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Astrologer Hassan Jaffer Predicted Major Earthquake on April 4th in the USA Midwest

3 Apr

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This comment appeared today on 4.2.11 and I am posting it verbatim for readers. I neither endorse the prediction, nor oppose it. I hope and pray of course, that absolutely nothing happens on April 4th, but here is the information below. From listening to the first 30-60 seconds of the video, what seems to emerge is that Hassan Jaffer predicted many of the sudden earth changes and geologic events which have taken place in 2011 at least a year ago in January 2010.

In general, I am leery of predictions that try to target a specific date, as I feel that no one on earth can actually predict either the mind of God, or the exact dates of “acts of God,” but I am posting the link for folks to listen to the show.

– Chase

“Perhaps this page isn’t the appropriate one to post this information, but I was sure you would catch this and post it on one of your sites. But since there are only 2 days left, I’ve decided to bring it to your attention so that other will be informed. Noted astrologer Hassan Jaffer is predicting that on Monday April 4th, 2011 that a major earthquake will hit the midwest. I have searched your site and cannot find anywhere to contact you, so I am using this method to get the word out. “

Here is a link:


“You can go from there and do a search on this guy to find out more. Three years ago he predited the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami to the day, the next one is for April 4th. I really hope that he is wrong this time.

Sincerely, William”

Two Different Citizen Journalists Post Videos With Eerie Premonition That Japan May Sink: Edgar Cayce Had Predicted This 65 Years Ago

14 Mar
Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 2...

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I just located this very unusual citizen journalist video which compares Edgar Cayce‘s predictions from the early 20th century, with recent Japanese motion pictures which predicted in their scripts that Japan, the entire aggregate of Japan’s islands,  would soon sink, literally sink beneath the sea. I am not trying to be a doomsday person. I am merely passing along something which I found to be gripping due to the movie’s eerie portrayal of just about the EXACT events which are occurring now in Japan. Art predicts life? Movies predict earth changes?

Did the script writers for this film know about the Edgar Cayce predictions regarding the end times, earth changes related event of the sinking of Japan?

Edgar Cayce also predicted the disappearance of New York City and other parts of the world more than 60 years ago. I found this video to be just downright eerie. Here it is:

Chase Kyla Hunter  3.14.2011

History Channel Airs Science Program Suggesting Red Dwarf Nibiru is Indeed Real

8 Feb

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“The third angel sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like a torch,
fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water.
The name of the star is Wormwood.”

Revelation 8:10-11

When I first began writing about Nibiru and ancient prophecies which predict a possible pole shift during our lifetime I was met with widespread ridicule online. It was early 2008.Much of the mockery resulted from an earlier moment of “internet rumor mill madness” in 2003.

In 2003 a huge “false alarm” concerning a May 2003 pole shift event had taken place on the internet, which, as it turned out, was more about selling the doomsday books of one mislead author than it was about factual science.Due to that misinformation campaign, many pole shift researchers were widely discredited and writers like me had an uphill battle in early 2008 trying to convince a skeptical world public that the danger was real, imminent and should be taken seriously. I have to say I am grateful that the History Channel is broadcasting material on this subject. The threat is very real, and should be taken seriously. Our civil defense systems in America are badly outdated and in need of urgent repair. Otherwise untold millions on the surface will face death by catastrophe with no protection and no recourse should this event be soon bearing down on our world.

Recently science, paleontology, anthropology, archeology, and geology seem to be converging, just as I had predicted they would three years ago, as their knowledge and research intersects new evidence which is now piling up: that deep in our planet’s past there have indeed been periodic catastrophes which resulted from space objects either flying by earth in close proximity, or their approaching debris fields pummeling the planet and causing massive devastation to surface features and species. The History Channel is contributing much to the world’s public awareness that we should be concerned about the emerging evidence from divergent fields of science and research.

I had written in my “Original Global Call to Awakening” in 2008 that religion, mythology, science, archeology, prophecy and geological evidence would soon converge into a tapestry of facts that could no longer be ignored.

Our own government and the governments of other nations suppressed much of this material themselves for nearly 50 years, but thanks to the recent spiritual awakening of America and the world about the actuality of such events, truth research has now come into it’s own and citizen journalism has replaced official government secrecy. The world is now awakening to the prospects of what might happen if brown dwarf Nibiru once more orbits close to our own world and it’s immense gravity and accompanying debris field let loose a rain of hail, fire and brimstone, just exactly as foretold in the Christian Bible:

According to Matthew 24:29-31, there will be signs in heaven:

“the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven” immediately after the tribulation and before the Day of the Lord. God said, “I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth… The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord” (Joel 2:30-31).

Emergency preparedness, and “survival preparations” are phrases on the lips of millions.  Millions have now also viewed the contraband video of our military’s secret underground preparations and D.U.M.B. facilities, which you can find posted on the front page of this blog. They are certainly not building such an underground labyrinth as a federal country club. Something is afoot, it is huge, and Russia has also been outed as it builds entire underground cities in preparation for something.

Below are several videos which I think you will find interesting:

Hot WWW Trending Topics 2010, 2011

23 Dec
Ben Bernanke leaving the 2008 Bilderberg Confe...

Ben Bernanke leaving 2008 Bilderberg Meeting by chauffeured Limo

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What do writers write about and why? My own evolving spiritual trail as a native born American, political conservative, and Christian has led me to feel compelled to investigate and follow certain subjects. Over 20 years of writing and research has finally produced my own personal “trending topics” list, which I culled last night from about 336 topics down to about 180. This year I added several new fledgling blogs to the suite of online portals that I haunt, notably:




To browse these topics, and read posts in any category, visit Alternative News Forum, my main blogging portal. haven’t me me yet? I’m Chase Kyla Hunter,  Christian mystic, Cherokee Shaman and Conservative Tea Party Patriot. You can find me on Twitter under @Altnewsforum. Follow! I promise I will make you think, laugh, pray, and I will follow you right back. 🙂

Here’s my personal evolving “Trending Topics” list which has taken about 12-20 years to evolve. I figure this ought to keep me busy for awhile.

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·         2012 pole shift earth changes floods

·         2012 presidential elections

·         2012 Web Bot Predictions

·         Al Qaeda Radical Islam

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·         American Civil Rights

·         American Economy

·         American Human Rights

·         American Politics

·         american society

·         americans buying silver

·         annunaki aliens illuminati ancient history

·         Antichrist Book of Revelations

·         Barack Obama Presidency in Crisis

·         Bible Prophecy

·         Biblical Archealogy

·         Biblical Astronomy

·         Big Brother in America

·         Bilderberg Group

·         black dragon society

·         Black Ops Secret Technology

·         blacklisted news

·         Blogging as Grassroots Activism

·         bohemian grove

·         Born Again in Jesus Christ

·         BP British Petroleum

·         buying silver

·         Buying Silver Bullion

·         buying silver coins

·         CFR Council on Foreign Relations

·         Chase Kyla Hunter Essays

·         Christians RFID End Times Predictions

·         CK Hunter essays

·         Crime & Punishment

·         Cult Watch

·         Currency Safe Havens

·         D.U.M.B.S. underground tunnels cities

·         Dark Science Coverups

·         Disclosure

·         domestic terrorism

·         Earth Changes

·         emergency preparedness

·         End Times Phenomenon

·         EU Euro European Union

·         European Union

·         Face of Jesus

·         Facebook and the Death of Privacy

·         Facebook Twitter Social Behavior Engineering

·         false signs wonders last days

·         Federal Deficit

·         freemasonry

·         Full Body Scanners

·         gay lesbian homosexual civil rights

·         Glenn Beck

·         global unity consciousness

·         Gold Silver Metals Investments

·         gold silver prices

·         Grassroots Citizen Journalism

·         Grassroots Reporting

·         Great Britain UK Politics

·         Great Falling Away Christianity

·         gulf coast BP oil spill spring 2010

·         haarp project blue beam

·         HAARP Technology

·         History Channel Lucifer TV

·         hollywood

·         human dna genetics

·         human RFID chipping

·         illegal imprisonment in america

·         Illegal Obama Stealth Legislation

·         illuminati

·         Illuminati Advertising Commercials

·         Illuminati Event Norway Spiral HAARP

·         Illuminati Families NYC USA

·         Illuminati Families UK

·         Illuminati TV

·         Imam Mahdi Dark Messiah

·         Internet Commentary Issues

·         internet freedom of speech

·         investing in silver

·         Iphone Spy Phone

·         Iran Iraq Israel Syria Mideast

·         Iran Israel Mideast Flashpoint

·         Jesus of Nazareth Second Coming

·         Julian Assange

·         Maitreya

·         Maitreya False Messiah

·         maitreya haarp blue beam world messiah ad campaign

·         maitreya obama world cult watch

·         Maitreya Spiritual Fraud

·         mandatory RFID chipping under obamacare

·         Manmade Environmental Disasters

·         Many False Christs Warnings

·         Media

o    Internet Satire

·         mental illness in america

·         metals commodities silver gold

·         Micheal Savage The Savage Nation

·         Military Gone Wild

·         Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD

·         Nashville Tea Party Convention

·         national healthcare identification cards RFID plans

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·         NPD

·         Obama Media & TV Appearances

·         Obama Mental Health Issues

·         Obama News Stories

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·         Obama White House Adrift

·         Obamacare

·         Obamanation

o    Obama Birth Fraud

·         Palin Family in TV and Media

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·         pole shift preparedness

·         pole shift research

·         Pope Vatican Rome Italy

·         popular web essays posts topics

·         Portland Oregon

·         Prehistoric Archeology

·         Prince Charles

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