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Citizen Journalist Social Commentary: Video of the Month, March 2011

9 Mar

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

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Actuality Check: Top Twenty Posts on ANF Since 2009

9 Jul

7.9.2010 By CK Hunter

The long strange ride of the Obama presidency drags on. This time last summer in 2009 I was blogging hard and staying up late to keep up with the exploding rage of the new American Tea Party Movement, as the outrage of everyday Americans exploded over a number of urgent and topical issues: the excessive spending of the Obama administration, socialized medicine in America, illegal immigration, securing the southern USA border, Obama’s Kenyan birth origins, Obama campaign lies told to get to the White House, the terminally swelling federal deficit and the eventual outright fury which was unleashed against the Obama White House over Obamacare after it was passed over the loud objections of the American majority.

The ugly truth about this faux presidency was gushing like a firehose by July 2009.  Obama’s mysterious non-USA [possibly Kenyan] birth origins and the legal battle of several prominent patriots to bring the attention of Congress to this fact engaged far more people than just the “fringe far right wing” that the MSM tried to paint for us. Eventually home video surfaced this year from the 2008 campaign where Michelle Obama is heard giving a speech where she clearly states that her husband is Kenyan. One would think that a public admission such as this would have garnered an incredible amount of MSM attention as a final smoking gun on the sad and sorry topic of where Obama was born, but no. Not a single mainstream outlet will touch that video with a ten foot pole, which is exactly why a blogging portal such as this one exists. Suffice it to say the MSM is not interested in knowing, investigating or broadcasting the truth about where Barack Obama was born, or what his policies are doing to our nation.

Last summer the mass media had also begun to try in futility to marginalize American Tea Party outrage over the Obama presidency as “astroturf” – which is to say, make-believe, disingenuous, unreal, artificial, politically contrived. Nothing could have been further from the truth, and this idiotic accusation of course, only made average Americans who make up the Tea Party movement even more angry.  Glenn Beck was now sprinting live on-air to keep up, while electrically charged, irate and highly visible “2009 town hall meetings” across America last summer practically sizzled with very genuine, very real, and very authentic outrage at how everyday Americans were being portrayed in the press for the way they felt. The media war between actuality vs. MSM doublespeak became a hot contest of perceived actualities:  Tea Party personalities like Sarah Palin and Andrew Breitbart scorched the MSM in their rebuttals of it’s overt lies and misrepresentation of the American mood, the American demographic that made up that mood, and the emerging Tea Party movement itself.

Great Britain’s Orwellian NWO high society fear of these new patriotic firebrands and other American truth tellers took on new meaning as American bloggers like me discovered that many American blogs and websites are not accessible via British servers. The way I discovered this was by conversing online via private forum with a UK member of one of my other news sites, who told me how hard it is now to access certain USA media outlets and blogs from the UK. I’m not sure why I was so surprised to learn this, as by last summer most Brits had their guns all taken away as well as most of their civil rights trampled.

British citizens still look to the American people to stand up for what is right, and in the long run I do not believe that we will fail them.

Last summer I was often posting often 4 5, 6 items a day on the topic of our dreary new Obamanation and all that it entailed. The now famous Obama Joker Poster came out last July and visually pretty much summed up the way Americans everywhere, of both political parties, and of no party in particular, were now feeling about Obama, which was utterly betrayed by a fast talking, opinion morphing, and nonstop politically shapeshifting jokester of a Commander-in-Chief.

2009  was the summer of the Great American discontent with the Obama White House “business as usual” mode of operation, and in my opinion, it changed the face of American politics forever.

Below is a list of the top twenty posts from this blog’s first year online. Some of the posts reflect what was going on last summer, others just happen to capture the downfall of yet another former great American myth of a man: Tiger Woods.  In that sense, I truly belive that Tiger Woods and Barack Obama have something else in common besides being black: they are both “Icarus men“: fallen public mythologies who must endure daily the hard cold facts that their media calculated mythologies  do not match their visible actualities, and that now everyone everywhere worldwide knows it.

Maybe that has something to do with the odd timing of Queen Elizabeth II’s speech to the UN yesterday. For the first time in 57 years she travelled from the UK to NYC and addressed the United Nations in a 20 minute speech. Her short speech left more questions than answers as to “why now”.  But I wondered if even the Queen has begun to notice the very public unravelling of Obama’s angry and unhappy America. Perhaps she wanted to re-assert a little bit of much needed insight, dignity and proper protocol again into our disheveled and disheartened American political landscape. For whatever reasons, it was interesting to observe as the aging Monarch approached the UN podium, commanding more real respect and deference from her audience than Barack Obama will ever receive, no matter what speech he gives anytime, anywhere. She has been a world leader since 1952. He has been a lackluster leader-in-training for a year and a half.  No contest. In her speech she called for leadership. I am quite certain I know why. Never has it been more apparent than this oil coated summer of 2010 that America needs REAL leaders: Doers, not talkers.

What we all have learned to date in his first year and a half is that the one thing Barack Obama does well is give speeches. But giving good speeches does not a great American president make. We need leadership, real leadership, decisive brilliant leadership in America, and we need it in a hurry. America is hemorrhaging her essential national pride, her sense of true military direction, her dollar, her economy, and raw crude oil in all directions.

S.O.S., Lord….   S.O.S.

 CK Hunter 7.8.2010

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Cognitive Dissonance of Obama Policies Reported By Rachel Maddow

12 Feb

Truth Researcher Decodes Crop Circle Messages, First Asteroids From Nibiru Debris Field Are Already Arriving in Earth’s Atmosphere

25 Jan

[ I’d like to thank “OTcoldspring” for this news tip. God bless you! ]

The evidence documented in the videos below could possibly save many millions of lives, as the videos below [which as usual are not appearing on mainstream newscasts – and they should be!] prove beyond all reasonable doubt that no only is Nibiru aka Plant X real, but the far outer edges of it’s enormous travelling debris field are already being ripped away it’s gravitational grip, and are inbound.

Oddly, even though a major feature length fiction film was made about this event, “2012”, no Hollywood motion picture studio is willing to stick their necks out at this point, and make a factual, truly helpful, educational and instructional 2.5 hour feature length documentary on the arrval of Planet X and what that entails for the geography of our world and the human population. Isn’t that an interesting fact? Why so oddly quiet, Hollywood?  I think your karma might be coming.

So that leaves people like Marshall Masters, bloggers like me, amateur astronomers, and other truth researchers around the world carrying the burden of truth to try to warn the world about what is coming. There is a special place in hell that is reservedfor those who would hide the truth about this death dealing, imminent cosmic event, and they will face their maker over the coverup they are prepetrating about Planet X. The people deserve to know, so they can at least try to prepare in some way.

By all means relocating at least 300 to 500 miles inland from coastal cities is an imperative in the next 6 months.

What is the federal government doing about the imminent arrival of Planet X Nibiru? I’ll show what they are doing. They are building vast underground survival complexes for themselves and their familes. Have a look:

Now watch these videos and share these with those you know and love. Start making your plans and preparations for survival, and keep in mind” those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.” Peace is the hallmark of the Christ indwelt man and woman.

Scientist and media producer Marshall Masters produces the most intelligent, accurate and impartial reports for the public on the actuality of Planet X (Nibiru) of anyone I have found to date. Marshall is keenly aware of the ongoing news and science black out by governments around the world regarding the truth about Planet X, as reflected in his calm yet searing narrative, which reveals for the average person what is going on behind the scenes and how serious the government cover-up and disinformation campaign really is.

In this series of 7 reports he updates the world public on the aggressive ongoing disinformation war being waged by paid government operatives to try to confuse the world public about where Planet X actually is in it’s orbit and how to locate it. All of Marshall’s videos are free to re-post and re-distribute, leaving the contents intact. He is doing the world a great service and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for the public education videos that he produces. Please share these free videos with everyone you know and love.

Chase Hunter 01.21.2010

See http://yowusa.com

Jack Cafferty Rips Obama on Failed Openness Pledge ‘Just Another Lie Told for Political Expediency’

16 Jan

Jack Cafferty Rips Obama on Failed Openness Pledge ‘Just Another Lie Told for Political Expediency’

“I burst just like a supernova.” Obama’s Credibility At Stake in 2010

13 Jan

I thought this was a noteworthy tome for Christmas Eve 2009, below by Daniel Henninger. We have all heard the phrase “What goes up, must come down.”  With even more outrageous new allegations of fraud against Obama’s one year old presidency now barreling in on him, i.e Reverend James Manning alleging that Obama  never even actually attended Columbia University, the fast moving locomotive of daring, truthful and fearless citizen journalist reporting is now running over the credibility of Obama’s leadership with freight train destructive power. Witnessing all this, it’s no wonder the White House is making not so secret preparations for coming civil unrest and martial law.

Chase Hunter

DECEMBER 24, 2009, 12:06 A.M. ET

Is Obama a star for the ages, or is he fading fast?


Columnist's name

In February 2007, Barack Obama announced he would stand for the presidency of the United States in 2008. One year into that far-from-inevitable presidency, no figure has ever so thoroughly pulled toward himself the nation’s political energy.

He’s a star alright. One of his most eager admirers, Bruce Springsteen, sang at the dawn of his own emergence years back:

“I burst just like a supernova.”

But here’s NASA’s definition of a supernova: It’s a stellar explosion, an incredibly luminous star, able to outshine a whole galaxy . . . before gradually fading from view.

So one may ask after the first year of Obama: Is he a star for the ages, or is he fading fast?

Has any president so engulfed American politics? He is everywhere. He is the first real king of all media. He makes himself the constant conversation, the national siren song. No one can stop listening to him, even if it kills them to hear it.

Daniel Henninger discusses President Obama’s star power.


Nobody says “Barack Obama” anymore. He’s just “Obama.” He is the champ of one-name celebrities. Bono, Beyoncé, Sting, Madonna, Moby, LeBron, Ronaldo, even Oprah—no one’s close. Obama. Oh-BAHH-ma. Ohhhhhbama.

The politician formerly known as Barack Obama swept into office on a wave of goodwill. After the election his support grew, giving him a bigger win than the 52.9% to 45.7% voting result.

The election itself was part fairy tale, part fight of the century. The incredible primary battle between the rookie from Illinois and Team Clinton was a mesmerizing, six-month thriller.

It is true that his approval rating has fallen fast, though keep in mind that high unemployment brought Ronald Reagan a disapproval rating of 54% in early 1983. Still it remains impossible to view Obama as just another pol. No previous politician or president has sustained such a huge public presence. The Obama machine has hard-wired itself to the 24/7 media machine.

People started to think Obama was speaking to them every day. Why not? He has the best voice in politics since Reagan’s, and Obama hasn’t acted professionally a day in his life.

Associated PressBarack Obama delivers his acceptance speech in Denver.



The whole Obama thing, starting with the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, followed immediately by the book “Dreams from My Father,” was built around a persona, an aura. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wrote that Obama told him early in his Senate career: “Harry, I have a gift.”

This column has referred previously to a January 2007 New York Times article about Obama at Harvard Law School. It has the best description I have seen of the “gift.” This was 1988 to 1991, one of the most politicized periods in the law school’s history, with divisive fights over ideas such as critical race theory. In the article Prof. Charles Ogletree recalled how the young Obama spoke to a public gathering on one particularly contentious issue, and both sides thought he was endorsing their argument: “Everyone was nodding. Oh, he agrees with me.”

That is the “gift.” What is not clear as we approach the second year of Mr. Obama’s term is whether the gift can produce magic for a presidency.

The American presidency isn’t like anything else in life. What was magic at Harvard or wowed independents in 2008 isn’t necessarily what works in the Oval Office or in a room with Vladimir Putin or Wen Jiabao, who are quite beyond the experience of political awe.

The aspect of the “Obama” phenomenon that disconcerts me most is the sense that Barack Obama himself is at times oblivious of where it has taken him. The first time was his acceptance speech last year in Denver, in which he promised to solve, well, pretty much everything. Grandiosity is de rigueur on that occasion, but this was its antic cousin, grandiloquence.

This week brought a more troubling incident. Harry Reid’s Senate had just secured its 60th vote for Mr. Obama’s health-care reform. Whatever one’s view, its trillion-dollar-plus cost is an agreed given. Days earlier the public saw Congress vote to raise the debt ceiling by almost $290 billion to make room for the needs of the $800 billion stimulus bill, the unprecedented $3.5 trillion budget, and the House’s approval Dec. 16 of a new $154 billion jobs bill. Amid this President Obama said Monday: “We can’t continue to spend . . . as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like Monopoly money.”

From the Wizard of Oz to Tiger Woods, the greatest danger to grand men is feet of clay. There are varieties of clay. For the politician known as Obama it is that if he is shown to be a cynic, he is finished. “Monopoly money” was an everyone-agrees-with-me remark. But to everyone, it was simply fantastic.

The American people took a flyer on Barack Obama. If they conclude Obama is just the name of another lesser god, his fall could come as fast as his rise.

Write to henninger@wsj.com

Obama the Beautiful Frankenstein King

5 Jan

rabbithooleInternet Diary Excerpt By Chase Hunter

(This entry contains street vernacular offensive to some.)

…Been back on the internet after a two year sabbatical for about a year and a half. Been doing the ridiculously inane and addictive “internet thing” for going on 15 years. Been wondering why the fuck I do it for a good solid seven or eight years. Been asking idiotic questions like this in some obscure corner of some digitally well trodden psychic graffiti portal  long enough to know no one else is asking too many questions like this. Been looking for other people intelligent enough to even know which questions to ask for a very, very long time.

Since I do not find them, (the people who are asking the right questions) I ask the right questions for them. Because someone has to. Someone needs to be spiritually awake at the wheel. I chose me, and she said yes. I ask the questions. America thanks me for it, then goes back to screwing, watching the ball games, looking at porn, and dreaming of her next high fashion model’s underwear styles. We all live in this madness togther and we’re all kind of used to it, but some days Ijust have to step aside and spit.

I’m doing that today. Internet diary as psychological spitoon. Spewwwgh.

I know this much: our high technology is not making us more intelligent. If anything it cultivates a type of conceited, self satisfied high class techno-stupidity that I can barely stand to be around anymore. I stay home. I do not frequent “internet cafes”. If I have to see one more young well heeled  techno jerk pull out his PDA, or his iphone, or his ipod, or his cell phone in a puplic place, and begin yammering the details of his particular vein of modern mindlessness into it, I may just explode from disgust.army_brain_wave_0912

We don’t talk to one another anymore. We show off our gadgets instead.

We don’t really converse with one another, instead, we shout out the embarrassing personal details of our day to day despair for all to hear in every crowded public place where shoulders are rubbed uncomfortably with smelly strangers. We rant. We don’t speak into these little machines that we carry around, we rant into them. Nearly every cell phone conversation that I am forced to be subjected to – is a “rant” of some sort. We are a very loudly bellowing, dissatisfied, increasingly uncouth, unwashed, unruly, unahppy nation, and we have been – for quite some time.

I travel. I see it. I know. This fact is not negotiable.

As for my own personal state of affairs, just this particular a.m., I’m closing in on a real case of internet burnout – already, again. Today is 8.31.2009. I have been following, researching, writing about, examining, monitoring, scrutinizing, and praying about Barack Obama for about 2-3 years now.

I’m not a white middle aged republican. I’m a gay woman, an artist, a writer, a lifelong democrat until just recently, oh about 2008. I grew up in mixed race neighborhoods and graduated from a high school and a college that were 70% black. So don’t start your shit with me. It isn’t going to work.

nazisaluteAfter my 2-3 years of Obama scrutiny, I now have very good reasons to believe that America will soon look more like Nazi Germany than anything we could have ever imagined, in our wildest nightmares, even just a few years ago. There are thousands of other people online who know what I know. We all did the “due diligence” that the mainstream media would not do in 2008, and now we all know it together and we come from every background and every walk of life. We have all been “had” – as they say  –  in the election of 2008. The bigger the truth you know, the bigger the so-called domestic terrorist you are, in the eyes of a crazed inside out White House in our crazed inside-out new America.

I believe the lovely pearl toothed smooth talking Barack Obama has now had a real taste of utter raw power, and that he is quietly going mad with it. I also believe he suffers from a dreadful clinical pathology from which there is no real treatment and no real cure. Psychiatrists know all about this pathology, and they are loathe to try to treat it because there is no treatment for it. Medications are as effective on NPD as bandaids are on severed limbs.

I believe our beautiful new Gucci wrapped iconic president is the Frankenstein King. He has been psychologically sewn together from a haphazard array of the_obamanation_of_desperation_168445fringe politics, communist beliefs and embittered urban landscapes over the past twenty years, only some of which he has actually emotionally inhabited, but all of which he has passed through, like an urgent man travelling by bus over land, stopping here and there to indulge the locals and taste whatever was being offered up at the time.

His bizarre twenty year “journey over land” now over;  he has arrived at his destination. But he arrives irreparably politically “stained” from all of the strange off kilter political boroughs that he passed through along the way –  in the same way that one becomes stained around the hands and mouth from eating raw blackberries in the white hot heat of the day. The murky bluegrey purple color taken on will not wash away in the evening, and even bleach will not erase the damned spots.

Muslim, marxist, The Chicago New Party, wiccan, black nationalistsocialism enchantments, “God Damn America!” ministers, bi-polar politics: Frankenstein King, so lovely to look at, so handsome to behold.  So horrendous to reckon with, ultimately,  as he is now let loose on this nation to tear it to shreds.

Obama was elected by a cadre of voters too young to know better, too self absorbed to care, too vain to admit they have elected a gorgeous fascist monster to sit in the White House and dismantle America by degrees of his own “audacity and hope.”

We allowed the youth of the nation to elect a president in 2008. We gave the teenagers the car keys. Oddly, now these youngsters cannot be bothered much to show up at Town Halls and rant back at the patriots over the many coming benefits of Obamacare. That’s not sexy, you know. That’s old folks stuff.

“We’re young, we’re still sexy, we elected a very sexy man to the White House. Now don’t bother us. ‘Big Brother’ is on TV. Work it out on your own. We have new video games to play, new celebrities to watch. We’re busy.”

The condition that he is in, Obama’s inner “condition”,  is known as narcissistic personality disorder. Obama exhibits numerous behaviors that just scream that his inner being is interlaced with NPD.The sense of absolute entitlement with which he embraced and stepped right into “Obama Messiah Worship” was the first big red flag for me back in 2008. it wasnot hard to catch the rest of them from that point on.

My gut tells me that we are in for a horrible, horrible ride here in these next four years. I fear there is no escape from the outrageous measures he will enact to protect and advance an ultra left wing liberal-beyond-all-defnitions political agenda that will destroy what is left of this country that George W. did not put through a meat grinder.

All the researching, writing, networking, blogging, and slogging in the world is not going to change the soul twisting “change” that Obama is about to put us through in America. My soul is senstive enough and clairvoyant enough to viscerally feel this one coming. We are losing our freedoms. And it is happening at a rate of speed that is almost impossible to comprehend.

This whole situation begs the question: Just exactly what was the specific written itinerary given to Barack Obama by the Bilderberg Group during the summer of 2008? Just how quickly did they intend to finish off their utter dismantling of what is left of the sovereignty, civility, and legal sanctity of the United States of America?


So look at me. Here I am – pretending to take a day off, and what am I doing? I’m writing about it again. My soul is in agony over what I sense coming. There seems to be no refuge anywhere, and no rest from the sense that I must try, at least try, to keep awakening other Americans to what I see coming. But today, my energy and will to do that is just gone. I feel empty.


A Riddle

What is the role of the man standing on the high hill who can see the great tsunami coming?

If he leaves the hilltop to warn the villagers, he may drown.

If he remains at his watch, to monitor the speed of it’s approach, the villagers will never know it is coming – and they will all drown.

So the man (in this case a woman) remains standing on the high hill, and he screams. And screams. And screams. All the while knowing that few will hear his screaming, fewer still will listen, and that millions are soon to drown. There is not really much that he can do, with the time that is left, but scream. He is yelling at everyone below to move to higher ground. They proceed with their day, and their routine duties, oblivious to the small, far away screaming sound.

Today I am hoarse from screaming. Today I am tired, and I look ten years older than I did yesterday. I have spent so many nights being sick with worry, that I am now simply numb. I no longer feel too terribly much about anything, just at this moment. Although you might not know it from this diary entry.

CKH 8.31.2009

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