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Welcome to Alternative News Forum: Now In It’s 3rd Year

4 Jul

Read my popular 2009 essay titled: “Eyes Wide Open is a State of Mind” here.

“The task of the spiritually awakened citizen journalist is to reflect back to the nation at large what is observed and learned, pointing to the direction where new spiritual trails must be cut in order to out-maneuver a secret world government bent on imprisoning it’s citizenry into ever more fascist socialist regimes. America’s government is now inextricably entangled in this secretive Illuminati system, and her fiscal viability and sovereignty is endangered as never before. I, for one, have no intention of being RFID chipped against my will, monitored, surveilled, lied to, told who I can or cannot legally marry, or what kind of currency I will carry in America.  How about you?”

– Chase Kyla Hunter

Welcome to Alternative News Forum, [ originally known as “Alligator Farm” ].

Who I am: I’m Chase Kyla Hunter [ my long established online pen name for my privacy ] and this blog is my main posting portal. I also author about 8 other blogs on related topics. I originally named this blog “Alligator Farm” as a pun on the satirical book “Animal Farm.” Many people in the early moments of this blog thought I was posting it because I wanted to write about raising alligators. God help us. LOL. God takes care of fools, crazy people, and the abysmally uneducated American “Ipod generation” of the 21st century.

Where I have been: Several years ago I finally retired from a strenuous 30 year career in graphics, web design, advertising and marketing, and now I am actively pursuing the spiritual trail as a tea party patriot and citizen journalist with all gusto. I enjoy my privacy and intend to keep it that way. Although born in the south, I have not lived in the south for 27 years. I don’t tell the world where I live because It’s none of the world’s  business. I found it hilarious that in 2009 when I first began posting, some site visitors actually concluded from the blog URL that I owned and lived on an alligator farm in some southern swamp. (America is becoming alarmingly stupid and uneducated in this new millennium. Although I am originally southern born, nothing could be further from the truth.)

Where I am now: I am a Spirit Led Cherokee Shaman, an artist, musician, photographer and a Christian clairvoyant, also a biological lesbian. I should not need to mention my sexual ID, but I don’t really want blog guests who have fundamentalist religious or scriptural “issues” with gay people, so if you are one of those people, you can go now. Good bye and God bless you. [ I read, study and know the Bible. I prefer the KJV to the New International Version, which has been heavily redacted, re-phrased, edited and is not entirely true to Jesus’s original teachings. I will not and do not argue over any scriptural interpretations, as the Bible itself plainly teaches that as being a sin. Moving on …. ]

What I don’t write about: I don’t write about beingborn biologically a lesbian, as it is  completely irrelevant to what’s urgently wrong with this country and with society at large. In fact, the effort in recent years that political and religious fundamentalists have made to point out “gay and lesbian issues” as being the root of what they perceive to be wrong with the country is so far off base it could be compared to examining the orbit of Neptune and trying to measure it in order to correctly make toast. I rest my case. Stupidity and outright illogical ignorance does still loom large in 2011, in the pulpit and in every public place of governance, and we see the evidence of it all around us. Of course exceptions do also abound, and I have no intention to offend, I’m just saying. Get a grip.

What I DO write about: I write about what is happening to my beloved America, the land of my birth, the land that my Cherokee and colonial southern ancestors forged from raw wilderness into towns, villages, roads, gardens, the rudiments of early American civilization. I am as American, born and bred, as it gets. I write to raise awareness about the urgent need of the American people to wrest their government back into state and local control, and to expose, reveal, prosecute and overturn the hidden global ruling elite’s Illuminati generational crime cabal, which now threatens our national sovereignty and everything else we hold dear, down to our civil liberties, our privacy, our freedom of speech and our rule of law. I began writing and researching on the Illuminati and New World order in 1990. I was one of the first women in the United States to begin building websites, for myself, and for clients, back in 1994. I was writing about the topics that Alex Jones screams about on his show while he was still a teenager, 8 years before he had ever heard the phrase “new world order.”  I’m not new to this topic, and 90% of my predictions from my 1990s research have already come to pass. I am a prophet, a seer, a writer, a witness to unfolding spiritual history, and a living human wind vane. The direction I take in my writing on this blog and others, points in the direction that the entire world should be looking.

I wrote about the following topics [ see below ] fully 18 months to 5 years before they were “picked up” by other truth researchers, writers, bloggers, pundits, TV talking heads, trend forecasters and either written about, and / or motion picture scripts were developed and sold to Hollywood based on the topics I was covering in my research. These are just a few of the topics I have written about and covered months or years in advance of the rest of the web, news media and Big media covering these urgent breaking news items:

In 2008 I first used the phrase “Connect the Dots” on my first citizen journalism wiki, and was widely ridiculed at the time by other web developers for revealing the global 2012 pole shift science and astronomy cover-up. Other truth researchers began looking into what I was writing about and within 4 months hundreds of truth researchers were publishing and using the phrase “connect the dots” to indicate hidden truths and facts that seem unrelated, but in fact are connected. I also wrote about:

2012, suppressed astronomy, global news blackout of pole shift history and science, end of the Mayan Calendar, global conspiracy to prevent truth of re-occurring pole shifts every 3600 from the world population, the suppressed astronomy of Nibiru Planet X which began in 1983 when it was located by the Iris Satellite, VATICAN’s Arizona astronomical observatory being trained in the direction of Nibiru’s location in space for years on end  [ the Vatican has known about Nibiru for centuries and is watching for it’s return, people of the world have never been told this ]

RFID chipping of human populations to become mandatory under a UN global governance  mandate

Mandatory UN one world religion, Maitreya false world Messiah, Raj Patel global food Czar and possible incarnate vessel for final Son of Perdition, the Imam Mahdi’s return, Benjamin Creme, Share International world spiritual fraud

Secret passage of the North American Union legislation in March 2005 by George W. Bush, Officials from Canada and Mexico, making US borders and sovereignty obsolete and forming a borderless legal entity called the North American Union, the interstate NAFTA trade super highway construction in middle America

The Urantia Book is the “little book” described in the Christian Book of Revelations, has a role to play in the actual real Second Coming, the urgent need for the world population to read and understand the true facts of the Lucifer Rebellion as explained in the Urantia Book, the UB may be usurped and used in a dark and evil manner by the final Son of Perdition in an effort to corrupt this great spiritual revelation to the world.

The fact that the true spiritual history of planet earth has been concealed and kept from the people, Urantia Book tells the true story of the ancient rebellious Nephilim, Annunaki, Anakims spoken of in Christian Holy Bible, the Urantia Book fully corroborates the Holy Bible and vice versa.

NASA Project Blue Beam, HAARP Technology, using advanced holograms to fake a second coming and introduce a one world religion

The truth about the Norway Spiral as a HAARP Blue Beam event, a heavenly “false sign and wonder” generated by Illuminati controlled HAARP technology, Share International’s effort to align itself with this event, and to use to promote Maitreya

The dire spiritual danger presented to the world population by Maitreya and his ascendancy as a false UN sponsored world teacher

The “Raj Patel” connection to Maitreya and Benjamin Creme’s insinuation in the media that Patel was, in fact, the embodiment of Maitreya, advised there be a “Raj Patel” world cult watch and that all Christians take up this watch

US military black ops using chemtrails to sedate, poison populations, and to obfuscate UFO and US military joint exercises, to cloak visibility of Nibiru in 2011, 2012 and beyond

Echelon Satellite global population surveillance system via cell phone, smart phones, and personal hand-held electronics

The convergence of the 7 great citizen truth movements of the 21st century

The covert CIA genesis financing of Facebook, the real reason and motive behind Facebook, the truth about social engineering, RFID technology and plans for continuous population surveillance via RFID human embed by 2013-2015, using the internet to assist in same

Barack Obama’s redacted long form birth certificate and the genesis of the birther movement

Barack Obama as a dangerous  false political messiah and possible precursor to the final Son of Perdition

Enter these pages with attentive focus and care. You may be changed by what you learn here.

There are about 900 pages of my most recent research here. Use “search” to find what you need, and if you need help, or find a dead link, just email me at: spiritscribe@yahoo.com. If you locate a video here or read a report that bothers you enough to do something about it then take action. If we do not take action en masse, we will not have a United States of America in 5 years. My personal act of “taking action” is to research, publish, write and support the truth as I find it in all forms. Find your own personal way of taking action and move on it. We have much to do and little time left. My King is coming back soon, and boy, is He mad! Thank you for finding me, and may God bless and keep you through all of this, until the very end.

– Chase Kyla Hunter on 01.06.2011

Other internet lab experiments in global spiritual unity authored by Chase Kyla Hunter include:








All contents of this blog are Copyright 2011-3011 Chase Kyla Hunter & BeMedia Creative Internet, All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

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