who know the KJV Bible grasped the implications and began doing deep and diligent research on just exactly who and what Barack Obama really is. It was discovered that his name appears in the bible codes, and that Jesus himself may have given us the name “Barack Obama” in a parable He gave when He was alive. American Christians are now wide awake with  their eyes wide open and we won’t EVER be fooled again in such a way.

Enter these pages with attentive focus and care. You may be changed by what you learn here.

There are about 900 pages of my most recent research here. Use “search” to find what you need, and if you need help, or find a dead link, just email me at: spiritscribe@yahoo.com. If you locate a video here or read a report that bothers you enough to do something about it then take action. If we do not take action en masse, we will not have a United States of America in 5 years. My personal act of “taking action” is to research, publish, write and support the truth as I find it in all forms. Find your own personal way of taking action and move on it. We have much to do and little time left. My King is coming back soon, and boy, is He mad!

Thank you for finding me, and may God bless and keep you through all of this, until the very end.

– Chase Kyla Hunter on 01.25.2011

Other internet lab experiments in global spiritual unity authored by Chase Kyla Hunter include:








All contents of this blog are Copyright 2011-3011 Chase Kyla Hunter & BeMedia Creative Internet, All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured in Perpetuity.

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Royal Family Media Blitz Another Red Flag for Truth Researchers: Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton

17 Nov

Copyright 11/16/2010 by CK Hunter

Update: 11/16:  NBC Evening News again made the Prince William / Kate Middleton wedding engagement their lead story. Every night this week NBC evening news has led off with news from the British Royal family. William and Kate sat for an extended interview in the story, with more mention again of Prince Charles, and reiterating that he is, indeed still next  in line to ascend to the throne as King. The amount of American mainstream media time being given to the UK Royals suggests to me that the elites behind the media want to again distract American viewers with anything other than Washington D.C. and the flatlined Obama presidency. It’s been agreed that Obama’s overseas trip wasn’t exactly wildly successful. This week NBC will air special shows on Prince Charles, Prince William and the Royal engagement all week.  I find it a bit of overkill frankly.

Seasoned New World Order beast-media watchers always know when the illuminati are trotting out another one of their “mass media psy-ops” and this week’s NBC “royal family media orgy”  might be a red flag moment for certain Christian truth researchers who follow the UK Royal family.

NBC Universal has declared this week “Green Week” on their network, no doubt pointing to the upcoming Dateline TV special “HARMONY” which will feature Prince Charles. Illuminati owned and financed corporations are piling on, running special “green” advertisements all week. Prince Charles employs hologram technology frequently in public appearances, appearing not “live” in person, but via HIS IMAGE projected to the audience via 3D hologram. Very biblical, very creepy, very ominous.

Next, right on the heels of that announcement, comes the sad and sorry announcement that Prince William will, in fact, wed the UK nightclub party animal,  yacht club trash and royal gold digger Kate Middleton, whom most upright Brits do not like or approve of. 

British satire reveals the prevailing attitude of most Brits toward the young party-girl “commoner” with her embarrassing family antics:

 Prince William has practically become bald during their courtship. He did have a glorious full head of hair when they began dating. My prediction for this ill fated royal engagement is tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis of trouble, just my humble opinion. [A peek at Prince William’s royal diary.]

So what is all the media thunderstorm about? That’s a good darn question. What’s most apparent is that quite suddenly American are being fed a long hard media dose of “meet the Royals.” Why now?  When I observe media gushers like this I always wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Something is up here, but I have not a clue yet what it might be. I did note that there is another ooky Kenya connection in William and Kate’s engagement, in that he actually planned in advance to pop the question to Kate while in Kenya. Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya, and Maitreya, [so called UN sponsored future “World Teacher” and possible global “Son of Perdition“] was last photographed in Kenya in 1988. Creepy, just very creepy.

 Watch in the 2011 for public appearances that put Obama, Prince Charles and Prince William all on the same public stage, [either line, in via hologram – both are just as creepy in what they mahy imply]. When or if that should take place, I would consider it another illuminati RED FLAG moment. 

Many American Christians have some very deep biblical suspicions about Prince William, as can be seen in some of the collected video clips below. We won’t really know who and what Prince William is for a very long time, but we should all be very aware and watching him like a hawk.

Chase Kyla Hunter


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The Seven Significant Truth Movements of the Early 21st Century

7 Mar

Boycott Hollywood: Here’s Why

23 Feb
Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854
Image via Wikipedia

Illuminati Inspired Hollywood Is At It Again: Promoting Godlessness in Motion Pictures


On the Day after Barack Obama was inaugurated I watched in dismal incredulity as the illuminati owned American mass media went right to work posting a small deluge of new articles, essays and news stories proclaiming that “Christianity Is Dead” in America. I thought to myself, “How dare the media in this country make such an overt effort to do this? It flies in the face of the very reason the country was founded.”

The sweeping illuminati media campaign of early 2009 was deliberate, precalculated, and it revealed blood curdling solid evidence that the daily firehouse of “news” “movies” and “popular opinion” that we are fed here in the USA is peppered with overtly “indoctrinational” propaganda items designed to encourage secular atheism. This is neither theory or conspiracy but is a hard cold fact of life in 21st century America.

Now they are at again. There is a new movie out that makes the claim that Jesus never existed. This is patently false, and flies in the face of the New Testament of the twelve disciples who lived with him for three years, his own mother and siblings and literally hundreds of historical eye witnesses to his life and times. The archealogical evidence of His life continues to grow as new discoveries are made each year.

The “great falling away” that Jesus discussed and prophesied to His disciples and followers 2,000 years ago continues unabated.  Each time I see another heinous manifestation of the spirit of Antichrist at work in the American mainstream media, I will answer each new lie with a restatement of the truth, as my Christian faith demands that I do so. I encourage other Christians to do the same.

It is a cosmic fact that Jesus lived, and His life left such an astounding mark on human history that the dating of all time since has been altered to record the world before Him as “B.C.” meaning Before Christ, and the world after Him as “A.D.” meaning After [his] Death.

The constant outpouring of lies, more lies and even greater and more diabolical lies from the illuminati owned American mass media is sealing their own indictment in as the men and women who work in Big Media continue to try to use the media as a tool to erase all evidence of the life of Christ and the existence of God. Their efforts are frantic, puerile, pathetic, hollow  and indicate an utter bankruptcy of real moral values, and a total lack of spiritual insight and sustaining inner Light.

Jesus had a lot to say about these kinds of people in His time. He referred to them as “Ye generation of Vipers.” These modern day “vipers” are the men and women employed by Big Media in America and around the world who thrill to advertise any book, movie, video game, article or essay, or work of art which disparages Christianity and denigrates Americans as a people of faith in God. Using the media overtly in the past 20 years, since the publishing of “Holy Blood Holy Grail” to promote atheism at every opportunity represents the commencing of the “great falling away” that Jesus predicted would take place right before His return.

The prophetic brilliance and accuracy of Jesus’s words continues to astound me. He literally saw these events taking place 2,000 years ahead of their occurence. Only a Divine Being incarnate could do such a thing. In the height of irony, it is their very Godlessness, made bold in big media advertising and secular atheistic headlines, movies, books, music, and pop culture that vindicates Jesus the Prophet. His imminent return will finally once and for all, vindicate Jesus the King of Kings.

As to the big media men and women, and the cleverly satanic movie makers, book authors, video game designers, musicians, pop stars, false messiahs in politics, new age gurus,  and all the other Godless vipers that crawl about in high places in modern society, their day of judgment comes, and it is arriving swiftly. One might even say it will arrive “like a thief in the night.”

About the Grisly Evidence

Not because I want to, but because I NEED to, on behalf of the young people of this nation, many of whom worship TV,  Hollywood celebrities, and who believe that the filth which is now and again promoted by media outlets like NEWSWEEK actually means something, in the hope that I can open their eyes to what is actually taking place, as we enter the advent of the world apostasy, I will re-post below what I happened to find this evening, as a way of demonstrating what NOT to believe, and what to avoid when one reads the daily mashup of American media and pop culture.

Open your eyes America. This illuminati owned media is determined to destroy your faith in God. Your silence will be complicity. Speak out. Fight back. Don’t stand idly by and allow a corrupted mainstream media which has become the right hand of the modern illuminati vipers teach your children these lies. Boycott Hollywood companies hat make movies like this and put them out of business. Also boycott this movie. [See link below] Close your purses and pocketbooks to this kind of media blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and encourage everyone in your community who knows and loves God, and believes in HIS Son, to do the same.

Chase K. Hunter


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The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Here’s Why It’s Different This Time

22 Feb
SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 22:  A job seeker wait...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife
By Chase K. Hunter
I decided today to take a quick look at where we are in the much touted “economic recovery” and if the latest REAL statistics are to be believed, there is not one. When you spend as much time online as I do, you begin to see through the make believe of the mainstream media‘s sunny forecasts for a 2010 recovery. Unemployment has actually spiked as high as 20% in several states, and it’s at around 14.5% in Michigan. I hate to always harp on the same old issues, but the mainstream media is just flat out lying to the American people about what is really going on.
Just have a look at the related links below to do the math yourself, then watch your network news tonite and see if they are saying anywhere close to the same thing as these articles report:

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This Time It’s Different

Henry Blodget | Feb. 21, 2010, 9:01 AM | 2,456 | comment 34
Tags: Charts

Many economists still argue that the Great Recession was just like all the others, except a bit bigger.

Here’s why they’re wrong.

Check out the number of people unemployed more than 26 weeks (expressed below as a percentage of the population).

Even if the recovery continues and the number of the long-term unemployed finally stops rising, it will likely take a decade or more for this group to shrink to normal levels.

Unemployed For More Than 26 Weeks - Population Ratio  January 2010

Click here to find out more!

Arthur Delaney

Unemployment: The Hardest-Hit States (CHART)


Michigan has the highest unemployment rate of any state at 14.1 percent, a distinction the state has held for 25 of the last 26 months.

The next-highest unemployment rates after Michigan’s were found in Oregon (12.4 percent), Rhode Island and South Carolina (12.1 percent), and California (11.5 percent), according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report released Friday. The unemployment rate reached double-digits in five states and the District of Columbia in May. The national rate is 9.4 percent.

Some economists have touted “green shoots” and talked up the recession as “bottoming out” this year. But the misplaced optimism hasn’t reached everybody.

Progressive economists say that unemployment will likely continue to rise nationwide into 2010. And while economists cheered lower-than-expected increases in job losses for May, the state-by-state breakdown reveals the unevenness of the recession.

Optimism “hasn’t been a problem in Michigan,” said Judy Putnam, spokeswoman for the Michigan League for Human Services, in an interview with the Huffington Post. “There were no signs of hope in our numbers.”

Putnam said her organization is concerned that nearly 90,000 unemployed workers will exhaust their unemployment benefits before the end of the year. “Our biggest concern is that our safety net for folks coming off unemployment benefits has really shrunk. It’s really not there,” she said.

Putnam noted that if it includes marginally attached workers, unemployed folks who’ve quit looking for work, and forced part-timers, the “true” unemployment rate in Michigan is 17.2 percent.

Michigan also boasts the nation’s weakest-performing metro area, Detroit, according to the Brookings Institution.

Here’s a table from the Economic Policy Institute that compares state unemployment levels

Mass Lay-offs: The Hardest Hit States

Which States Are Facing the Worst 2010 Budget Deficits?

2009 Unemployment By State

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Mainstream Media Is the Most Powerful Lobbyist Arm in America

14 Feb


I’d like to thank subscriber K. Todd for this excellent submission. It a feature length film investigating the political power being wielded by the American mainstream media in Washington D.C. This is one of those movies that after you watch it, you want to send the link far and wide.

Thanks K.


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Obama the Beautiful Frankenstein King

14 Feb

rabbithooleInternet Diary August 2009

By Chase Hunter

…Been back on the internet after a two year sabbatical for about a year and a half. Been doing the ridiculously inane and addictive “internet thing” for going on 15 years. Been wondering why the fuck I do it for a good solid seven or eight years. Been asking idiotic questions like this in some obscure corner of some digitally well trodden psychic graffiti portal  long enough to know no one else is asking too many questions like this. Been looking for other people intelligent enough to even know which questions to ask for a very, very long time.

Since I do not find them, (the people who are asking the right questions) I ask the right questions for them. Because someone has to. Someone needs to be spiritually awake at the wheel. I chose me, and she said yes. I ask the questions. America thanks me for it, then goes back to screwing, watching the ball games, looking at porn, and dreaming of her next high fashion model’s underwear styles. We all live in this madness togther and we’re all kind of used to it, but some days Ijust have to step aside and spit.

I’m doing that today. Internet diary as psychological spitoon. Spewwwgh.

I know this much: our high technology is not making us more intelligent. If anything it cultivates a type of conceited, self satisfied high class techno-stupidity that I can barely stand to be around anymore. I stay home. I do not frequent “internet cafes”. If I have to see one more young well heeled  techno jerk pull out his PDA, or his iphone, or his ipod, or his cell phone in a puplic place, and begin yammering the details of his particular vein of modern mindlessness into it, I may just explode from disgust.army_brain_wave_0912

We don’t talk to one another anymore. We show off our gadgets instead. We don’t really converse with one another, instead, we shout out the embarrassing personal details of our day to day despair for all to hear in every crowded public place where shoulders are rubbed uncomfortably with smelly strangers. We rant. We don’t speak into these little machines that we carry around, we rant into them. Nearly every cell phone conversation that I am forced to be subjected to – is a “rant” of some sort. We are a very loudly bellowing, dissatisfied, increasingly uncouth, unwashed, unruly, unahppy nation, and we have been – for quite some time.

I travel. I see it. I know. This fact is not negotiable.

As for my own personal state of affairs, just this particular a.m., I’m closing in on a real case of internet burnout – already, again. Today is 8.31.2009. I have been following, researching, writing about, examining, monitoring, scrutinizing, and praying about Barack Obama for about 2-3 years now.

I’m not a white middle aged republican. I’m a gay woman, an artist, a writer, a lifelong democrat until just recently, oh about 2008. I grew up in mixed race neighborhoods and graduated from a high school and a college that were 70% black. So don’t start your shit with me. It isn’t going to work.

nazisaluteAfter my 2-3 years of Obama scrutiny, I now have very good reasons to believe that America will soon look more like Nazi Germany than anything we could have ever imagined, in our wildest nightmares, even just a few years ago. There are thousands of other people online who know what I know. We all did the “due diligence” that the mainstream media would not do in 2008, and now we all know it together and we come from every background and every walk of life. We have all been “had” – as they say  –  in the election of 2008. The bigger the truth you know, the bigger the so-called domestic terrorist you are, in the eyes of a crazed inside out White House in our crazed inside-out new America.

I believe the lovely pearl toothed smooth talking Barack Obama has now had a real taste of utter raw power, and that he is quietly going mad with it. I also believe he suffers from a dreadful clinical pathology from which there is no real treatment and no real cure. Psychiatrists know all about this pathology, and they are loathe to try to treat it because there is no treatment for it. Medications are as effective on NPD as bandaids are on severed limbs.

I believe our beautiful new Gucci wrapped iconic president is the Frankenstein King. He has been psychologically sewn together from a haphazard array of the_obamanation_of_desperation_168445fringe politics, communist beliefs and embittered urban landscapes over the past twenty years, only some of which he has actually emotionally inhabited, but all of which he has passed through, like an urgent man travelling by bus over land, stopping here and there to indulge the locals and taste whatever was being offered up at the time.

His bizarre twenty year “journey over land” now over;  he has arrived at his destination. But he arrives irreparably politically “stained” from all of the strange off kilter political boroughs that he passed through along the way –  in the same way that one becomes stained around the hands and mouth from eating raw blackberries in the white hot heat of the day. The murky bluegrey purple color taken on will not wash away in the evening, and even bleach will not erase the damned spots.

Muslim, marxist, The Chicago New Party, wiccan, black nationalist socialism enchantments, “God Damn America!” ministers, bi-polar politics: Frankenstein King, so lovely to look at, so handsome to behold.  So horrendous to reckon with, ultimately,  as he is now let loose on this nation to tear it to shreds.

Obama was elected by a cadre of voters too young to know better, too self absorbed to care, too vain to admit they have elected a gorgeous fascist monster to sit in the White House and dismantle America by degrees of his own “audacity and hope.”

We allowed the youth of the nation to elect a president in 2008. We gave the teenagers the car keys. Oddly, now these youngsters cannot be bothered much to show up at Town Halls and rant back at the patriots over the many coming benefits of Obamacare. That’s not sexy, you know. That’s old folks stuff.

“We’re young, we’re still sexy, we elected a very sexy man to the White House. Now don’t bother us. ‘Big Brother’ is on TV. Work it out on your own. We have new video games to play, new celebrities to watch. We’re busy.”

The condition that he is in, Obama’s inner “condition”,  is known as narcissistic personality disorder. Obama exhibits numerous behaviors that just scream that his inner being is interlaced with NPD.The sense of absolute entitlement with which he embraced and stepped right into “Obama Messiah Worship” was the first big red flag for me back in 2008. it wasnot hard to catch the rest of them from that point on.

My gut tells me that we are in for a horrible, horrible ride here in these next four years. I fear there is no escape from the outrageous measures he will enact to protect and advance an ultra left wing liberal-beyond-all-defnitions political agenda that will destroy what is left of this country that George W. did not put through a meat grinder.

All the researching, writing, networking, blogging, and slogging in the world is not going to change the soul twisting “change” that Obama is about to put us through in America. My soul is senstive enough and clairvoyant enough to viscerally feel this one coming. We are losing our freedoms. And it is happening at a rate of speed that is almost impossible to comprehend.

This whole situation begs the question: Just exactly what was the specific written itinerary given to Barack Obama by the Bilderberg Group during the summer of 2008? Just how quickly did they intend to finish off their utter dismantling of what is left of the sovereignty, civility, and legal sanctity of the United States of America?


So look at me. Here I am – pretending to take a day off, and what am I doing? I’m writing about it again. My soul is in agony over what I sense coming. There seems to be no refuge anywhere, and no rest from the sense that I must try, at least try, to keep awakening other Americans to what I see coming. But today, my energy and will to do that is just gone. I feel empty.


Early am September 2nd 2009

Today I am going away for the day, and I am so excited to get out of town, breathe fresh cool air, not stale dirty air that tastes like auto exhaust, and to be in the deep green mountains all day. This is just wht the doctor ordered. Yeehah.

… had a not real comfortable conversation last night over mexican food with a friend of mine about the large and growing homeless community in the town where I live. They are highly visible, they are loud, they are aggressive, they do disgusting things in plain sight of police who are numb to it all due to their sheer numbers, and they make no pretense about how willing they are to deal drugs openly in the public square, right in front of moms with kids in tow and babies in strollers gliding by nervously within a few feet.

The homeless crowd in this town will take your genuine compassion and concern for them and just sand it down to meaningless dust over time. If one converses with these people long enough, as time goes by, one is inevitably consumed by revulsion, rage and utter disgust, no matter where you began in the “unconditional love” process, spiritually speaking. Apparently the internal decay which eats at the soul of a homeless man, or woman, or youth, who lives on the street for more than a few months, is not only a horrifying thing to behold, moreover, it is possibly irretrievable. I note this by observation at close range.

Like the tatoos that the local homeless are caked and baked in, removing the telltale signs of where you have been in life is not as easy as one might think, even after the ordeal is over. For many of these people the ordeal will never be over. They now publicly comfortably urinate, eat, smoke, fuck in bushes, and lounge about quite at ease in their present ordeal, much in the same way that one might scrap together a living room out of tornado wreckage and just sit in the middle of the debris field, outdoors, watching TV, as if nothing was amiss. I predict that in the not too distant future, cities all over America who have never grappled with this problem will be under siege due to it. It will come to violence in many places.

These local homeless are people who are living in those psychological debris fields, and have been for years and years and years. Their internal gashes are clearly visible, even at a distance of 30 or 40 yards. I can even tell driving by in my car which pedestrians on foot are just “people walking on foot” and which ones are the wandering homeless on the move.  That haunted, hunted, sunburned black look is unmistakable.

I know a few other things about the homeless community in my town. 90% of them do not give a flying fuck about anything or anyone other than what they will be doing for the next 15 minutes, at most. I know, becuase I sit and talk to them, which is a short novelette in itelf.  Here lately I visit with them less, and move to a safe distance way from them, more. They each one have their own little cunning agenda in any given verbal exchange, however brief.  It’ s almost always about tobacco in the end. The homeless are kept afloat emotionally and spiritually by heavy frequently emanated,  foggy blue clouds of tobacco. It’s like a Diety to them.

I’ve been homeless several times in the past twenty years. But it was always different for me. I was on my way to somewhere better in life, in transition, getting out of a bad relationship, relocating, under financial pressure over bills, or a steep auto repair that caught me by surprise, …something.  Being homeless was never my “lifestyle”. But I have conversed with enough of these local folks around town to know, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that more than half of them, if given $5000 and an apartment, and a car, for free – would be right back on the street in a meth haze urinating on the sidewalk within a month.

My dinner companion and I also talked last night about the number of large buildings in town that are now boarded up. One would think that a hurricane was blowing in soon. One morning I was driving through the downtown square this summer and a large three story building which has housed some sort of business for 50 years or more, was just suddenly boarded up. Boom. Overnight. Plywood nailed over every window and all business signage gone. This cannot be a good omen. It begs the question of where it all goes from here.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night…….like tonite…….it’s 3 a.m. – and just lay there listening. What am I listening for? What am I expecting to hear? Is there a sound that a nation begins to make when it commences to unravel? What is the sound of an unraveling nation? Sirens? Loud angry voices? The sound of many souls praying?

CKH 9.2.2009

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