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Citizen Journalists Find Huge HAARP Rings Inside Hurricane Irene

27 Aug

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Numerous astute weather watchers and citizen journalists have identified very large HAARP rings inside of or adjacent to Hurricane Irene. I took this still shot from a video in the list below. It seems to originate from a radar facility in Raleigh NC and is large enough to cover the entire eastern region of North Carolina. What are these bizarre colossal HAARP radar flashes and what are they intended to do? Weather watchers want to know.

The fact that the American people no longer trust their government has long been established by citizen journalists in the past few years, specifically since the Obama era began. But pending natural disasters bring out those moments of questioning even more so.  I located some videos this morning that I wanted to share. My posting of these is neither a negation, nor an agreement with the musings therein. But I always take note of individuals who do not run with the herd, and who insist on thinking for themselves about what they observe taking place in our country.

What many of these astute weather watchers are observing this weekend are VERY apparent HAARP RINGS and HAARP BEAMS being aimed into hurricane Irene. There can be only two answers:

Either our Illuminati-gone-wild federal government is trying to break up and dissipate the hurricane to avoid multiple natural disasters, or just the opposite – they are actually trying to exacerbate and amplify the storm. You decide.

Many are now wondering whether a mandatory evacuation was really necessary in this weather event, but we cannot answer that until the weekend is over. If lives have been saved, then yes, a mandatory evacuation was the proper thing to do.

At the last possible minute, Obama returned from vacation and has put on a very big show of “taking command” with hurricane Irene now at landfall. 2012 Photo Ops. Everything he does now is geared toward “looking presidential” enough to win again in 2012. That vacation was really ill timed and there are entirely too many vacations going on while the business of the nation falters and flails about.

Here are the videos:

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Luxury Underground Bunker Business Is Booming Post Japan Disaster

24 Mar

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Two Different Citizen Journalists Post Videos With Eerie Premonition That Japan May Sink: Edgar Cayce Had Predicted This 65 Years Ago

14 Mar
Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 2...

Image via Wikipedia

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I just located this very unusual citizen journalist video which compares Edgar Cayce‘s predictions from the early 20th century, with recent Japanese motion pictures which predicted in their scripts that Japan, the entire aggregate of Japan’s islands,  would soon sink, literally sink beneath the sea. I am not trying to be a doomsday person. I am merely passing along something which I found to be gripping due to the movie’s eerie portrayal of just about the EXACT events which are occurring now in Japan. Art predicts life? Movies predict earth changes?

Did the script writers for this film know about the Edgar Cayce predictions regarding the end times, earth changes related event of the sinking of Japan?

Edgar Cayce also predicted the disappearance of New York City and other parts of the world more than 60 years ago. I found this video to be just downright eerie. Here it is:

Chase Kyla Hunter  3.14.2011

“Eggcentric” Grammy Night Gaga Media Stampede: “Born This Way” Released

10 Feb
Lady Gaga performing "You and I" on ...

Lady Gaga Music Performance

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Does anyone REALLY believe that Illuminati Priestess “Lady Gag Me” is big on family? I am laughing so hard I can’t see. Like all other Illuminati NYC media portals for high class trash, Vogue magazine thinks Americans are stupid enough to buy their lies.  On  the same internet page there’s a link to Lady Gaga posing nude.

Yeah, those are some really great “Kali Yuga-esque” “Satanic family values” that you are demonstrating for your young American preteen fans, Miss Gaga. I’m sure you are really proud of the “bare-it-all” message you are sending to millions of young pubescent girls.

Posts cited:

Lady Gaga Covers Vogue, Praises Family [Oh, Please!]

February 10th, 2011 11:31 AM by Free Britney

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“I am quite down-to-earth for such an eccentric person.” – Lady Gaga

With the release of “Born This Way” less than 24 hours away, Vogue officially released its March cover featuring the fabulous Lady Gaga this morning.

Despite her theatrical shows, outrageous getups, wild antics, obsession with blood and semen and so on, she says she’s a family-oriented good girl.

Lady Gaga Vogue Cover: 2011

The Italian-American New York native says she prefers to be called by her real name, Stefani, in the bedroom for example. She also cares deeply for her parents.

“I obsess about his health,” she said about her father. “I’m very Italian. I call him every day. I ask my mother if he’s been smoking. They are in their 50s now.”

“They still live in the same apartment on the Upper West Side,” Gaga tells Vogue. “Nothing has changed at all since I have become a star. I am a real family girl.”

“When it comes to love and loyalty, I am very old-fashioned.”

Just one of many reasons why we love her … opulent robes, pink wigs and all. Click to enlarge Vogue’s Lady Gaga pictures below and tell us what you think:

Gaga in Vogue PhotoBlack, White and GagaFashionable and FabulousGaga Pulls it OffGlam GagaPink Wig in Vogue


Lady Gaga: Nude, Skateboarding in Purple

February 8th, 2011 10:55 AM by Free Britney

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If there’s one celebrity who could pose nude, wearing giant heels and skateboarding, and not shock us in the least by doing so, it would be Lady Gaga.

Said pictures, taken for Purple magazine by famed photographer Terry Richardson, should get people talking, though they’re pretty standard for Gaga.

We can only imagine the deluge of naked/revealing Lady Gaga pictures to come with Born This Way due out soon. Nude skateboard shot after the jump:

Lady Gaga Naked, SkateboardingLady Gaga in Purple


Lady Gaga Arrives At Grammys In An Egg

Stylist Nicola Formichetti tweets that the singer is in incubation on the red carpet.

By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212)

Lady Gaga’s arrival at the 53rd Grammy Awards had the world buzzing quite early on Sunday evening (February 13). The songstress, who premiered her new song “Born This Way” on Friday, hit the Grammys in a semi-see-through egg that seemed like something of an arty reference to that song’s title.

Check out pictures of Lady Gaga’s Grammy arrival here.

Outdoing the space-age Armani Privé getup she wore to last year’s Grammys, Gaga was in the egg as she emerged from a truck and was carried by four men in yellow boxers and dresses to the carpet.

Her Twitter page gave a bit of insight into what Gaga might be up to on Sunday. “This is Nicola, Haus of Gaga: Gaga is in incubation,” stylist Nicola Formichetti tweeted on the singer’s page. “Tonight’s performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler. X”

Formichetti also wrote about Gaga’s big arrival on his own Twitter account. “Grammys red carpet,” he tweeted. “Lady gaga wears Mugler by nicola formichetti. Womb by hussein Chalayan. Gaga’s pryers are in haus of gaga in collaboration with Mugler. My baby is been born.”

Lady Gaga is set to perform her new song live during the Grammy telecast. The singer is up for six awards on Sunday night, including Album of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Dance Recording and Best Short Form Music Video.

  1. Lady Gaga arrives at the 2011 Grammy Awards
  2. Lady Gaga arrives at the 2011 Grammy AwardsPhoto: Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Photos: Lady Gaga Arrives At The 2011 Grammy

Updated 01.26 More Dead Fish! Millions of Fish, Thousands of Birds Dead, More Reports Come In

7 Jan

Youtube videos posted on 01.07.2011 By Chase Kyla Hunter

Update 01.26 A new fish kill has been reported on Vancouver Island today. Here is the video:

Now: Have a look at this link and ponder the possibilities:


[ See my first post on this story for more info. ]

In an ominous moment, New Year’s Eve this 2010 brought the strangest portent for 2011. Everyone is speculating as to what this could mean and why it is taking place.Thousands of dead birds dropped from the sky in Beebe Arkansas, and that’s not all. They are falling from the sky in at least a half dozen other locations globally. Add to that millions of sea creatures, starfish, jellyfish, and fish of all kinds, are also washing up on shorelines around the world. The breaking news about the millions of dead birds falling from the sky and millions of dead fish washing up on shorelines around the world just gets worse as the hours pass. I have now identified nearly a dozen events in different locations in just the past two days. Dead birds and / or fish have been found in the following locations:

New York City [Brooklyn, Queens]

New Jersey











New Hampshire




Hong Kong


New Zealand

San Francisco

Coast of Parana

Great Britain


I have just located video from 2007 that reported a similar story. Millions of dead birds fell from the sky in Russia and other locales in 2007:

Here are the latest videos for 2011 bird and fish kills I can find on this story:  01.07.2011 Update

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Why Are the Fish and Birds Dying?

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2011’s First Reminder: Historic Video of Secret Underground Military Bases Constructed With Your Tax Dollars for the Elite

6 Jan

Copyright 2011-3011 By CK Hunter

The video below has been online for several years now, and is quite well known. I am re-posting it as a reminder, for myself, and for all the hundreds and thousands of other “truthers” out there like me, who labor on into the night, trying to post enough of a smattering of actuality to shake the rest of the world out of its slumber and into proper spiritual action which is commensurate to the times we are living in.

The people at the helm on this world, the people who are in power, who own all the media outlets, corporations, mega-banks, currencies, and governments are not a benevolent crowd. They want us dumb, obese, and following whatever falls out of the mouth of a celebrity or the TV set. They do not want us spiritually awake and healthy, ready to reclaim our world and our civil and human rights.

If you do not believe these people have evil in mind, and are preparing for their own safety, while disregarding ours, then explain this video below:

I’ll be watching the comments field.

New York Fashion Week’s Top Five Trends

22 Feb

Re-post courtesy of College Candy

The 5 Biggest Trends From New York Fashion Week

February 21, 2010 – 3:00 pm By Jessica- FIT

Fashion Week and all its bittersweet glory has come and gone. The last Fashion Week to be shown at Bryant Park, designers pulled out all of the tricks under their sleeves to make it unforgettable.  The big white tents, made even whiter by the snow, brought new looks into the new decade that will be sure to translate into your wardrobe.  So what will you be wearing next fall?

1. Neutrals!

Designers showed many variations of neutrals on the runway, from bold blacks shown by Vera Wang to grays and camel tones from favorites Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.  Whites and ivories made several appearances, almost in a bridal inspired way.  What this means for you: Don’t be afraid to mix and match neutrals.  The classic fashion faux pas “Don’t wear white after labor day” is slowly but surely becoming extinct, so don’t listen to your grandmother when she reprimands you for doing so.  Tell her Thakoon said it was fine.

2. Fur, Fur, Fur.

That’s right.  PETA might disagree, but it is all about the fur for next fall…any kind, in any way.  Coats and shrugs featured bold lavish furs while some designers used fur as trimming to spruce up their looks.  If you’re a friend to the animals or don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on each outfit (who does??) don’t be outraged just yet – variations of faux fur are about to spread like rapid fire.

3. Undercover conservative.

In comparison to the spring, designers turned to more structured silhouettes creating a more conservative look.  Librarian sweaters appeared too many times on the runway to go unnoticed.  But don’t yawn just yet, designers used sequins, embroidery, fur (of course), and much more to glam up each look to take them from boring to flirty sophisticated.

4. Grunge by layers.

Jackets over vests over sweaters over dresses.  The more layers, the better.  A cardigan over a blazer, why not?  Grunge by way of draping is all the rage for next fall.  And did we mention vests? Vests, vests, and more vests.  And get excited to pair elbow length gloves with the numerous amounts of vests that are about to enter your closet.


FINALLY.  A piece of the 80’s are back!  But this time, no aerobics videos are required. Legwarmers were shown in several variations, in wool assortments, over leggings, thigh high, etc.  While you’re layering, don’t forget to slap on a pair of comfy legwarmers.  Wear something simple on top and use a pair of bold colored thigh-high legwarmers as the staple piece to your outfit.  Ask your mom if she has any in any boxes in the attic; vintage legwarmers are even better!

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