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Citizen Journalist “2012 Epic” Video of the Week Award Jan 13th 2010

12 Jan

2012 Epic Vol. 1 of 10

Obama’s Socialist Roots in Chicago Exposed: “The New Party”

24 Aug

See http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=107731

Obama’s Socialist Roots in obama-coupChicago Exposed: “The New Party”

Activist recalls president’s time with radical Chicago political group

Posted: August 23, 2009
4:27 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Excerpt from New Party publication (Courtesy New Zeal blog)

JERUSALEM – President Obama participated in a controversial 1990s political party with a socialist agenda, recalls a major member of the organization known as the New Party.

WND previously reported on newspaper evidence showing Obama was a member of the New Party, which sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

Now a former top member of the New Party recounted in a WND e-mail interview Obama’s participation with his organization.

“A subcommittee met with (Obama) to interview him to see if his stand on the living wage and similar reforms was the same as ours,” recalled Marxist activist Carl Davidson.

“We determined that our views on these overlapped, and we could endorse his campaign in the Democratic Party,” Davidson said.

Davidson was a Chicago member and activist within the New Party. He told WND he handled some of the New Party member databases and attending most of the party’s meetings.

New Yorker cover-thumb-250x341Davidson is also a notorious far-left activist and former radical national leader in the anti-Vietnam movement. He served as national secretary for the infamous Students of a Democratic Society antiwar group, from which the Weatherman domestic terrorist organization later splintered.

Davidson remembers Obama attending one New Party meeting to thank attendees for voting for him.

Davidson said that to his knowledge Obama was not a member of the New Party “in any practical way” – using qualifying language.

Becoming a New Party member requires some effort on behalf of the politician. Candidates must be approved by the party’s political committee and, once approved, must sign a contract mandating they will have a “visible and active relationship” with the party.

Asked whether Obama signed the New Party contract, Davidson replied there was “no need for him to do so.”

“At the end of our session with him, we simply affirmed there was no need to do so, because on all the key points, the stand of his campaign and the New Party reform planks were practically the same,” Davidson told WND.

Davidson denied the New Party was specifically a socialist party, claiming, “The vast majority of active members were low- and middle-income blacks in the inner city fighting for their immediate demands.”

But the socialist-oriented goals of the New Party were enumerated on its old website.

Among the New Party’s stated objectives were “full employment, a shorter work week, and a guaranteed minimum income for all adults; a universal ‘social wage’ to include such basic benefits as health care, child care, vacation time and lifelong access to education and training; a systematic phase-in of comparable worth and like programs to ensure gender equity.”

The New Party stated it also sought “the democratization of our banking and financial system – including popular election of those charged with public stewardship of our banking system, worker-owner control over their pension assets [and] community-controlled alternative financial institutions.”

Many of the New Party’s founding members were Democratic Socialists of America leaders and members of Committees of Correspondence, a breakaway of the Communist Party USA.

Obama attended several DSA events and meetings, including a DSA-sponsored town hall meeting Feb. 25, 1996, entitled “Employment and Survival in Urban America.” He sought and received an endorsement from the DSA.

Asked by WND whether he thinks Obama has socialist leanings, Davidson stated, “The truth is that Obama was and is a liberal Democrat and an Alinskyist community organizer – which if you know much about Alinsky, is just militant liberalism.”

“Obama was never a man of the left, either in his views or in being a member of an actual socialist organization,” added Davidson.

While running for the Illinois state Senate in 1996 as a Democrat, Obama actively sought and received the endorsement of the New Party, according to confirmed reports during last year’s presidential campaign.

The New Party worked alongside the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The New Party’s aim was to help elect politicians who espoused its policies.

Among New Party members was linguist and radical activist Noam Chomsky.

Obama’s campaign last year denied the then-presidential candidate was ever an actual member of the New Party.

But the New Zeal blog dug up print copies of the New Party News, the party’s official newspaper, which show Obama posing with New Party leaders, listing him as a New Party member and printing quotes from him as a member.

Barack Obama pictured in New Party publication (Courtesy New Zeal blog)

The party’s spring 1996 newspaper boasted: “New Party members won three other primaries this Spring in Chicago: Barack Obama (State Senate), Michael Chandler (Democratic Party Committee) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary).

The paper quoted Obama saying, “These victories prove that small ‘d’ democracy can work.”

The newspaper lists other politicians it endorsed who were not members but specifies Obama as a New Party member.

New Ground, the newsletter of Chicago’s Democratic Socialists of America, reported in its July/August 1996 edition that Obama attended a New Party membership meeting April 11, 1996, in which he expressed his gratitude for the group’s support and “encouraged NPers (New Party members) to join in his task forces on voter education and voter registration.”

The New Party, established in 1992, took advantage of what was known as electoral “fusion,” which enabled candidates to run on two tickets simultaneously, attracting voters from both parties. But the New Party went defunct in 1998, one year after fusion was halted by the Supreme Court.

According to DSA documents, the New Party worked with ACORN to promote its candidates. ACORN, convicted in massive, nationwide voter fraud cases, has been a point of controversy for Obama over the presidential candidate’s ties to the group.

In 1995, the DSA’s New Ground newsletter stated, “In Chicago, the New Party’s biggest asset and biggest liability is ACORN.

“Like most organizations, ACORN is a mixed bag,” the newsletter said. “On one hand, in Chicago, ACORN is a group that attempts to organize some of the most depressed communities in the city. Chicago organizers for ACORN and organizers for SEIU Local 880 have been given modest monthly recruitment quotas for new New Party members. On the other hand, like most groups that depend on canvassing for fundraising, it’s easy enough to find burned out and disgruntled former employees. And ACORN has not had the reputation for being interested in coalition politics – until recently and, happily, not just within the New Party.”

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“I’m pro-choice – on light bulbs” – Bumper sticker sends Congress message over its banning Edison’s invention

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RFID Human Lab Rats

18 Aug

blowup-rfidNo matter what your political, religious, intellectual or social affiliation, being RFID chipped against your will ought to inspire you to action.

Did you know that one of the provisions (well hidden) of the Obama Health Care plan was the MANDATORY assignment of a national health care ID card which was RFID chipped, which means the federal government would have had the ability to track your whereabouts at any time 24-7 anywhere in North America, South America, Asia or Europe?

And you thought us Christian conservatives (I am a gay part native american Christian Conservative) were just all a bunch of redneck racist hicks didn’t you? I bet it never dawned on you that we are out here blogging and fighting and countering nonstop Obamaganda with factual truth so that you can continue to have the right to travel in privacy, without having to carry an RFID chipped national health care (cough: nonstop surveilance!) card. Imagine: us, knowing how muh you all hate us, caring about you left wing liberals – [ just like Jesus would ] – who are too foolish and misinformed to know that once the FED can get everyone to carry an RFID chipped health care card, guess what comes next in “illuminati globalist gradualism”?

That’s right…. they want to RFID chip you right in the arm. It can be done without you even knowing it by inserting the tiny micro-sized RFID chip right into the VACCINE. How about that?

So connect these dots:micro-rfidchips

=> US military & FEMA NorthCom being coordinated right now to enforce possible mandatory swine flu vaccines here in the USA

=> CIA lab created swine flu [see birdflu888.wordpress.com]

=> Baxter International patented the swine flu vaccine 2 years before swine flu even appeared! Wow. How did they do that I wonder? Things that make you go hmmmmm.

=> Eye witness locals in mexico state on the record in citizen journalist documentary videos that when swine flu “broke” in mexico earlier this year, guess what the World Health Org was doing? They were in Mexico at that time, giving “vaccine trials” to the locals. Isn’t that coincidental?

Are you connecting the dots yet? Here: I will help you:

=> Baxter International+Novarits+CIA+Mexico vaccine trials = swine flu released into the population just south of the USA border this spring, so that it will flow effortlessly into the USA and commence the “swine flu pandemic” scare. Atlanta CDC begins to hype swine flu wildly right around May, June… exaggerating the numbr of people infected in the USA by nearly 1000% in some cases. Yes, that’s right, a 1000% exaggeration. That is called HYPE, otherwise known as SPIN, otherwise known as Wag the Dog. Do you comprehend?

=> Mandatory vaccines=a huge chance for the $$$swine flu$$$ shot to be used to tacitly insert the much advertised and vaunted [cough: beast] RFID micro-sized chip to be inserted into your body right with the shot. YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW, AND THE RFID CHIP COULD NEVER BE RECOVERED AND REMOVED FROM YOUR BODY.

=> Swine flu [fake] pandemic=mandatory $$$vaccines$$$=huge profits for Baxter International. Ka-ching! Plus, they kill two birds with one stone: they rake in a fortune and microchip most all of the American population which they despise and want to control and moniter 24-7 like cattle.

RFIDhandchip_300Do you feel bovine today? Do you feel like human cattle? Because that is exactly what the illuminati considers you to be: human product consuming, money spending, TV cud chewing cattle.

Did you know all about this? Did you know that the RFID chip causes pussy malignant cancerous tumors in lab rats? Do you want to be a lab rat too?

If you don’t want to be a cancer crusted lab rat, and be RFID microchipped without your knowledge or consent, I suggest you turn off the TV set and start reading your tail off on Christian conservative patriot blogs like this one and get an education. They intend to do this if we do not speak out and put a stop to it. It’s not about the left or the right! It’s about stopping the march to Godless globalism. Watch this video:

Chase Hunter

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The Smelling & Smelling & Smelling of the Obamanation

17 Aug

Falling victim to their own “carpet Obaming,” it’s NY Mag that missed the teachable moment.

By Chase Hunter on 8.18.2009

This month’s New York magazine cover story: “The Selling and Selling and Selling of the President” reveals some disturbing inside tactics used by the Obama White House to keep USA Big Mediaobamanation-sell continuously flooded with news, new takes on old news, fresh new gushes of Obama-adoration, new twists and turns in Obamanation policy and direction, and in general, the feature lays bare the adroit uses of Big Media news outlets 24-7 by Barack Obama as “Obama-speak” portals.

My take on all of this runs along psychiatric lines. I actually believe this man is psychologically addicted to seeing his own image in the media, so much so that he may actually fear for his own political existence should his image fail to appear in some news media outlet at least 15 to 20 thousand times per hour.

That’s about the frequency of times Obama’s  name, or image appears somewhere in USA media outlets EVERY HOUR of every day. Either this is the most insecure and narcissistic elected official that we have ever elected, or this is the most vulgar, obscene and flagrant misuse and abuse of American media portals by any sitting president in US history. I’m leaning toward that the “Obama media fire hose phenomenon” is a little bit of both.

Obama’s non-stop hyperactive “media blitzkrieg” style of governance has cheapened and sullied the office of the President already.  It has clearly wearied (and worried) an American public which earlier was certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if there were quite a substantial number of potential detracters observing after his inauguration.

———————————— Excerpt —————————————-

A temperate July afternoon, with a slightly more intemperate press corps. Chip Reid, the White House correspondent for CBS News, is quizzing Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, about a health-care event the administration has arranged in Virginia. Why, he wants to know, is the administration calling this event a “town hall” when it has hand-picked all of the participants and questions? At first the exchange looks as if it’ll last only a few seconds. Then Helen Thomas, the woman with the single-longest institutional memory in the press corps, joins in.

THOMAS: It’s a pattern.
GIBBS: What’s a pattern?
THOMAS: It’s a pattern of controlling the press.


obama-tvBeing hammered daily with magazine covers, newspaper features, TV spots, video clips, radio news and rabid talk radio hosts ranting and pounding their fists about Barack Obama has had the odd overall reverse effect from what was most certainly intended:

We just don’t trust this man anymore.

Anyone who has to go to that extent day in and day out to sell, re-sell, re-position and then re-sell again – his own Presidency and leadership  – needs to not be sitting in the White House, but perhaps is more suited to the rigors of maintaining one’s “Holllywood stardom” in the tradition of other Hollywood celebrities like, oh… let’s say, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Mickey Rourke, et al.

When a typical Hollywood movie star needs to “generate some good press” they usually make a new movie. After all, they are actors by trade. When Barack Obama needs to “generate some good press” he just makes an appearance and says a few well chosen words. Acting: it’s not really all that different from “being the President. Ronald Reagan knew all about that.

Don the role. Wag the dog. Play the part. Fill the shoes. Read your lines. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Don’t trip over the teleprompter.

It all is beginning to have that empty hollow ring to it that the aging movie star recognizes on the red carpet one night after way too many years in the limelight. The star is in mid-sentence giving his interview when suddenly the new flavor of the week arrives, steps out of the limosine, and all the reporters run like a hungry herd of coyotes to greet the new starlet, leaving the aging star opining to no one in mid-sentence.

It’s quite remarkable. Barack Obama has managed to wear out his welcome with the American people in less than a year. At this rate, by year’s end the only thing that will have ended up being noteworthy about his first year in office will be the computer screen wallpaper made from the “Obama-as-Joker” street graffiti art which was plastered all over L.A. one recent morning and went internet viral by late afternoon.

If Any Warhol were alive he would be having a field day with all of this. He was, after all, the consummate creator of the silkscreened commercialized plasticized public IMAGE of a human face, that could be elevated to such heights of mass recognition that the actuality of the living human being behind the image would just eventually fade and disappear.

Barack Obama is now in real danger of having this “throw away empty soda can syndrome” happen to him, to his Presidency, to his popularity, and to his first year’s public approval ratings. He has now been “promoted and consumed” ad nausem for more than 2 years nonstop, and frankly we are all sick of it.

My advice would be to get Mr. Hollywood’s face out of the media, and put the man to work, find out if he is actually capable of leading the country in the proper direction and hopefully doing something more constructive than mouthing gaffes, and writing away our national sovereignty, constitution and legislating away our civil liberties.

Here:  I’ll help you get started – police brutality is on the rise and it must be checked, halted, and turned around immediately.

There is no reason for a routine traffic stop to end up with a mother of young children being wrestled to the ground and then tasered in front of her own kids. She had broken no laws and had done nothing wrong. These are the kinds of things happening now. They cannot be pushed under the rug. These incidents are ominous and foreboding.

I, for one, want to know why they are happening everywhere now in the US. There has been a clear uptick in this type of routine police brutality since last year.  Increasingly, judges just look the other way. Why?

I was one of the people who was very vocal last summer in expressing that I did not want a vapid Hollywood celebrity for a President. Now that we are stuck with one, can his addiction to seeing his own face in the media be cured?

Does Obama the Joker need a psychiatrist? If there is a question of mental illness going around, have a look at the White House. Why does Barack Obama need to be in the media 20,000 times an hour? Are his REAL skills as a leader that weak? Drop the media “prop job” and let’s see if the man can actually stand on his own two feet without being propped up by Big Media 24-7.

Chase Hunter 8.18.20009

Obama Grants Immunity to Baxter International from Litigation Arising From Swine Flu Shots

17 Aug

This recent action by the Obama administration makes it a potentially legal medical nightmare and Russian Roulette experience for a person to accept vaccination and take a swine flu shot. If you are made sick from the shot, you will have absolutely no legal recourse. I consider this to be a criminal act by the Obama administration. Share and re-post this video and help to expose the criminal complicity of the Obama administration in the current hyped swine flu “pandemic for profit”. For more information on the CIA lab created swine flu lawsuit being pursued by journalist Jane Burgermeister, see Birdflu666.wordpress.com

Obama Healthcare Symbol Looks Like Nazi Symbol

16 Aug

This youtube journalist has done an excellent job in researching the roots of historic Nazi SS imagery and makes some chilling comparisons, which cannot be coincidental. Understanding the use of signs, logos, symbols and images which are used to program and to psychologically sway millions of people is necessary to breaking free of such “programming”. When you understand why a symbol was designed a certain way, your soul takes authority over it and the subconcsious programming is instantly broken. Knowledge is spiritual power. Spiritual power is the inner authority to reclaim your soul’s inner sovereignty over outer tryanny. They may be using the media to blast us with a fire hose of symbols and imagery but it all falls dead when the soul is aligned with God under the authority of the watchcare of the Holy Spirit. – Chase Hunter

Obama Healthcare Symbol Looks Like Nazi Symbol

Excellence in Citizen Journalism: A Forum for Disclosures Article List

4 Aug
Excellence in Citizen Journalism Award: Disclosure Forum

Excellence in Citizen Journalism Award: Disclosure Forum

The following collection of urgent educational mesages, essays, recordings and articles from the Yahoo News Group “Forum for Disclosure” has been selected by CKH for notation as “Excellence in Citizen Journalism”. It is re-posted here for the education of the American public.

Following, is part of the most important information that MUST be made available to the general public which is the primary aim of “A FORUM FOR DISCLOSURES” and “The EFFECT Network”



http://www.mcalvany.com/ Don Mcalvany

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=41780&f=OZFFDY&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=41782&f=SEGZNA&ps=7&p=1 (30 secs)

http://www.meyerassoc.com/ Joseph Meyer

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=80166&f=ITJMTN&ps=13&p=1 (8 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=80169&f=HXFANH&ps=13&p=1 (8 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=80172&f=GHLWPO&ps=13&p=1 (8 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=80182&f=NKLGHD&ps=13&p=1 (8 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=80186&f=SGVLNU&ps=13&p=1 (3 min)

Economic Hit Man

John Perkins, the founder of Dream Change Coalition, shared the story of the time he spent as an international ‘economic hit man’ after being recruited by the National Security Agency. He defined an ‘economic hit man’ as someone who assists in cheating developing countries and US taxpayers, by funneling money from the World Bank to the wealthy in the private sector.

Economic Hit Man John Perkins: “We Have Created the World’s First Truly Global Empire”

Interview with Amy Goodman

Also on Coast To Coast AM Radio:

1. http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=149206&f=KZOIKU&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

2. http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=149210&f=KZGVCX&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

3. http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=149212&f=VUJLDZ&ps=13&p=1 (  8 min)

4. http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=149216&f=HPPHUG&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

5. http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=149218&f=RVNOPG&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

6. http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=149222&f=BQCYYB&ps=13&p=1 (  4 min)

Unholy Alliance by Bill Sardi
Bill Sardi goes over the connections between, government, Stock Markets and BIG BUSINESS and what is done to we the people to make a profit as well as for “other purposes”.
Taylor On Markets & Gold – Essential Read!


RECORD BANKRUPCIES IN US. http://www.bankruptcyaction.com/USbankstats.htm

Additional links:



Click here for the list of companies that the “Lou Dobbs Tonight” staff

has confirmed to be Exporting America.

Federal Reserve Aware of Imminent Horrific Event!



USA Today

April 17, 2005
Experts warn on health, wealth expense of U.S. drugs http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2005-04-17-medication_x.htm

Following link contains 3 more video clip reports on Mercury & Autism



CBS Evening News report “Mercury Rising” (June 12, 2004)


Moms Against Mercury To Protest at CDC


Dr. Leonard Horowitz – RENSE Radio – CBS News – Rep. Dan Burton R-Ind.

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=27130&f=SLKJET&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)

Rep. Dan Burton – Joyce Riley (Gulf War Vets) – Dr. Ann Blake Tracy

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=27134&f=FSNHAO&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)

Joyce Riley,  spokespersorson for the Gulf War Veterans Association http://gulfwarvets.com/ http://www.thepowerhour.com/

SENATE Bill -3 : No need to disclose harm and liability protect.




In case you are not familiar with this antidepressants and suicides  connection and what is at stake, please view the following short ABC News video clip to learn of just one tragic outcome that happened to a 12 year old girl.


Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA continue to suppress negative information about antidepressant drugs and violent behavior


TONIGHT ABC “PRIMETIME LIVE” INVESTIGATION reveals evidence that drug makers suppressed antidepressant info

Scientist Who Cited Drug’s Risks Is Barred From F.D.A. Panel http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/13/politics/13fda.html

Mercury dangers, loss of rights through CODEX, a video about mercury


Maker of Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug commonly used on children in state care,

said it downplayed fatal risks despite years of complaints.

More Evidence of Reported Ill Health in UK Gulf War Veterans





(click on each of 6 pictures to view)










Republican Senator Ron Paul on Pres. Bush’s Metal health Screening initiative


Sales reps told not to divulge Paxil data

Drug maker memo cited risks to youth


Mercury dangers, loss of rights through CODEX, a video about mercury


Vaccine scrapped over autism fear


Be truthful about vaccines or keep away from my children
Scotland on Sunday, UK
August 15, 2004

Dr . Doreen Virtue –  “INDIGO & CRYSTAL CHILDREN

I present this as the only explanations I can come up with as to why our children are being placed

at risk by certain groups. Most may not accept or understand this…yet

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=27135&f=LSRPBE&ps=7&p=1 (9 min)




http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=27137&f=ALGSPI&ps=7&p=1 (9 min)

Make sure you click on the link below that shows the tumor Dr. Day endured … and dissolved.

http://www.drday.com/tumor.htm & www.drday.com

The AIDS virus…was it made in the USA?


“The Burzynski Breakthrough” -THOMAS D. ELIAS

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=27144&f=MZXHOY&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)

PATIENT’S TESTIMONIALS: http://www.burzynskipatientgroup.org/



Link to book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0938530666/ref=sib_int_redir/102-5985997-8661722?v=look-inside&s=books

Dr. Burzynski Clinic we site: http://www.cancermed.com/ & http://www.cancermed.com/diseasestreated.htm

Testimonial on Dr. Burzynski’s work by Dr. Julian Whitaker


Dr. JOSEPH GOLD – Head of Cancer Research @ Syracuse Unv.

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=27140&f=KXZECK&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)

Web site: http://scri.ngen.com/ & http://www.hydrazinesulfate.org/

Link to article: DEATH BY MEDICINE!





Here is a link for more detailed coverage of “mysterious deaths” of these premier microbiologists


http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=34123&f=NCRIWL&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)
http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=34126&f=OGLMXY&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)
http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=34128&f=VEVPJU&ps=7&p=1 (  1 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=138251&f=ZAXZBM&ps=13&p=1 (10min)

Microbiologist Deaths


Thursday's first hour guest, author Steve Quayle gave an update on the mysterious  deaths of microbiologists
The latest case, the murder of Jeong Im , brought the total up to 40 deaths in the last 4 years, said Quayle.
 He theorized that a group of people plan to unleash "the ultimate epidemic" on the planet and are trying to
eliminate scientists who might successfully combat it.

Related Articles:

Those  wanting  further supporting testimony, here are 6 more sets of clips




One more recent link

This may also be a reason for so many microbiologist dying




There are few issues that could forward the efforts for peace and stability in our planet  
further than the disclosure and application of suppressed energy technologies. The problem is  
that most who just read this may not grasp this reality until the testimony on these clips  
are heard. 
In addition, I can't think of another individual, in public office, who would be more  
authentically qualified to lead us in this effort than our presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. 
By raising our awareness about this critical issue in order to reach a critical mass, many more  
may be willing to rally behind the efforts of individuals such as Kucinich and Dr. Steven Greer,  
(Featured in these audio clips) in bringing about a change in direction towards this global cause. 

The first clip starts with a short excerpt of Dr Steven Greer introducing the historic press conference that 
took place at the National Press Club on may 9th, 2001.

For the first time, top military and intelligence officers and government and corporate officials came 
forward to disclose several issues of vital importance to our country and the world. The clips below will 
address, primarily, this energy matter and some references to weapons in space.

The rest of the excerpts start by introducing the person speaking. In order to reduce the hours of recordings 
to the highlights, a number of "stop & starts" will be heard.
The last 3 clips hold information that will be of greater importance to Kucinich supporters.

(Each clip is between 7 to 9 minutes long)






Last 3 clips of greater importance, start below: 



muse letter 


Dr Greer's "Disclosure Project”:  - www.disclosureproject.org 

Stan Deyo:  - - - - - - - -      http://standeyo.com/

Nick Cook: - - - - - - -     http://www.americanantigravity.com/index.shtml 

                         &  Jane's Defence Weekly or http://jdw.janes.com/

Rep. Dennis Kucinich - - -  http://www.denniskucinich.us/

Bill introduced by Kucinich http://www.fas.org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977.html
banning weapons in space.

Subject:  Update on the strange death of Margie Schoedinger - the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit against Bush

  ”...To be sure, Schoedinger's accusations - which include being drugged
   and sexually assaulted numerous times by Bush and other men
   purporting to be FBI agents - are bizarre and hard for most people to
   believe. .. 
 …But her story fits in with those told by a growing number of people who say they were used 
 as guinea pigs or whatever by member of the CIA or another U.S. agency who wanted to test
 out the latest mind-controlling drug or just have a strange form of release. And her death - let's 
just say government agents have made murders look like suicides before....”

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=30824&f=NSSPKF&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)
http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=30679&f=LUNTHR&ps=7&p=1 (  9 min)


Roger Tolses:   http://www.bugsweeps.com/ 
Gordon Thomas: http://www.globe-intel.net/
Nick Begeige:   http://www.earthpulse.com/
Joyce Riley:     http://gulfwarvets.com/  & http://www.thepowerhour.com/

technology discovered that can produce altered states of consciousness
that take monks and yogis decades to achieve.

Test Marketing the Mark of the Beast - implantable biometric chip

Resistance Is Futile! You Will Be Assimilated!
“VeriChip” -  RFID Microchip Implants for Humans

First it was cattle. Then it was pets. Now it’s Mexicans. Will Americans be next? http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=74&contentid=900&page=1

US adopts National ID http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/december2004/101204nationalid.htm

Bio-chip implant arrives
for cashless transactions

Announcement at global security confab unveils syringe-injectable ID microchip

Posted: November 21, 2003 / 7:42 p.m. Eastern  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=35766

The agenda to microchip the human population has actually begun in earnest.. http://www.adsx.com/prodservpart/verichippreregistration.html

Implanted chips raise privacy worries

…”Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person’s every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy. Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person’s every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy….”


“Big Brother Under Your Skin”


RFID Protest

In the first hour, consumer privacy expert Katherine Albrecht gave a brief update on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products. Albrecht said she has found RFID-tagged items at Wal-Mart (see RFID Tag Photos), and invited listeners to join her and Liz McIntyre for a protest of a Dallas Wal-Mart on October 15th. For more information visit spychips.com.



In the early 90’s, the ABC News NIGHTLINE program with Ted Koppel had a segment which revealed the existence of a 20 year old – top secret – military program called

The “STARGATE” REMOTE VIEWING PROGRAM (RV). To the best of our knowledge, this topic has not been brought up again by any main stream news media.

In 1995, President Clinton, in response to numerous freedoms of information requests, signed an executive order  http://www.irva.org/papers/CIA_RV_SRI.shtml

releasing some of the information which acknowledged the existence of this secret program.


http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51415&f=CRSEDP&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51418&f=SNREJK&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51419&f=BLTLZG&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51421&f=YWMLWL&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51424&f=BVCGTR&ps=13&p=1 ( 4 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51430&f=QYLNBA&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51434&f=VRVYTG&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51438&f=LDDEGR&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51439&f=JRYMUK&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51440&f=IITYTN&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51443&f=TIGMQR&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51448&f=OEQQEQ&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51451&f=DNAFVI&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51454&f=JHOANL&ps=13&p=1 ( 04 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51456&f=KXUECR&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=51457&f=BLNBID&ps=13&p=1 ( 2 min)

support reference links












Ed Griffins speech on C-Span 2 – “Distortions and Omissions  by the 9/11 Commission Report”

1) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=172819&f=MDXING&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

2) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=172837&f=ESRJLJ&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

Clinton’s impeachment prosecutor David Schippers

Impeachment lawyer David Schippers warned Congress and the Justice Department of the impending terrorists attacks (See an exclusive interview with Schippers on the Alex Jones show just 2 weeks after the attacks.
Schippers has since been threatened with arrest if he continues to speak out, and is begging the media and the American people to get this story out)


Input that backs Griffin’s last premise from John Lear

3) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=172840&f=WXWOTJ&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

Balance of Ed Griffins speech on C-Sapn 2

4) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=172847&f=GWUXUV&ps=13&p=1 (  8 min)

Excellent 12 min clip on Trade Towers Detonation Evidence

Painful Deceptions Demolition Evidence -12 minutes long

Another link: http://tinyurl.com/bb4qp

AUDIO from Rep Kurt Weldon’s  STUNNING disclosures on  the House Floor “Able Danger” & 9/11 Foreknowledge

Michael Savage of “Savage Nation Radio Show on Rep Weldon

1) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231518&f=BSUADK&ps=13&p=1 (3 min)

(plus begining introduction from Rep Weldon on the House floor)

Excerpts from Rep Weldon’s 47 minute speech on the House floor

2) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231521&f=ICKHOY&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

3) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231526&f=GMGWDG&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

The Complete Speech from Rep Weldon on the House Floor

1) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231530&f=IYGSRV&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

2) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231526&f=GMGWDG&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

3) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231536&f=QHHAXC&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

4) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231563&f=MLONEB&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

5) http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=231565&f=ROJGEH&ps=13&p=1 (  7 min)

“Able Danger” & 9/11 Foreknowledge

For the whole article, go to:


9/11 – Loose Change




Confronting the Evidence:
A Call To Reopen the 9/11 Investigation




On The Record: The Controlled Demolition Of The WTC




Scholars for 9/11 Truth


Alex Jones & Charlie Sheen on CNN “SHOWBIZ TONITE”


Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack

DAVID ICKE – 9/11 Archive


ALEX JONES – 9/11 Archive



Consider the possibility of a constitutional amendment specifying what can be construed as a “national emergency” by the president.

At this time, a president can declare a national emergency for anything he deems it to be so and Congress can’t do anything about it for 6 months! – long enough for a president with “evil” intent or covert groups behind the scenes to force the president to, basically, take over the country.

Anticipating that many may think this to be just just another alarmist “conspiracy theory, I prepared the following audio clip excerpts to provide specifics into this matter. About half way into the recording, you’ll hear about the actual constitutional amendment being proposed.

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=38856&f=UGULJV&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=38859&f=QKWDVR&ps=13&p=1 (1 min)

A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America’s Intelligence Agencies



Web site: http://www.the-shadow-government.com/

Book: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/092291589X/ctoc/102-6775483-9594524

Skull & Bones The Secret Society That Unites John Kerry and President Bush


Signs of The New World Order


Why We Fight: New Film Takes a Hard Look at the American War Machine From World War II to Iraq

Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3
Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream Read Transcript
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http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=49022&f=LQVXVQ&ps=13&p=1 (9 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=49025&f=MFTXWP&ps=13&p=1 (9 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=49027&f=JOYURG&ps=13&p=1 (3 min)



Excellent 12 min clip on Trade Towers Detonation Evidence


Another link: http://tinyurl.com/bb4qp




http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=64487&f=DNSMPH&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=64542&f=EJVJAK&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=64546&f=FVEVTY&ps=13&p=1 (4 min)


http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=68188&f=FQSTZG&ps=13&p=1 ( 5 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=68364&f=IRRQZR&ps=13&p=1 10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=68202&f=TDKFII&ps=13&p=1 10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=68205&f=ZQZASL&ps=13&p=1 (1 min)

Following are audio clip excerpts from US Army Major Robert Dean, one of two intelligence officers, whom had the highest clearance in existence – that of “Cosmic Top Secret” that have come forward on the military ET disclosure subject. Even US presidents, at one time, did not have such top level clearance.

http://PlayAudio-234.com/play.asp?m=151404&f=MLKXJW&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

This is the first of a long series of military and intelligence officers and government and corporate officials whose audio testimony, on military ET disclosures, will be made available to the public, among other vital disclosure issues, through “A FORUM FOR DISCLOSURES” at:


http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=64549&f=YICEJB&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=64562&f=NCKOBF&ps=13&p=1 (10min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=64574&f=MKOLSQ&ps=13&p= ( 4 min)



Here are the audio clips I want to share to start raising our convictions and, below them, are the e-mail exchanges.

First you will hear a brief report on the aftermath of the historic National Press Club News Conference from the Disclosure Project www.disclosureproject.org . It will, immediately, follow with excerpts from Dr. Greer’s introduction an, following that, I included about 5 short military and intelligence officer’s short testimony.

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=71768&f=JHDSVJ&ps=13&p=1 ( 5 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=71799&f=QZAXCU&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=71789&f=MIHOGH&ps=13&p=1 (  6 min)

For good measure here is a very revealing clip from Dr. Greer when he attended an informal gathering in Miami while he was on vacation. Very, very revealing!

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=71790&f=GKYJGY&ps=13&p=1 ( 3 min)

John Lear is the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 test aircraft and has won every award granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. John also holds 18 world speed records and has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, John began coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.

http://PlayAudio-234.com/play.asp?m=151313&f=OWGBJP&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

http://PlayAudio-234.com/play.asp?m=151321&f=UBYQBR&ps=13&p=1 (10 min)

Michael Salas


recent link


Video creates UFO stir in Mexico

Associated Press
May. 12, 2004 03:16 PM


MEXICO CITY – Mexican air force pilots filmed 11 bright, rapidly moving objects in the skies that an expert said proved the existence of UFOs, but defense officials said Wednesday no conclusions had been reached about the objects’ origins. A videotape aired Monday on national television showed a series of brilliant objects flying at more than 11,480 feet over southern Campeche state. The tape was filmed March 5 by air force pilots using a video camera equipped with an infrared lens. (Follow link for story and video)



The “Bohemian Grove”

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=89828&f=IATTTY&ps=13&p=1 (9 min

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=89835&f=UDMOKV&ps=13&p=1 (9 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=89885&f=ZJRDNV&ps=13&p=1 (9 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=89888&f=FWGHOL&ps=13&p=1 (9 min)

http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=89894&f=SIGBUR&ps=13&p=1 (5 min)


Photos from Annals of the Bohemian Club (vol 7), 1987-1996.


Watch the trailer for Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Watch the Dark Secrets Trailer

Video segment of the occult ritual where a mock sacrifice is made to Molech at the Bohemian Grove


Skull And BonesSkull And Bones


Photos: Inside the Bohemian Grove
Articles: The Re-Infiltration of Bohemian Grove,
Control Grid: The Prison Without Bars.

Here is a seven minute montage featuring footage from The Order of Death DVD.

See the newly updated Special Edition of Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove featuring The Order of Death! Now re-cut with fresh footage of the Grove and the Sinister Secrets held within it!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see this amazing piece of investigative journalism!
Video Clip: The Order of Death. (2004-2005)

Signs of The New World Order


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